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10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Lucas Moura

The Mirror have claimed that Manchester United have agreed a £26m deal with Sao Paulo to sign Lucas Moura but the manager has denied an agreement has been reached.

“We haven’t reached an agreement for the player,” he said. “We’ve shown an interest but until such time as we get a deal agreed we can’t say he’s our player.”

1. He usually wears shirt number 7 at both his club and also at Brazil’s national team.

2. He started his career at Marcelinho Carioca’s youth academy, and quickly got nicknamed Marcelinho due to supposedly looking like the former Corinthians player. The young star eventually got tired of getting called ‘Marcelinho’ and requested to be called just ‘Lucas’, as Marcelinho Carioca is one of the biggest idols of São Paulo’s arch-rivals Corinthians. He quickly became known as ‘Lucas Moura’ as he started to get called up for Brazil’s national team, where Lucas Leiva from Liverpool was already a regular part of the team.

3. He was part of the São Paulo team that won Copa São Paulo de Juniores, the most prestigious youth tournament in Brazil. His success in that tournament enabled him to be promoted to São Paulo’s senior team.

4. His first big competition at Brazil’s national team was the South American Under 20 Championship in January 2011, which Brazil won. He was one of the key players in that team alongside Neymar.

5. He scored his first international goal in September, in a game against Argentina for the Superclásico de las Américas trophy, where only home-based players were eligible to play.

6. He is arguably the most promising player to come from São Paulo’s academy since Kaká.

7. He is right-footed and is a very versatile player, being able to play as an attacking midfielder and as a right winger, but currently prefers to play as a forward. His main qualities are his speed and his dribbling skills, which help him anticipate and overcome defences, making him an effective forward at São Paulo. as his finishing is also pretty good although could be improved. These qualities and the fact he is relatively strong despite being short could prove useful in more physical leagues such as the English Premier League.

8. Lucas also has good passing skills, but he seldom takes advantage of that ability, preferring to dribble rather than to pass, also annoying teammates and fans alike.

9. Unlike Ganso, for example, he is not an injury prone player and does not get involved in any problems or controversies off the pitch.

10. Once he can improve his mentality on the pitch, he will be set to become one of the top Brazilian players, and will be comparable to Neymar, who already shows maturity on the pitch despite being only 20 years old. But right now he is still behind not only Neymar, but also Oscar, who is a more complete, decisive and consistent player than Lucas.

Read this article in full at By Far The Greatest Team. for even more information on Lucas Moura.

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  1. Mikekelly12 says:

    Fuck me. I never knew so many of you had the inside scoop in the board room. Jesus, Sir Alex doesn’t even know what sums are being discussed and some of you on here are saying things like “we only needed to offer £2m more” really? Who the fuck told you that? And would you be so kind as to pass that on to David Gill as I’m sure he could use the info ! God give me strength. Anyway, here is a piece by Annie Eaves that may stop those of you who were about to phone the Chelsea season ticket hotline or reach for the razor blades because United supposedly wouldn’t pay stupid amounts for a 19 year old kid.
    @AnnieEaves: Manchester United’s move for Lucas Moura isn’t dead, regardless of what his agent has spouted. Quotes from Wagner …

  2. utd_fc says:


    just let it go mate. some of us will never be happy. i reply to such people once or twice but anything further than that is just pointless because unless we sign the media-frenzy names like hazard people like zhukov arent gonna be happy.

    Regarding this whole Lucas deal I think we’ll find out for sure soon enough. If it’s his agent playing hardball or it’s generally off, we will find out before august because i believe Sao Paolo will be getting a lesser share of his fee and i dont think theyre going to want that just for a couple million more. So either it’s a complete bust or we will get this done on our terms. And I personally am more than happy with that.

  3. Red Devil says:

    To be honest – I dont think either RVP or Moura is coming, even though we have put the bids in.
    We must remember Sir Alex never discusses transfer targets – never has he done in his career – at least i cant remember any occasion. He is doing it this time just as a PR exercise designed to raise profile for the impending IPO because he loves United to the core and is willing to break his own rules for the good of United.

    In case of RvP – we cant compete with city if they fancy him – which we now they do given Mancini has been publicly courting him since last season.

    In case of Moura – the agent has come out and said that the deal is off…and with the power of today’s agents…..well…..

    Of course, I would like to be pleasantly surprised and see either/both of them being signed, but honestly i dont see either happening.

  4. 911_DEVIL says:

    I’m sure king eric cantona will smash the wall of his house this time round
    Last season he smashed the table after we lost out to shity :P

  5. Costas says:


    We could cite the player or the agent’s ridiculous demands and have the deal get cancelled anyway. ;)

  6. 911_DEVIL says:

    I do see your comments @balaji, only I don’t have a reply yet
    But keep hem coming :D don’t feel demoralised by the way I’m handling conversation
    But I never take it personally, so feel free
    And bang hem in

  7. Scott the Red says:

    georgejoseph – And you think investors are going to pour loads of money in to United because we’ve put bids in for players? Why on earth would you think wealthy and successful people would be thick enough to do that?

  8. Giggs12Gerrard0 says:


    To be fair when have United ever bought players who everyone wants? United always buy the promise and turn the player into world class stars. There have been exceptions such as Rooney and Rio but there rest like Kancheslskis, RvN, Ronaldo, Vidic, Cantona, Nani, Hernandez etc were not big names.

    Fergie operates differently.

  9. 911_DEVIL says:

    Same to you @mike

  10. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Based on moura’s pure ability, i think if he was signed, he’d start without a doubt. I still think this is an agent’s ploy, maybe united haven’t paid that little payment to sweeten the deal, it could still happen but honestly, it doesn’t shine a bad light on the club. ABU’S will cast this as a form of weakness, they’ll drain every possible negativity out of it but it’s all bullshit.

    The midfield is not shit, not for a while have i seen united gathering a bunch of outstanding young midfield talents waiting to make the step up. These players will be encouraged. Not as bad as it’s made out if you have a constructive view and less of a doom and gloom.

  11. 911_DEVIL says:

    Eles so querem 90 reais

    They only want R 90 dollars which means £2m more
    According to the currency

  12. georgejoseph says:

    @Scott the red- Its all about perception…… We are the richest franchise…….so we should be seen as active for the top players.

  13. WillieRedNut says:

    Costas – You cynic! ;)

  14. kanchelskis says:

    Red Devil says:

    “He is doing it this time just as a PR exercise designed to raise profile for the impending IPO.”

    Putting in bids which he knows are going to fail? I’m going to take a wild guess that you don’t work in PR…

    “In case of RvP – we cant compete with city if they fancy him”

    Not true. City’s money will always be a factor but you’re forgetting two key factors: 1. the player himself 2. Wenger. It may be that Van Persie would prefer United, like Kagawa, Berbatov, Smalling, he may be one of those targets who sees United for what they are and that appeals to him. As for Wenger, if he’s forced to make a decision between the two Manchester clubs, he’d surely be more inclined to sell to us? He’s been openly critical about City’s transfer policy and has already had to put up with feeding them Toure, Clichy, Nasri and Adebayor.

    City’s cash will win out a lot of the time. But not all the time.

  15. Balaji Sivaraman says:

    I think a lot of people nowadays operate differently to back when I started supporting United, and this is just 10 years ago. But I was really, really excited about any young talent that came in and started playing for us. That was what made me so excited about watching United play when compared to other clubs. Heck, I was excited about Liam Miller, Eric Djemba-Djemba, Kieran Richardson etc. until they proved to me that they are not United quality. But when they first hit the first team, I was as excited about them as I had been about any other player that played for us.

    The entire situation has been turned topsy-turvy nowadays with the newer set of fans. I wouldn’t call them glory-hunters or anything like that because their heart might be in the right place. However, they would rather see us turned into another Real Madrid, City or Chelsea who buy their success. They would rather have a so-called marquee talent sign for us from some big name European club rather than give one of own youngsters a chance. A chance that might see them become the next Scholes or Giggs. They basically say anybody who’s from the youth system at Ajax/Barca are the next Messi/RVN and anybody who is from our own system is crap.

    It is the unfortunate reality of some of the newer set of fans that they are so influenced by the tabloids and media instead of how the club in actuality operates.

  16. Mikekelly12 says:

    911 Devil
    I’m not doubting your ability to read and translate. I’m asking you why you are taking as gospel the myriad of bull shit being written in press?

  17. Red Devil says:

    Scott The Red

    Greetings mate….it is fantastic to see you take a more hands on approach to the blog and getting involved in the comments again. Just like old times…brilliant

    you say – “And you think investors are going to pour loads of money in to United because we’ve put bids in for players? Why on earth would you think wealthy and successful people would be thick enough to do that?”

    And that is quite correct mate….but you’ll agree that this is unprecedented from Fergie…
    The thing is IPO’s are more about creating a buzz, a publicity…

    Look at the facebook IPO example – the kind of hype that got generated was mind-boggling…!
    And that gets people to invest, believe it or not…! Lots of wealthy people got on to the facebook bandwagon just because of the buzz and hype created in the media…..

    Its another matter that it ultimately ended up getting over-valued and lots of people lost money in the deal, but the fact is that these same successful and wealthy people wanted to participate in the IPO just because of the buzz and not because they understood the intricacies of online networking sites and their potential to generate advertising revenue. Remember in financial markets, you dont need to fool people all the people all the time, just enough people for enough amount of time to swoop in and make your cut. Thats what most IPO’s end up being about. (I’m not saying thats necessarily a good thing, but thats how the world is)

    Again, I’m not implying that we dont want those players – just that wanting them and getting them are two separate things as you would have so heart-burningly noticed over the last few years mate…

  18. 911_DEVIL says:

    No one knew about the OP until we showed interest
    So it should be lined up onto deals
    Of which no one know a thing or two about

    But thing is that the media spotted us b4 we could do anything

  19. zhukov43 says:

    The truth seems regarding the IPO the Glazers are reducing the amount daily as to the amount being seeked by investors, only looking for $64 million is a paltry amount to our debt isn’t it, truth seems to be that those rich men don’t fancy United at all, and listing United as a media company is a joke, the IPO is a joke and so is our ability to sign players who are either developed or close to being so, yes I do believe that these moves in the market are half arsed, Gill is probably still partying with Chelsea, we’ve seen his true colours, lets just hope that Tom “I’m injured again and again, but not that good” Cleverley can drink some Messi juice this summer, when did the apathy destroy the spirit…..

  20. Red Devil says:


    You’ve misinterpreted my comment mate — I never said the bids weren’t genuine, just that I dont think we’ll end up winning the bids. See my later post as well.

    “He is doing it this time just as a PR exercise designed to raise profile for the impending IPO.”
    This sentence is in regards to making the transfer bids public before being signed.
    Read the above line as “Sir Alex is making the bids public this time just as a PR exercise designed to raise profile for the impending IPO.”

    Of course he isn’t making those bids knowing he would lose – but I’m sure he realises that there is a very good possibility of both the deals failing through – especially after a similar experience last season with Nasri, where he had personal assurances from his camp and had the transfer seemingly tied up before being betrayed.

    Despite that, he is willing to take the chance of the bids failing and still coming out in public – and in my opinion its to create publicity/buzz

  21. utd_fc says:


    I understand your point mate but if such people can not understand what we’re all about and what the United way really is then are those true Manchester United fans? I’m not going to get into a debate of who’s a real fan and who isn’t because that isn’t my place (or anyone elses to say). All I’m saying is that it while it is very easy to get deluded by today’s media, if you’re really committed to the club then take the trouble to get to know the club also! And I don’t just mean that for United (although I wish more of our fans would do that :D )

    I’m just 21 yrs of age myself and needless to say Fergie has been in charge of United for longer than I have been on this planet! But my passion for United did not come from only watching us play, rather the way things are done at Old Trafford, the seniority amongst the players and staff, yet the camaraderie they all display, it’s all very reminiscent of my high school and it’s what i’ve grown up with. THAT’s what brought me to United and THAT’s what I love about them.

  22. Red Devil says:

    Just look at the terms of the IPO –

    1) No/very little voting power – no say on the running of the club

    2) No dividends

    People own shares for 3 reasons – 1) dividends, 2) control/sense of ownership 3) Capital appreciation
    Now there’s two reasons out of the window — and Capital appreciation is not a very convincing argument given the current financial climate as well as given the string of failed value destroying IPO’s in the last few years – just look at facebook..

    I’d say the Glazers are gonna a tough time finding serious investors and need all the publicity they can get.

  23. utd_fc says:

    Like I said I’m not one to judge fans, but can someone please get this joker zhukov off this blog? First you slate Gill, then clevs, then the rest of our midfield. What next? Fergie is a mug who needs to boot? Let’s ring up Pep and tell him to use his barca magic here huh? Then he in turn can ring up Messi Xavi iniesta and co and we can all launch a big catalan party right in Manchester

    Fuckin twat

  24. romeo says:

    Shocking how some people here are questioning the sanity of the boss.
    We bid for him, they thought he is worth more, the boss doesn’t think so .. we move on!
    Why the fuck do we need to pay more that we think the player is worth. He might turn out to be the next Ronaldo and everyone will bark we should have signed him but he ‘MIGHT’ and not necessarily ‘WILL’.

    I always treated him like a luxury. If we get him great if not So Be It!
    Fergie had no choice than to talk about the bids for RVP and Moura and that itself shows you he is committed to improving the team more that any of us here.

    However he has and will always stick to his principles. Why should we pay over the odds simply because our neighbours are doing so?

    I don’t think we need a central midfielder. We will be fine! I read a post by a very sensible person who said Fergie DID have a plan unlike what some thought. The plan simply broke to pieces due to things out of his control. If Cleverly and Anderson managed to sustain their form we would not even be talking about the midfield.

    Relax, Enjoy the sun and look forward to May 2013 when we will see our captain lift the beautiful trophies!

  25. zhukov43 says:

    Dearest Freedoms of Speech, Opinion and Expression, it seems you died today. RIP 24/07/12, oh wait there as long as what I say isn’t illegal the laws of Britain protect my right to the above! Fergie I’m blindly loyal to, but the board members and sick note players who come and go no such loyalty exists, I LOVE UNITED WITH ALL MY HEART, as should all fans. But does that mean I’m not allowed to voice an opinion you don’t like damn right only through debate and action will we get our dreams to come true! And thank you for labelling me a joker but I’m very serious, This is United not a Scientology meeting place…..

  26. 911_DEVIL says:

    Fergie has 25 years in charge of the club so
    A 21 year old is way to young to talk about the policy of the club :P

  27. parryheid says:

    Instead of swallowing every so called bid for players why don’t you think it out.If something flies in the face of the norm regarding United signing players ie our Manager broadcasting his intentions in the transfer market to the assembled press.He doesn’t do that if he is interested seriously in a player,or to put it another way it’s bullshit.

  28. utd_fc says:


    There’s a policy here at OT, you might have heard of it

    “If you’re good enough, you’re old enough.”

    Don’t you fuckin tell me what i’m too young or too old to talk about. I’ve seen enough of your comments to see that i don’t give a shit what you have to say anyways.

  29. englishjames says:

    A fair comment by zhukov43 I think. A little ham-fisted with your previous contribution pal. However, like you say, if there’s still anyone walking around thinking Anderson is the answer to anything, then I’m truly worried.

  30. Red Devil says:

    Reading my original again – I get the feeling it might be mis-interpreted. Just like Kanchelskis did.

    So I’ll just clarify that I dont think that the bids are a farce – just that there is something unprecedented about Sir Alex making his moves public and that is go get publicity for the IPO.

    Of course, there is a good chance of the deals failing, In case of Moura because of unrealistic expectations of Sao Paolo and in case of RvP because of involvement of Manchester City (remember last year with Nasri) and still he’s chosen to go public with them.
    1) for reasons of publicity (the more likely reason)
    2) As a smokescreen (less likely, as fans wouldn’t feel very happy about going in for Van Persie and Moura but ending up with someone like Dembele as quoted in the media instead)

  31. Red Devil says:

    *post….original post again..

    Bloody hell…stupid typos…

  32. james21 says:

    In your Liverpool slums is sung to the tune In your Liverpool home.
    There links on Utube but they contain the last verse which I refuse to sing, so I won’t post any. :)
    Chelsea fans also sing it and it can be heard when they play, obviously not the last verse.

  33. TonyBee says:

    Kanchelskis…it fuck all do do with Wenger who he signs for …its up to the player….as its the players signature on the contract not the managers….. another person in the mix will be the players agent, who being on 20%-25% of any transfer fee, wont give two flying fucks who the player signs for as long as it is for the most money thus increasing his wedge…..its just a fucking lottery these days….

    fuck me …..two serious posts in a week …what will Cedars say….. :roll:


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