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Fergie: Wes Is The Best Natural Defender In England

Not for the first time, Sir Alex Ferguson has hailed Wes Brown the best natural defender in the country.

With injuries across the back four, Ferguson is thankful to have Brown back fit for the weekend and has sung his praises.

This morning RoM reflected on the beginning of Brown’s career and the impressive start he made at the club,

“I must say that Nemanja Vidic and Wes Brown have been absolutely fantastic in recent games,” said Ferguson. “It just reminds you that when Wes Brown is fit, he is the best natural defender in the country. He’s a fantastic defender. So is Vidic and their partnership has been fantastic. I’m really pleased about that and that gives you a solid base that you need when you go away from home to places like Portsmouth.”

Fergie doesn’t stop there though, claiming that despite his years, Wes has a youthful approach to life.

“You’ve got to pay tribute to the lad,” he continued. “He keeps coming back from the serious injuries he’s had in his career. He’s had two cruciates, a broken ankle, calf injuries and things like that. Last season he had a very staggered season in terms of interruptions to his consistency. But the previous season he was our most consistent defender, the year we won the European Cup in Moscow. So now he’s fit again and looking fantastic. He gets better all the time. He’s 30 now and I keep thinking he’s only 22 or 23. He’s got such a young approach to life. He’s done well, the lad.”

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  1. King Eric says:

    Gotta hate tiny tears – Yeah well summed up there. I think it spoke volumes on Wednesday the fact that Fergie brought Pat on as an attacking threat but no Nani. His days certainly look numbered. Especially if we get another decent one or two shifts out of Gabby.

    By the way anyone would think Patrick Barclay was a Southerner. Have you ever read such rubbish? United played them off the park never mind Barca. Cannot wait till they hit a sticky patch as they are certain to at some stage.

    “Chelsea will have too much for Arsenal on Sunday. They are winning out of habit at the moment and they are becoming a very, very difficult team to beat. There is no shame in losing to them at the moment, and given their current form they could well be too much for a team even of the class of Barcelona. You just can’t bet against Chelsea right now and I won’t be on Sunday, which is a shame because I am a huge admirer of the way Arsenal play the game.”

  2. theres only one Keano says:

    king eric
    you know it was not me who said those things I am disgusted by fellow united fans on redrants. has Gotta hate tiny tears seen the crap thats been posted by head twat and plastic GROGNARD

  3. theres only one Keano says:

    King Eric
    I am not fearful of chelsea I find this chelsea side vastly overated, yes they are winning but they can drop points.

  4. r8devil says:

    Off topic–want-buy-England-captain-John-Terry-puts-nations-armband-sale.html

    Do we need any more proof that he loves England and Chelsea?
    Its all about the $. Is shitty had offered him more than Chelsea, he would have left without blinking. Maybe if a middle eastern country offers him more to play for them, he might change nationalities to play for them.

  5. King Eric says:

    r8devil – Have you seen the fucking poster on that link? Dad of the year? He is a fucking rat, a disgrace. Laughable.

  6. the scottish wonder says:

    The team tomorrow:

    VDS, Evra, Wes, Vida, G.Neville, Nani, Scholes, Fletcher, Valencia, Rooney, Berba

    Im guessing Fergie will give Nani the chance tomorrow, if not than Giggs and Carrick will be in for him and Scholes

  7. pritesh says:

    Off topic,

    Just read an amazing article in which Rio was talking about what happened before United Chelsea UCL Final in 2008..

    Its a must read for all United fans…

  8. Gotta hate tiny tears says:

    There’s only one keano
    your gonna have to fille in on who’s saying what about who where????

  9. Its in my blood says:

    2000th win coming up!
    United>All of them
    C’mon lads, LONG unbeaten run required now.
    We never die!

  10. Gotta hate tiny tears says:

    Burnley fans in soccer am singing. Chris eagles chant, it’s the Owen Hargreaves chant, since when did felled in a line eagles have Curley hair

  11. Big Bad Wesley Brown says:

    Eagles does have curly hair nowadays. Shocking plagiarism though. I’m sure when Hargreaves makes his comeback the rival messageboards will be awash with “the Mancs have stolen the Chris Eagles song!” Just like I’ve heard Scousers claiming “When Johnny goes marching down the wing” (first heard circa 2002) was copied off their Torres song.


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