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20% Off Everything Red Today

Mancunia Merchandise has 20% off everything red today with voucher code: WEARRED

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. OAJP24 says:

    I think the bottom T-shirt might be out of date

  2. OAJP24 says:

    Sorry I meant the Fletch – although after Marsellies the same might apply to bottom one

  3. bruce thomas says:

    Never Mind RED — don’t forget Green and Gold!!

    1) All the talk about the Qatari’s is Glazer bullshit designed to hype up their junk bonds.

    2) If the Glazers remain, they will continue funding themselves at the team’s expense.

    3) Scholes is already being pressurised into staying on. Cleverly and Welbeck’s return and Carrick getting an extension, will be presented as all the squad strengthening needed.

    4) SAF’s “success” in papering over the squad’s cracks has been counter-productive, and Green & Gold has died a death while everyone fantasizes about what we might win.

    5) If we don’t win anything much, then people might actually see the cracks for what they are — a once-thrilling team reduced to holding on for grim 0-0 and 1-0s, reliant on others’ inadequacies rather than its own strengths.

    We need 3 or 4 players NOW. Like Hicks and Gillet, the ginger gimps are slowly killing the goose that laid the golden egg.

  4. VP says:

    With all due respect, where will we fit in those three or four players? After all, we can only register 25 at a time and the last time I checked, we were full. Not defending the Glazers in any way here, but any idiot who randomly muses on about how we need 3 or 4 players is just playing fantasy football manager in his head. The Glazers weren’t there when we sold Hughes, Ince and Kanchelskis and replaced them with Beckham, Neville and Scholes. Sure we need a player or two at the most but competing financially in this market is just plain stupid. Even if the Glazers weren’t there, we’d get easily outbid by City. Spending 100mn+ on players every year, is simply not what Manchester United is.

    And I have nothing but respect for the fans participating in the Green and Gold campaign, but you guys are getting played by those Red Knight chumps so that they can get the club at a knock-down price. Sorry to word it so harshly, but that is what it is.

  5. RedManWalking says:

    Has anyone read this news ?

  6. RedManWalking says:

    What do they mean by this – “Gross debts fell and rising cash balances rose, meaning that the club’s net debt position – the difference between the two – fell 9% over the year, to £355m.”

    I thought our debts were around £1bn

  7. VP says:

    One billion is what we would have paid when all our debt are done. It includes the money borrowed and the interest. Technically that was when the club was first taken over. After the high interest PIKs were paid off, this estimate will have come down a bit. 355mn is what is owed now, ie if a payment of 355mn were to be made now to various creditors, we will be debt free.

  8. wayne says:

    fuck me i’m a moron spent 1/2 hr going through rom merchandise 12 items,went to check out the discount wasn’t right,didn’t realise everything red was literal had white,black,lol

  9. smartalex says:

    Not even 10% off some things.

    A report by business analysts Sport+Markt had claimed that sales were down 10%, but the club claimed this was only true of its stadium megastore, and reflected the lower number of home games played so far this season.

  10. smartalex says:

    wayne getting dressed for success!

  11. wayne says:

    @smartalex yes mate have to jump all over the discounts because of the shipping costs to canada,gotta go to work now re-do it all tonight

  12. smartalex says:

    Nice one wayne, see you later.

  13. willierednut says:

    Bruce – You paint a gloomy picture mate. The debt has been reduced and the PIKs have been paid off. That has to be a good thing, no? If come the summer, the manager makes no major signings, then your point, would’ve been well made. I’m hopeful, we’ll bring in at least one major signing. Until then?

  14. King Eric says:

    bruce – So you WERE being serious the other day when you said we need to get rid of Park, Carruick etc and bring in fucking Henderson etc? Don’t be ridiculous. United is about bringing youth throuigh and there are some top prospects ready in the wings. Why don;’t you just trust in Fergie for once? 4 players my arse. A keeper and a cm.

  15. King Eric says:

    “Scholes is being PRESSURIZED into staying” What the hell are you on about? Scholes is his own man. If he wants to call it a day he will.

  16. King Eric says:

    I really do despair sometimes at some fans. Everyone is entitled to their opinions but fuck me. Some of them are plain daft. Bruce obviously thinks Fergie doesnt know what he is doing. He lives , sleeps and breathes United and is always looking to evolve. as I said the other day the great man will get the last laugh. Bruce- Were you this negative in 05? Bet you were mate,

  17. smartalex says:

    I’m afraid that Bruce’s opening gave him away.

    Never Mind RED

    How to reach your target market, start with that in a United forum.
    Of course , it depends on your targets.

  18. wayne says:

    scott the red just tried to buy 10 items not taking the code says its valid till 1.00am but its not 1.00 am english time yet,still won’t give me the discount


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