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The Evening News reckons we’re going to sign Gary Cahill.

The Telegraph confirms that it was Joe Cole’s salary demands which put United off, which was said on here weeks ago.

Kickette has the latest news on new daddy Ronaldo.

F365 reports on Torres’ agents claims which suggest if he does leave Liverpool he will stay in the Premier League.

The Guardian thinks England’s World Cup exit was because the players aren’t good enough.

The Daily Mail reports on Yaya Toure’s desire to return to “the club in his heart”.  Not at all embarrassing for the ‘big club’ who have just made him the highest paid player in the Premiership by far.

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. Redscot says:

    Just being told to let you no Willie, lol changed days at Rangers when you think in the West End of Glesga you used to have players like Gio van Bronckhurst. Sad days for your Scottish team, what a pile of tripe there is their now.
    Ps Sitting with a few Sellick nutters. lol

  2. Redscot says:

    I think Holland need to bring on AIG’s favourite Dutch player thon lad Eljero Elia, get him stripped. pls

  3. willierednut says:

    Those were the days mate, but sadly thats what got the Gers into this shit, now they can’t even keep a hold of Boyd ffs.

  4. Redscot says:

    Middlesborough and with that Star of United old, and Leeds and Coventry and Aberdeen and Dundee and……. lol

  5. Ulster Red says:

    someone needs to take out van bommel, what a dirty dirty cunt

  6. Slim says:

    @ Linvoy says:

    Jesus Christ you’re right he does look like Martin Keown, don’t think much of him to be honest

  7. Redscot says:

    Cant agree more at Old Trafford and Munich last season, but not tonight. lol
    Bring it on you Dutch Howitzer.
    Its coming for the Dutch.

  8. Redscot says:

    What did I tell you, the midas touch. lmao

  9. willierednut says:

    I don’t like Van Bommel, but every great side needs that type of player. Keane, Bremner, souness etc. The dutch are playing like the old German sides, grinding out results, rather than great football.

  10. willierednut says:

    Game over, batmans mate just scored lol.

  11. Redscot says:

    Game over I always thought any side that beats Scotland twice in the World cup qualification campaign deserves to win the tournament. Ousted bye the World champions. lmao

  12. Linvoy says:

    @ Slim…. Keown was dirty Twat aswell… Remember when he punched Van Nistleroy and got away with it!

    Van Bommel seems to be exempt from any punishment! I can’t help willing Diego to take him out with a 2 footer into his chest!

    Sneider… Good player & now top joint scorer with Villa! Blatently never gonna come to OT… Which is a shame as I think he’d be useful.

  13. Slim says:

    For the life of me i don’t see why that twat van bommel doesn’t get a card, Ah well would love to see a Germany VS Holland final

    Ha Uraguay go on and score, who knows another late goal

  14. willierednut says:

    Squeaky bum time.

  15. Redscot says:

    For all the lads and Lasses on Rom from Africa and more importantly Ghana, justice as been served for you all, get behind the Dutch now they saved you having to possibly see Luis Suarez lift the world cup.
    It would have been a sickner almost as bad as watching Terry hold up the famous Jules Rimet trophy.
    If you have any decency in your heart, you will ignore the Germans firstly.
    Bets on Holland v Espana, lol
    Over and out.

  16. Slim says:

    Finally van Bommel got a card, wonder if that means he misses the final

  17. Slim says:

    @ Redscot

    Here, Here. It feels good even though that asshole van Bommel plays for holland :-)

  18. Costas says:

    Great fight from Uruguay, but in the end the Dutch were better and deserved to go through. It might have been a different story if Uruguay weren’t depleted.

    Hopefully whoever wins tomorrow will thump Van Keown, Robben and co. :D

  19. Slim says:

    Van Keown lol nice one Costas

  20. Linvoy says:

    Ha ha Van Keown! I hope he gets mullered in the final!

  21. Linvoy says:

    Does anyone know when our first pre-season game actually is? I thought it was on Monday against Celtic in Toronto?

    But I’m sure they said on MUTV summer supplement that we FLY out on Monday? Surely we would get there few days in advance?

    Anyone know? Plus if they are all being shown on MUTV?

  22. denton davey says:

    Slim @ 12:54: “You say 4-4-2 is outdated, i say thats a load of tosh.”

    I guess that we will have to agree to disagree – and you can disagree with some people who really know about footie like SAF, Jose Mourinho, Bert Van Marwijk, and Joachim Lowe. Of course, IF you had a team of galacticos then the 4-4-2 might work but, in reality, no team of galacticos can be kept together for long.

    In the real world of team building, a single striker backed by five “midfielders” is the way the game is evolving. Whether you would call, say, Ozil, Mueller, and Podolski “midfielders” is a semantic issue – they track back and burst forward (kinda like old-fashioned wingers). This is the kind of counter-attacking system – or a variant – SAF employed when he joined up WayneRooney, CR7 and Carlitos in 2007/8 which led to the EPL/CL double. UTD would still play that way but the real world of “footie finance” got in the way and CR7 -> CR9 and Carlitos went for the ca$h at Wastelands.

    As we saw last year – and spent many, many, many frustrating hours watching – WayneRooney doesn’t work with Dimitar Berbatov or, for that matter, Emile Ivanhoe Heskey or Jermaine Defoe. For whatever reason, WayneRooney is a much, much better player when he is given a role and required to fulfil it rather than having the freedom to be a street-footie player. He is also surprisingly good with his head – most of his goals during the purple streak came from heading crosses supplied by two out-and-out wingers rather than from “walking the ball into the goal”.

    Therefore, I would suggest that for UTD to move forward it makes sense to build on last year’s successful system rather than trying to re-invent the 4-4-2 to accommodate Dimitar Berbatov/Luis Fabiano or whoever to play alongside WayneRooney. And, besides, the “big problem” for this coming season is, first, health which cannot be controlled and, second, resolving the midfield quagmire so that it can be properly organized around Darren Fletcherinho (football genius). That’s why I suggested that the healthy Sebastian Schweinsteiger (or Daniele De Rossi) should be the prime targets to move UTD into contention for the glorious 19th.

  23. Costas says:


    The first friendly is on Monday July 16th against Celtic. Don’t know if MUTV will show it though.

  24. Fze123 says:

    So the Dutch have reached the final, despite being average and dull. Nothing new as previous similar sides went all way. They’re lucky Van Bommel was playing today, should have been sent of against Brazil. Today he should have got a red. He is unbookable indeed, it’s ridiculous. Had Snejider’s goal been disallowed, Uuruguay could have nicked it, the ref got it wrong; Van Persie was offside and was clearly interfering with play. Hats off to Uuruguay for fighting until the end, though they’re still a one man team, the one man is Forlan. Forget Sneijder, he has been the best player in this WC.

  25. Costas says:

    Villa has got plenty of praise and rightfully so. I wonder how many goals Diego would have scored if he had Spain’s midfield behind him.

  26. Redscot says:

    @ Denton Davie am guessing your a Yank, no other bastard at this time of night talks such shite.

  27. Redscot says:

    I sorta imagine nobheids like denton davey calling for Sir Alexs heid, fucking twat

  28. denton davey says:

    RedScot @ 22:34: “@ Denton Davie am guessing your a Yank, no other bastard at this time of night talks such shite.”

    Close but no cigar – I live in Toronto. As for talking “such shite”, you are not one to talk M8. But, wtf, this is all about opinions – mine, yours, KingEric, Costas, Scott and the rest of the gang. Besides, if we didn’t talk “such shite” then what would we do with ourselves ?

  29. denton davey says:

    RedScot @ 22:53: “I sorta imagine nobheids like denton davey calling for Sir Alexs heid, fucking twat”

    I’ve never “called for Sir Alexs heid”; but whether I am “fucking twat” or SAF can do no wrong is a matter of opinion – and yours ain’t worth much.

  30. says:

    @denton davey, are you going to the united v celtic match then?

  31. arijc says:

    @ denton davey
    Excellent response to the idea of Berbatov playing as a creative mid fielder :)

  32. King Eric says:

    Dirty snidey Dutch cunts. Sick of hearing how they play the beautiful game when in reality they are nowt more than cheating, diving horrible bastards. Yes you Robben and Van Bommel. As good a player as Sneijder is he ain’t in the same league as Scholesy was even at 25.

  33. King Eric says:

    denton is one of the best posters on here and has been for years. Don’t always agree but no need to abuse him for fuck sake.

  34. Wakey says:


    If we send him on a loan deal that forces them to play him for a certain percentage of games otherwise we can recall him immediately then going to Newcastle for 6months will be good for him. He was great at Watford but lets be honest the Watford team was awful so it is easy to look good and its a lower level of football. We need to know if he can step up to the next level and do so regularry so I would be in favour of him going for the first half of the season and then using that to decide if he is worth giving a chance to break into the United first team

  35. denton davey says:

    united george @ 4:26: “@denton davey, are you going to the united v celtic match then?”

    NO. Exhibition games are for the gullible – I don’t have any “need” to breath the same air as Giggs and Scholes when they’re going to go through the motions for forty-five minutes BUT they will be about 250 yards away on a plastic pitch.

    I’m saving my pennies so that I can make a pilgrimage to M/C in the spring of next year. I’d also like to see some youth team/reserves’ action at Carrington, close-up.

  36. Costas says:

    I agree with King Eric in regards to denton. He didn’t even say anything wrong!


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