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If Charlie Adam Was A Chocolate Bar He’d Lick Himself

Charlie Adam is a Rangers’ reject who has been pivotal to Blackpool’s return to the top flight. They are currently 12th in the league and if they were to win their game in hand tomorrow against Manchester United, would move up to 7th.

Adam is Blackpool’s record signing at £500k but the move almost didn’t happen. Despite Rangers agreeing a price, Adam and his agent delayed going to Blackpool to discuss a contract.

“I’ve never known a situation like it. We have had a price agreed, but he and his agent have not come down to see us,” Holloway said a week after Rangers confirmed that they had accepted an offer for the player. “I’m starting to think that is a bit rude, and maybe the writing is on the wall that he doesn’t want to come, but at the minute it’s sticking in my throat – I don’t like that.”

Two weeks later, discussions had still yet to open and Holloway insisted he wasn’t going to beg the player to join, given his obvious reluctance to go to Blackpool.

“He probably thought he had done enough on loan to go back to Rangers and be looked at in pre-season as a serious option,” Holloway said. “You have to consider the disappointment of being rejected by your club when you look at the way he behaved. But if he comes to work with me I think he’ll like it, but until he gets in the car and does it we are struggling a bit. I’m not going to beg anyone.”

Three weeks after agreeing a price, Holloway then set a deadline for the player to make up his mind.

“I’ll give him until Monday morning, then we’ll have to rip up the offer we’ve made him,” Holloway said. “He really believes in himself and his ability. If he was a chocolate bar, he’d be licking himself.”

A month after the price was agreed, Adam finally agreed to move to Blackpool. After some impressive performances, Middlesbrough put in a bid for the player 5 months after signing for the Seasiders. Blackpool rejected the offer but Adam was open to the suggestion of leaving in the summer.

“It was tough during January because at the time you don’t know what is going to happen,” he said. “When a team is doing well there is always speculation about its players, but the club made their decision and that’s it. I will keep playing and working hard and trying to get Blackpool as high as we can at the end of the season – then we can worry about everything else.”

He continued to be an important player for them and as captain, helped them to the play-offs. Ahead of the game against Cardiff, Adam had his eyes on playing at the stadiums of United and Liverpool in the Premier League.

“I hope I’ve repaid some of the faith of the manager and to play in the best league in the world would be amazing,” he said. “Rangers prepared me for big matches like this and I’ve become a more consistent player with the amount of games I’ve played. To get that opportunity of going to Old Trafford and Anfield would be fantastic.”

It goes without saying that Adam is hero at Blackpool following his impressive performances in the Premier League and he has repeatedly encouraged this worship.

Most recently, after scoring an 86th minute penalty in Blackpool’s 2-1 defeat at the weekend, Adam turned to the crowd, pounding his fist against the badge on his jersey and pumping his fist in the air.

Two days later, he handed in a transfer request.

Now, I’m not expecting players to show the loyalty that the fans crave and often demand. Whilst a football team can be a fan’s whole world, it’s silly to expect professional footballers to see the club in the same light. As United fans, we’re lucky to see so many players committed to the club, apparently the most loyal in all of Europe. But we’ve also had our own experience of disloyalty with Wayne Rooney, when he claimed the club didn’t match his ambition and had no intention of signing a contract extension. He saw the light (after mass criticism in the press, an angry mob showed up at his doorstep, and he was offered more money) but the disappointment he caused is still felt by many. Had he not repeatedly claimed to love the club and kissed the badge, we’d obviously feel shit about our best player wanting to leave, but we wouldn’t have the added embarrassment of being totally duped by him.

Darren Bent recently left Sunderland for Aston Villa and claimed it was nothing to do with the money, rather he couldn’t turn down an offer from such a massive club. Sunderland are challenging for a Europa League spot this season whilst Villa are trying to avoid relegation. The press reckon he has swapped his £35k a week deal at Sunderland for an £80k a week contract at Villa. Is that so dreadful? Football is a short career and is it so bad that Bent would rather earn £320k a month than £140k a month?

My issue is, as it always has been, the dishonesty that comes from the players. Don’t run around kissing the badge and proclaiming you never want to leave just so the fans love you. Whilst the club might not be an emotional thing for the player, it certainly is for the fans, and it’s selfish to mess with their feelings just to get a louder cheer when their name is read out ahead of kick-off.

For Adam to be grabbing his badge just two days before he hands in a transfer request is pretty sickening. Maybe the Blackpool fans won’t begrudge him wanting to play for Liverpool. Maybe they will be grateful for what he has helped them to achieve and send him off tomorrow night with their blessing. But as for as I’m concerned, Adam is just the latest of a long line of wankers in football, who crave the adulation that comes with being a loyal player, but without the dedication needed to deserve it.

Here’s to Blackpool finishing above Liverpool this season.

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  1. mattbw7 says:

    lets face I guess once you leave the club of your childhood dreams Adams-Rangers, Rooney-Everton, it really is just another job, so complaints about Adams wanting a decent payday from Liverpool, I agree with some earlier comments if thats what your after just fuck the badge kissing off.

  2. FletchTHEMAN says:

    @parryheid. Might be even simpler. On my brouser

    - double click on the www address at the top of the page. (depending on the brouser you have
    you might click near the http or the middle of the address. If you do it right, the entire address will be selected and will change color.

    -then copy and paste (you probably know how to do this)

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  3. smartalex says:

    We have a game today. About time. Feels like 2 days since the last one.

  4. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Back on topic, Ollie Holloway thinks this man is worth 14M

    Charlie Adams
    2003-09 Rangers
    2004-05 Ross County (loan)
    2005-06 St Mirren (loan)
    2009 Blackpool (loan)
    2009- Blackpool

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha,
    Ya mate, that’s the pedigree of a 14M man who licks himself.

  5. willierednut says:

    7.30 kick off. Very strange time. Why not 7.45? Espn have stood down Ray Stubbs for making a comment about an over weight referee. Just for Cedars, Andy big nose Townsend is standing in for him.

  6. parryheid says:

    Fletch The Man.

    My browser is Mozilla Firefox.Copy and paste you don’t know how thick I am,I usually Blue it and drag it to where I want things to go.What I did was open a new folder Blued the red line and dropped it into the folder and when I opened it instead of the red line I got an icon which when I touch it staets playing the clip.Nightmare but i will persevere thanks for your help.

  7. fergie is the boss says:

    willierednut – I still would like to reserve judgement until we are a little more lethal away from home, we still got to play arsenal chelsea liverpoool away, adding newcastle and a dodgy fixture against blackpool. I would not rule chelsea out yet, but its all down to united that is who I worried about the mostm united themselves and fergie’s weird team selections away from home. I do feel if united played the same lineup’s in the home game’s away from home, united will be a much better team

  8. bobbycharlie1968 says:

    @ King Eric – cheers mate, that was just a manifestation of my absolute hatred for that man, not the first rant i’ve posted and certainly not the last

  9. Che's Red Reaction says:

    completely off topic but wanted to share:

    From one of the lads from manchester:

    my old english teacher’s son was once in manchester for an exchange program and after some english classes it was raining cats and dogs and he didn’t have anyone to pick him up and drive him home at that time. there were other serbs there so a woman told him her husband will give him a lift. the husband arrived and the kid could not believe his eyes – it was Fucking nemanja vidic. so he drove him home and they arranged to have a dinner together at his place later and gave him a shirt and other united stuff. forgot to mention that kid is a united fan since birth so it was really a dream come true. very nice people, the Vidics.

  10. RedScot says:

    This is not really an article for me I icalled him a useless cunt( Teddy Bear history) on the pre season talk with a Blackpool fan review( On ROM) who was describing their season and the importance of Adam.Feel better now Seasider, zero loyalty not like I can name 6/7 ( in the current team) with loyalty in their bones its the United way, its inbuilt and the dna profile.
    How wrong can you be? He gets of with murder( just because a few ) pundits laud him him up. Two or three long range passes makes him a target for Liverpool.Makes sense I guess.?These self same pundits have never awarded the same credit to Paul Scholes? Ohhh I know he is a Manchester United player!
    The point for me is this causes chaos in the Seasiders ranks and disharmony and civil war.All good for United later today i think.?
    He is not important its what he has caused, and created bye his wild and glorified feeling of self esteem.
    Lets punish them today, mind lads/ lasses its an early evening kick off.
    It was always gonna be a Roller coaster and more Floss and Toffe Apples with no substance.More fairground attraction than , lets get in there you Reds.
    Cmon United. We Believe. dont we?

  11. hammons says:

    love how you finished the article Scott ….

    Blackpool Preview: Title Chances Could Start To Bloom

  12. United says:


    Players only do that whole kissing the badge bullshit because many fans (including those on this blog), spout so much nonsense about the players “not caring” or showing “no passion” when the team isn’t doing well. Its never because the tactics were wrong, opposition was good etc, its always oh he doesn’t care.

    You said it yourself, look at the reactions that Tevez and Berbatov got when at United. Berbatov earlier on, would score very little, had a different playing style and all of a sudden he was lazy, not committed to the cause and other bullshit. Tevez on the other hand would perform decently for us, but also not score very many and would get cheered to the moon, why? Because he “shows heart”, “gives his all for the club”.

    Until fans become more sophisticated, players will try to do what they can to keep the hordes from calling them lazy, cunts, heartless, mercenaries etc.

  13. Unitedfanatic says:


  14. Unitedfanatic says:

    I wold have preferred Bent to go to Anfield, and then leave them for Villa by saying he was going to a massive club. He would have been a United Legend!

  15. Jeet says:

    The latest studs up on Andy Gray is hilarious…LMAO…I remember him doing the “take a bow, son” when Kikio scored THAT goal. I know he is supposed to be typical ABU, but I like his commentary – at least he shows some passion.

    Here’s another on youtube taking the piss outta Andy…

  16. devilnani says:

    Guys… Does anyone know what happened to the morrison saga? Any updates..?
    Mads daehli has left for manchester.. Really looking forward seeing him play…

  17. Gotta hate tiny tears says:

    Giggs never once asked for our love

  18. dazbomber says:

    I went to Blackpool the last time we played them . in them days United use to take on average about 12000 fans , but on this day there must have been twice than. it was unbelievable.the funniest thing was the beach full of reds riding all over the place on donkeys. the good old days

  19. giggs11gerrard0 says:

    So he should as well, he played on loan and put himself in the shop window! he wanted to fight for his place at Rangers and they didnt want him. Since he hasl helped Bpool to the prem and his been their stand out player. Why would he not want to move to a big club (like it or not they still are) and o move from bpool to lpool for a non manchester united and Everton perspective is a huge move! Well done to the lad in my accounts, he has not lied to the club like our players have Mr Rooney, Mr Tevez (both in the same bracket for me)

    We need to look closer to home about our own players beleieving in their own hype as at least Adam wants to aim high not cash in.

  20. giggs11gerrard0 says:

    apologies for typos above im typing on the iphone and just read it back

  21. says:

    Read the above about United being sold it’s quite funny

  22. shebangsthedrums says:

    Scott, don’t justify players leaving clubs for more money because football is such a “short career”. Are they not capable of doing another job after football? They want more money so they can get a bigger house, more sports cars, frivolous things. It’s not so they can afford to pay the bills and rest a bit easier of an evening.

  23. Roary says:

    Not reading the comments as im heaving a quick”y” read before i leave, …. i think u just havin another go at Rooney Scott, very claver ….. :D

    I laughed anyways


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