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VIDEO: Rooney, Rafael and Nani Goals vs Chicago Fire

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. ManchesterMike says:

    1. Diouf should be traded to the Fire…
    2. Welbeck and Macheda should be kept in Manchester, no loan…
    3. Anderson should also be traded to the Fire…
    4. DDG and Young proved to be valuable additions, so far…
    5. Berbatov had a drastically lower caliber in his teammates and still tore the opposition to shreds…
    6. SIR Ryan Giggs
    7. The Wazza’s hair is visibly better from what I could see from the stands…
    8. SAF looking trim… he should strap on his boots

  2. timbo says:

    Only pre-season, playing a few pick-up games in the USA for cash, exposure, and fitness, yet already the Berba-bashers are out in force. Equally as predictable is the talking up of Rooney, or as some would consider, Jesus Christ in a United uniform. Funny how quickly everyone forgets what a lout he was last season, screwing around on his pregnant wife, holding the club hostage over his wage and player demands, embroiling the club in one controversy after another with his on and off-field transgressions, not to mention the simple fact he played like shit for most of the season yet was afforded special dispensation (read double standard) by Fergie to remain a permanent fixture in the side despite the manager’s claim to only pick players on form. Rooney is a desatabalizing influence on a team that has long been in the grip of a manager renowned for his intolerance of insubordination from playing staff – just ask the likes of Beckham, Stam, Van Nistleroy, etc. Now we seem to have a situation not unlike Matt Busby’s last year or two at United, when he let slip the reigns and began making major allowances to keep party boy George Best happy and at the club – within a few years all that Busby had built up was gone and United languishing in the second division. History is repeating itself, and Fergie is not heeding the lesson. Further, he refuses to acknowledge exactly how much Rooney impedes the team through his limitations, or how United will continue to struggle against quality teams, particularly in the midfield, while the side continues to be structured around a need to pander to Rooney’s positional requirements, putting all its eggs in one very dodgy basket. That basket (or should I say basket case?) delivered a goal against Barcelona in the CL final that all and sundry considered proof positive of Rooney’s merits. Unfortunately, the fact that Barcelona answered that solitary goal by slotting in three of their own whilst running rampant over United, making the team look second-raters along the way, doesn’t seem to compute amongst Rooney’s slavish supporters. United lost because the side was geared towards playing Rooney in his favoured position – tough luck that it gutted the midfield and gift-wrapped the game to Barcelona in the process, allowing them to hold a 2 to 1 possession advantage in the process that naturally starved United of it’s futile attempt to try and supposedly attack Barcelona’s weak defense. Make no mistake – until United gets rid of Rooney, the side will NEVER get over the hump of the limitations he brings to bear on the side – not to mention the negative impact he’s having on the team via the locker room and publicly. With so many youngsters of promise coming through the ranks, igniting hope of a second coming of Fergie’s fledglings, what kind of example is the lout from Liverpool setting for them, especially the likes of Ravel Morrison, who’s already skirting the edge of disaster with some of his behaviour?

  3. hugh williams says:

    all good goals. its good to have a right back that can attack as Neville was good a crossing but you’d never see him do that

  4. NBI Red Onion says:

    @ Timbo

    Dude you need to use pargraphs – that is too much of a chunk to read.

    Rooney on fire. A little worried re midfield, lets hope they step up, Giggs passing in the CM position beats all the youngsters which is a bit of a worry.

  5. King Eric says:

    timbo – You ONLY post on here in defence of Berb and to slate Rooney. Strange. You his agent?

  6. Mikael says:

    I finally watched the full game last night and I must say I was actually kinda impressed. The only thing I saw as a little “off” was Cleverly giving the ball away too often but I think it’s down to nerves not lack of quality.

    Welbeck had some really neat touches and nice running and Obertan can actually be something to look out for if he gets some games cause that boy has speed and technique.

    De Gea did ok, not tested that much but it was more a Jones error that led to the goal (I take back my last statement that), loved his comfort on the ball and throwing.

    The kids did alright and the regulars showed that they’re on the way on match fitness.


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