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5 Year Thiago Deal Agreed… according to Spanish press

According to the Spanish paper Sport, Thiago has agreed a 5-year-deal with Manchester United with minor details to be sorted next week.

Thiago Alcantara will play for Manchester United. The midfielder has already decided and his arrival at Old Trafford will be just a matter of days.

The FC Barcelona midfielder is clear that he wants to continue his career in the Premier League and, specifically, in the ranks of one of the English giants: Manchester United, and will commit for five seasons (until 2017-18).

Before signing, however, some points of the deal between the player and his new team will be settled. Also between United and FC Barcelona, ​​especially as regards the payment, which may be paying the buy-out clause (18 million plus VAT) or reaching an amicable agreement.

In any case, pending the small details, it should be resolved over the next week, after a meeting between representatives of both teams. If an agreement couldn’t be reached with United, Thiago isn’t contemplating the possibility of continuing in the ranks of Barcelona. He will look for another team. His fate could be Bayern Guardiola.

However, today is excited with the idea of playing in the Premier League. Thiago is convinced he is making the right decision because in the squad at United no other players match his profile. He can do well playing alongside players of the character and experience at the club and he will have many more minutes there than at FC Barcelona.

Thiago could wait no longer. After three seasons as a player of the first team, which has not played what he wanted, he has taken the plunge and decided to move. He was always very clear that he wanted to be a major player, here or elsewhere.

Shortly before the last renewal with FC Barcelona, ​​in June 2011, when he said in an interview with Efe that he would be “lying if I said that my dream is to succeed at Barca. My dream is to succeed in football. I want to be a player that people will remember forever.”

These words were interpreted as a dig at FC Barcelona but it was a statement of principles. His goal was to be a legend regardless of what shirt he wore. Even then it was clear that he would proceed and prosper to make a name in football.

And could not do so with Barcelona, playing only 98 of the last 186 official matches, has made the decision to make a living away from home.

For Thiago decision has not been easy, but between the heart and the head has been encouraged by his head, knowing what you can not miss. But he knew that competition for places at FC Barcelona, as in the last three years, will be fierce with Iniesta, Xavi and Cesc. It was time to take the leap, risk and prove to yourself that it’s time to fly alone.

The truth is that Thiago is amply prepared to initiate this kind of adventure. In the first team he has matured and acquired order and discipline, combined with his Brazilian roots, making him a player you should not stop following.

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. domunited says:

    bayern guardiola… LOLOLOL

    if Everton is in for Wanyama, does that mean Fellaini is off to ___?

  2. Bill Hick's Ghost says:

    Go on Murray lad! ;)

  3. FletchTHEMAN says:

    If you have a link Ghana v Chile worth a look.

    United youngster Angelo Henriquez just scored a pearl and Chile now now lead 2-1 over Ghana, w 25min played!

    Nice little player Henriquez.

  4. rohan_19 says:

    Well ROM’s back to its old self!!

  5. rohan_19 says:

    @KE : now you must agree with me.. The other site is going down the drain and the others will soon be back.. #ITK

  6. parryheid says:

    Aw naw,all those crackers back team handed to jump all over some poor sod they decide to teach a lesson

  7. Rukky says:

    I think henriquez is a decent player. He just needs time to adapt

  8. AlphaRS says:

    Hello mate. I was talking to @King Eric about Wanyama a while back. Don’t think he is United class but would be a decent buy for Everton. Talking about Fellaini I wouldn’t mind him at United. He would offer something a bit different to our current midfield options. Especially with Fletcher and his on going health problems. Fellaini or Strootman would do me with Alcantara of course.
    It would be nice to mix it up a bit and add some compeitition in the middle of the park.

  9. King Eric says:

    NBI. Err no you said yesterday I was responsible for people fucking off.

    Parry. Well I put Dreadedred and his previous moniker in my post and it didn’t appear. Agreed pal I liked him. Found people’s bullshit out.

  10. medumtum says:

    The big hole that so many have pointed out here is still Fletcher. Thiago should be a fantastic signing but a more combative midfielder ought to be looked at too. Carrick as a defensive midfielder, giving Thiago room to wander, does restrict a creative player. The other interesting possibility, though i still don’t see it, is using Jones there. His future should be as a CB, his passing at the moment appears limited, but he does have incredible energy levels. Also would like to see how Moyes utilizes Cleverley.

  11. paddy says:

    what about quintero from the chile under 20′s team,been linked with him over the last week.

  12. rohan_19 says:

    NBI – King eric wasn’t banned. Cedars was. which put everyone in a frenzy.

  13. Singh7 says:

    Henriques 2nd of the game in extra time …could be the winner.

  14. Josh says:

    Thiago needs to hurry up and decide and agree a deal with both united and Barca

  15. AlphaRS says:

    So you’re familiar with him then?! Ha.
    Last I went on there a few years back when someone on here linked a story to SoccerLens where the cnut Grognard was saying SAF has lost the plot and should retire…!
    Oh do shut up you plastic cnut.

  16. King Eric says:

    AlphaRS. God yes mate. He’s a right prick. One negative cunt. Thinks he knows it all. What a wanker.

    Proverb. Thanks pal. Appreciated. Total lie to say I’ve been banned from this site. NEVER happened.

    What’s with folk wanting that Paul Calf lookalike Coentrao? He’s garbage.

  17. Josh says:

    Why is it that united are always the last to sign the best players while teams like City, Spurs and Chelsea who are title contenders sign the top players before everyone else ( if you get me?)
    E.g. City: Jesus Navas, Fernandino
    Chelsea: Schurrle
    Spurs: Paulinho
    United: No one
    ( I wouldn’t say Varela is a top player but he is a player that I believe can develop to be the next Gary Neville )
    Rounding this all up, this is my opinion and I think that all ‘transfer target’ bulls”’t is rubbish and they should start taking it serious and if they want Thiago, Lewanandowski, CR7, Baines, Fabregas then they need to nuckle down and get them in the early stages of the transfer window and make the use of it before they get hijacked by other top teams

  18. UTD1999 says:

    paddy says:

    what about quintero from the chile under 20′s team,been linked with him over the last week.


    Quintero actually plays for Columbia not Chile, news reports suggests he has virtually signed for Porto.

    For the record, imho, I think UTD should sign him, he looks a great prospect & cheaper than the £30m we were gonna pay for Lucas last summer.

  19. In David We Trust says:

    King Eric – I do not think united have missed fletcher that much, has last season proved the case, what united have missed is 2 things?

    1 a true dictator, who can take the load off carrick and really look to control the attacking part of the game, get forward and look for those telling balls through the middle, like scholes of 2007. The brain that powers the body forward, like carrick is the spine that holds the side together

    2 – the lack of truly great wide players, united have missed that burst of pace, to not only destroy fullbacks, but be that wide player who can do things out of the ordinary, chip in with 12 goals a season, add assists, and give the side more pace and balance, so if the strikers are not on their game, the wide boys can chip in with goals, and add that magic, like beckham and giggs did in their pomp.

    That fr me is what has been missing from the team

  20. Red21 says:

    Hello fellow reds!

    Think thiago will be unveiled this week?

  21. Sara says:

    Cedars is the one that pulls the strings,tonbee is a gun for hire,the midget james is one sandwich short of a picnic,the skimpy indian sandy is simply an idiot who tried to start his own blog and failed,the twer even started a facebook page called RM without Scotts consent but later on changed its identity to Die 58.I know they do read this but pretend never to which makes it all the fun posting.

  22. Bill Hick's Ghost says:

    By your post Sara, you read that other forum too?

    Glass houses….

  23. TonyBee says:

    why have my commenys been removed Scott

  24. TonyBee says:


  25. Josh says:

    I’m not being funny, but I come on here daily to check to see if the Thiago deal has gone through because he would be a fantastic addition to the team.
    But I can’t do that because there are people who are on here who are talking about problems they have from each other. I’m not being offensive or nasty in any way but could you please at least take these problems to another site as people do want to read stuff about football. (Including myself)

  26. DohaRed says:

    Scott the Red – if you are not NBI Twat, since he is always sucking your dick, and praising you to the skies, will you get rid of the cunt. He seems to think this is his personal site, and nobody that dares disagree with him should be on here. Stupid wanker – all he does is slag off other posters, and any United players that he doesn’t fancy. Fucking Faglord.

  27. DohaRed says:

    Wayne – pissed myself laughing at some of your posts. If NBI really is a slag woman that would be just so fitting, because so many of us have been calling her a cunt. Haha – love it. Fucking slag/fag deserves her/his back door smashing in after slagging off Berbatov. Dimitarhas more class up his ringpiece than that fucking NBI cunt.

  28. Canada says:

    @Diego 21:34

    Thanks for posting that link! Takes a bit to follow what’s being said, but really opened my eyes!!

    Hope Thiago is a done deal. Was behind that net watching that one and it moved all sorts of ways to find that corner.

    Thank God we scored shortly after. If it ended that way it would really have put a damper on my 8 hour drive to see the game!!!

  29. David Arikpo says:

    Men you are at the right pleace welcome to manchester united

  30. jg9 says:

    @josh i agree with you totally, on other notes is there anyone who could give me a decent link to all players united have been linked to this window please thanks in advance :) GGMU

  31. King Eric says:

    Josh. Chill out regards transfeate. Navas is ok but gets homesick if leaves front door. Fernandinho. Really? 34 million for another defensive midfielder. United do their business differently and we will make additions.

    Funny just had text from James, Sara, the midget as you call him and he says folk are fucking about over there. Summat weird going on and frankly I don’t trust you. Certainly don’t trust NBI anymore. Fucking nutjobs.

    IDWT. Hi mate. Cant agree. We’ve massively missed Fletch. A blind man can see that. His energy, ability to break play up, run the middle of park. Plus he used to get forward alot in support. A fucking HUGE miss IMO.

  32. King Eric says:

    Oh and Red21 is James’s moniker but some cunt has nicked it and posted under it in early hours this morning, shortly before Sara. The plot thickens.

    DohaRed. Quality post mate.

  33. mancdub says:

    King Eric
    Sara’s 100% bogey. I sussed that out over a year ago when she first turned up. 
    She’s one of the many personalities of a very fucked up individual. 
    There’s some lonely cunts out there.
    This could keep a good psychiatrist busy for months.

  34. Sara says:

    Guys you need to stop with these crap of calling me names.Im my very own self and have nothing to do with posting under other people’s moniker.Why on God’s green earth would I feel to do so?Just because someone posted after me using the midgets username isn’t a ringing endorsement to mouth off that it must be me.Fucking sick and tired of all this victimization.
    Scott,please clear the air with all this nonsense.
    p.s Was planning to take a flight and watch United in Australia,anyone know if tickets are still available for me n my hubby?

  35. Sara says:

    If this is the reason why they are all spitting mud about me at die 58,then they are doomed.Costas like you said,be on the lookout for other creeps stealing usernames and request scott to ban them.I got along with most of other guys at the other site,dont know why they’re turning on me like rabid dogs and questioning the moral fabric of my character.The likes of willierednut etc are all my pals and one day when forums tickle my fancy,then im gonna join in their discourse but for the moment im a blog kinda girl.No hard feelings.

  36. Bill Hick's Ghost says:

    Shut the fuck up.

  37. Sara says:

    ^^^ Ignored.Dont talk to ghosts like yah fat boy.

  38. mancdub says:

    I like Bill Hicks, he was a funny guy. I seem to recall willie was a fan as well. Hmmm 

  39. Josh says:

    @King Eric
    I don’t need to chill or do anything, but what you need to do is shut the fuck up and sort out your fucking problems.
    Also, never tell me to do anything you prat!!

  40. United till I die says:

    King Eric 20:11

    Not only do i think we have missed Fletcher I think Carrick has missed playing beside him as they compliment each other perfectly.

  41. TonyBee says:

    Sara says:
    If this is the reason why they are all spitting mud about me at die 58,then they are doomed.Costas like you said,be on the lookout for other creeps stealing usernames and request scott to ban them.I got along with most of other guys at the other site,dont know why they’re turning on me like rabid dogs and questioning the moral fabric of my character.The likes of willierednut etc are all my pals and one day when forums tickle my fancy,then im gonna join in their discourse but for the moment im a blog kinda girl.No hard feelings.


  42. LexxytheRed says:

    Heard late last night that a bid for Strootman from Roma has been accepted, also Wanyama’s move to Soton is just around the corner.
    Well, is there any DM we are being linked to now! We’ve missed out on those two obviously and even if Thiago comes which I will give a 40% chance, we still need a DM________ frustrating times. Sigh

  43. Josh says:

    We have lost out on another player ffs, GGMU!

  44. WilliamAR says:

    I seriously think the people in charge of dealing with our transfers need looking at because it’s really unacceptable to keep mucking up transfers like they keep doing. every other big club out there is open to the fans. they just come out with who they want and go for it. it took us weeks or rumours with thiago whilst bayern have just come out with it and made the offer within days. why can’t we just adopt the same attitude in the transfer market. I’ve heard all sorts of crap excuses like it shows more class to say nothing or it’s too much money or they don’t want to alert their rivals. well unfortunately the media alerted everybody weeks ago so that blows that excuse out the window, it’s definitely not classy to to let your fans know absolutely nothing and as for money, united are the 3rd highest earning football club in the world behind barca and madrid but barca have a wage bill nearly twice that of united and reals is about 70 million pounds a year higher on average due to their players being an average of 2 million pounds better paid per year. also the euro is slightly weaker than the pound. overall united have the bigger working account of over 150,000,000 after tax and debt bills compared to the nearest of real madrid of 130,000,000. so money is definitely not an excuse. sick to death of it now.

  45. Josh says:

    @WilliamAR, I totally agree with you, we need to start getting these top payers instead of letting them slip to other top teams.
    I’m disappointed in the fact as Barca have agreed the deal with Bayern over Thiago and I personally don’t think that Moyes wanted him in the first place as he admitted this himself


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