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£7 T-shirts Sale… CHAMPIONS – ‘Viva John Terry’ – Cantona – ‘Free Steven Gerrard’ – Our Midfield Magician

The latest MancuniaMerchandise sale means you can buy any of the designs on a shirt for as little as £7!

Click on the t-shirts below to see all the products available with that design. Get in touch if there’s something you’re after which isn’t available on the shop at the moment.



  1. w says:

    Decent statistical anaylsis of how our game has changed from last year to this year. Shows ronaldo’s touches, Rooney’s, etc.

  2. Super Torres says:

    Wheres the Super Derby one? pmsl.

  3. Kings says:

    Any T-Shirts relating to the dippers defeat at home at the hands of the mighty Barnsley in the FA Cup?


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