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7 Yellow Cards? You Having A Laugh Riley?

When one team is awarded 7 yellow cards in a match, you would imagine the game to have resembled something like a blood bath. Crunching tackles, studs in the air, violent altercations.

Reports suggested that Mike Riley had been given the job because he wasn’t hated by either side. If United fans didn’t have a problem with him before, they certainly do now, after ridiculously biased decisions where yellow card decisions were made against our players all match.

Yellow card 1: Paul Scholes
Two fouls.

Yellow card 2: Rio Ferdinand
Dissent. Nicolas Anelka was through on goal following a ball from Lampard, despite being in an offside position. Fortunately, Anelka finished as he did all game, badly. Rio is incensed that seemingly obvious decision was missed.

Yellow card 3: Gary Neville
Deservedly booked for a late slide in on Anelka.

Yellow card 4: Dimitar Berbatov
Third foul of the game, all niggly challenges, not we don’t have a lot to complain about.

Yellow card 5: Wayne Rooney
Lunge on Ashley Cole.

Yellow card 6: Patrice Evra
A throw in awarded to Chelsea which Evra believes was a United ball. Booked for dissent after questioning the linesman.

Yellow card 7: Cristiano Ronaldo
Challenge from Kalou not penalised. On his knees, Ronaldo motions that he was pushed, then wags his finger. Booked for dissent.

This is a game where United committed 22 fouls, Chelsea committed 18. Yet the only Chelsea booking came from the worst challenge of the match, with John Obi Mikel sliding in with studs showing on Ronaldo.

There were fouls from Michael Ballack and Ashley Cole, for example, that were no worse or better than the ones our players committed which landed them in the book.

Then Joe Cole, who previously controlled the ball with his arm (undetected by the officials, of course) before firing wide, slides in on Rio, gets nothing on the ball, but the ref just awards a freekick.

“The game is being screened worldwide,” Ferguson said after the match. “Everyone is watching it and something like that goes on. It was a competitive game but I did not think there was one bad tackle in it. The thing is that it’s all well and good intelligent people saying what’s gone on here, but it’s difficult to say what you can say about the referee.”

So, rugby tackles: fine, finger wagging: bookable offence. You heard it here first!

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. Harun says:

    Mike Riley is probably the worst ref in the league. He makes Martin Atkinson and Rob Styles look like Collina.

  2. Manc says:

    i wonder which cnt gave orders to riley to act strictly with utd players. keith cnt hackett maybe ?

  3. Danny says:

    riley was crap. under instructions to issue as many yellow cards as possible to united?? why do chelski players get away with rugby tackles and murder while the devils get booked?? if united deserved 7 yellows, then chelski deserved at least 5

  4. ManUnited10Titles says:

    Just bollocks really.

  5. john Ferry says:

    The best player on the field for chelski was … mike riley. Revenge of the Refs !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. redforlife says:

    (high pitched voice) ashley, turn around, ashley….ashley,i’m talking to you , ashley, turn around……………………………….
    hat says it all, Riley is not only the worst ref, but the one with the least authority in the game. but, first of ll, get rid of Keith Hackett. immediately…


    this is why the respect the refs campain will soon be forgotten, you get refs that make mistakes in a game but overall their performances are good enough. then you get people like riley who book people for the smallest things (ronaldos for me was the worse i mean he just shook his figure and that was a yellow card offense?) and stopped the game for everything! eg o there seems to be a fan about to sneeze lets give him some time to get it out!


    i was supposed to say finger*

  9. Eddie from South Africa says:

    wow what decisions by the ref a few more games handled like this and we wont be able to field a side for a couple of games

  10. tewe says:

    what was the refee doing ??????????? does ronald deseve that? i think the corruption that happend in itally will be repeated in england . teery was allowe d to play and the refe was 12 player for chelsea. does he deseve to see such a wrld class game. hahahahahhahahah…………..?

  11. Tony Bee says:

    F**k Riley the dopey maggot. We will be getting a shedload more cards from the wan***rs in black. Hackett the twat will always try and get a game to try and turn us over …. just thank the lord that most referees are aware of bias with regard Chelsea. I mean come on, when Terry copped his red card last weekend it was obvoius he was gonna get off. If Rio had done the same thing he would have been off and banned. Jesus, Terry must be the luckiest player in the country. A crap, slow donkey of a player, well known Beckham backstabber, suspect defender against speedy forwards yet he is still England captain hopefully not for much longer as his legs are slowing down. the Chelsea bias will continue as long as we are champions …. but rather a good finish than a good start rmember last year…….!!

  12. Kings says:

    The referee is a cheating cunt, he also let Cole through on goal, even though he blatantly hand balled. How can you respect refs when they put on shit displays like that?!

  13. Par says:

    Ronaldo should have been booked earlier for a blatant dive.
    Evra and Ferdinand were unfortunate to be booked for dissent, I don’t think either was too far out of line.
    Scholes deserved his booking as well. I hate to say it, but he finally looks past it.

  14. DanS says:

    One rule for us, one rule for everyone else!

  15. Alex says:

    Rubbish… you lot have been surrounding and yelling at refs for years, only now you’re paying for it. In fact, Ronaldo should have had 2 yellows.. one for the pathetic dive. Ferdinand should have seen red for his 4 letter tirade at the end. Riley let you off by finishing the match early so he didn’t have to send him off and give Chelsea a great chance of winning it with a free kick.

    Stop moaning – your players got what they deserved.

  16. OMelhorDoMundo says:

    First twenty minutes, I was furious at how often Ballack was kicking Scholes from behind. Then, unsurprisingly, Scholes pays Ballack back and Riley straight away pulls out his card. That moment summed it up for me.
    I knew United wouldn’t get the decisions, let’s only hope that that the same refs bottle it at Old Trafford as well in favour of the home team

  17. scotty says:

    i agree with all above comments….. but on another aspect of the game, what the fuck was berbatov doing all game?, it looked he had never played in the prem before!!!, he never tracked back when he lost the ball, never chased the ball, he looked like saha revisited!!!, tevez should have been on at the half!!!, fergie has made some crazy tactical moves recently, and where the fuck is manucho?????, also, what is rooney doing defending all the fucking time?, we need him to play up front, way up front…..
    we gotta start soon!!!!!!

  18. wiuru says:

    We played into Rileys hands(book) there was nothing subtle in either the challenges or the dissent , Although i realise Chelski were just as guilty , i just hope some one looks into this one sided officiating, the only winner was the bridge home record . Rooneys headstagger lead to the equaliser at a time we needed composure.

  19. Par says:

    Are united fans really accusing Mike Fucking Riley of being biased against them?

  20. virgopq says:

    THE most blatant foul tt went unnoticed was when Kalou shoved Rio fm behind as he went up to head the equaliser!. Both tt faggard Riley & his wankin’ linesman chose to turn a blind eye to it & award the goal!. What fuck shit justice is this???!!!.

    That faggard Riley is definitely on Roman’s payroll !. Sombody shud investigate this fucker. He’s 100% on the take!.

  21. umarutd says:

    Fuckin bastard…

    Ronaldos yellow was a disgrace and joe fuckin cole challenge warranted a deffo yellow and mikel should have been sent off. 7 to 1. I bet the Fa cant explain that.

    Bastard hatchett…he’ll do anything to spite us….riley, atkinson, styles..who fuckin next. i know bring kamikaze rennie back

  22. suhayl says:

    umar utd…MY WORDS EXACTLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Kings says:

    It appears that Rio will be called before the FA for his apparant outburst towards cheating bastard Riley after the full-time whistle. Bet they cannot wait to tuck him up, the bunch of cunts

  24. Stephen says:

    they will probably give him an 8 month ban.

  25. john ferry says:

    The yellow cards are revenge for comments made last week by Sir Alex Ferguson. The refs will bring the EPL down. Players, giving the choice, will begin going to other leagues…THAT PLAY FAIR. riley and hackett should go to italy were cheating is more acceptable.


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