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Becks Wants Madrid Job… Do You Still Believe He’s One Of Us?

Earlier in the week I received a bit of flack in response to the article I wrote about David Beckham. Whilst at United, I loved the fella and couldn’t speak highly enough of him. However, the way he left us made me re-evaluate my feelings on him.

Whilst I’ll always appreciate what he gave us, I’ll always doubt the feelings he professed of the club being totally true. He grew up a red, and his old fella, Ted Beckham, still has a season ticket at Old Trafford. However, since getting hitched, his allegiance towards the club has been blurred.

After his recent comments about the Ronaldo move, I again raise the question as to whether Becks was the Red our fans like to think he is. Today, sadly, we have heard further comments to suggest I am right.

“I would like to return to Spain some day and to Real Madrid,” Beckham said. “To work with the kids or something similar at Madrid would be an honour for me. Everybody knows that I love to work with kids and that I adore Spain. I still have my house in Madrid and if I return some day I already have somewhere to live. When the moment comes we will have to see, but to be part of Madrid would be great. I have many friends there and many people who I respect a lot, such as (former president) Florentino Perez, who is one of the best friends I have in Madrid.”

Whilst Real Madrid claim they are friends with Manchester United, despite Sir Alex Ferguson’s assertions of quite the opposite, our fans are pretty much united in their general dislike of the Spanish club. The way they have handled this potential Cristiano Ronaldo transfer has been horrendous. They have hounded the club and player with statements, behaving in an entirely inappropriate manner.

For Beckham to openly support Ronaldo’s desires to move to Real Madrid, and today claim he wants to work for them in the future, quite strongly suggests he is not the United fan so many reds would like to believe he is. We can all agree that Real Madrid are the scum of the earth right now, and if he doesn’t have the bottle to publicly profess that, it’s up to him.

However, to claim he wants to work for them in the future, knowing what the manager and fans’ opinion of that club is, suggests he’ll never be the fan he once was. He’d kiss the badge and celebrate a goal in the way any of us would if we were the given the honour of representing this club. But things have changed for him since then, and whilst he’ll tell any paper that’ll pay him a few bucks for an interview that he is a United fan, he doesn’t feel half the passion and love for the club that us lot do. If he did, he wouldn’t speak so admiringly of Real Madrid, regardless of whether he played for them or not.

The sooner people wise up to this the better.

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. matt says:

    don’t be such a bloody child. what does it matter if he is one of us or not. Get behind your team and grow up

  2. scotty says:

    bollocks to beckam, van nistelrooy, heinze, and that prick ronaldo, all turncoats……ole, cantona, robbo, queiroz, and all the other true LOYAL legends, i salute you all……with berba we will secure a hat-trick of prems, and double of c.l., and that will shut up the turncoat fuckers.

  3. true red says:

    not pleased of what becks said but its his chioce the thing is as long as fergie is at the club becks wont in any way guess thats the way its got to be

  4. steve says:

    I don’t remember seeing you printing “stories” about Beckham on the numerous occassions he declared United “his club”. Would have expected better from a United website. No doubt you are one of the many that are more outraged by what Becks says, does and wears than a grown man ought to be. People still love riding Beckham to further there own insignificant little lives. In fact what he has said on this matter is a stark contradiction to anything i’ve ever heard Beckham say. I’m sure you’ll probably blame Beckham if / when Ronaldo ups sticks and finally dumps United. Try directing your vitriol at Ronaldo – he deserves it.

  5. MAN UTD says:

    FUCK VAN HORSEFACE,HENIZE,C RONALDO AND DAVID BECKHAM ( BACKSTAPPER ) , ALL YOU MOTHERFUCKERS CAN GO TOO HELL FOR ALL I CARE MAN UTD WILL STILL GO ON ! Long live Geroge best,Law,bobby carlton,ole,cantona,matt busby and the united team fuck you becham we made your ass what it is today ! in real madrid you did win shit only the last season and then you sat on the bench! you and your bitch can go too LA and be wannbe moviestar !


  6. Kevin says:

    Wow, Matt calm yourself. The first Manchester United game I watched was when Beckham scored from half and that game made me a United fan and a soccer fan. Aren’t these quotes from Marca? The one newspaper that is allowed to print crap after crap? I wouldn’t believe it, but Becks was forced out of United when he obviously did not want to leave. I don’t think you can call him a legend but he is a United great and should be remembered as a key member in the Treble winning squad. If he does want to go work at Madrid and become a coach I will be sorely disappointed and will change my view completely. I hate Madrid not only for this but also the questionable financial and political history of the club. If Becks wants to coach I would rather see him stay in a country where he is still a superstar, the USA. I hope he can help our soccer culture grow, he would be an important soccer role model for kids to follow, maybe just ignore his ads for Calvin Klein.

  7. Gary says:

    He never openly supported Ronaldo in his actions. All he said was that if he left Manchester United, Real Madrid are the only club to go too. Im sure Beckham would jump at the chance to return to United and you know he would. It was a fact that he turned down offers to move to play in England again when he left Real because he would only return for United. Im getting bored of defending him now. People can make what they want of his comments. I personaly think its just ridiculously petty and childish.

  8. Scott the Red says:

    Gary – I post a link in that article to comments Becks said.

    “If someone asked if Cristiano Ronaldo should go to Madrid. I’d say ‘Yes’.

    “Real is a dream for any player so, of course, he would be a tremendous signing for Madrid and their fans.

    “All the best want to play at the Bernabeu during their careers. It is a unique experience in football.”

  9. Gary says:

    I see someone has labelled Queiroz a loyal legend??? Im extremely gratefull to Queiroz for the work he has done at United, but hes left us twice for job offers so that doesnt make him loyal does it pal. I dont begrudge him moving, he has paid a glowing tribute to United and Sir Alex and thats good enough for me and I wish him well at Portugal. Beckham aswel has only ever spoke highly off United and Sir Alex but yet hes apperently a disloyal greedy cunt because he holds some affection for Real Madrid aswel. Disgracefull I know!

  10. Gary says:

    Yea but Scott your clearly a intelligent person so dont focus on comments that no boubt Beckham was drawen into saying. The media are loving this story and Beckham first told Ronaldo to stay at United. So he was clearly drawn onto the subject about if he was to move to Madrid and he made these comments. There harmless and are going to have no affect on the situation. Of course Beckham isnt United through and through like Gary Neville and he never will be because he isnt a local lad and he led a very different life style which was eventually his downfall at United. Hes since moved on to other things, but believe you me, he cares more about United then he does about Madrid.

  11. Jimmy The Weed says:

    Beckham cared more for his own reflection than United more and more after he got with minging Posh. I thought it was a good bit of business getting rid of him for £25M, if only because his overpowering self-publicity machine was becoming as sikly and overpowering s his wife’s public disrespect for the manager who had created him. There is nothing he wouldn’t do for a few column inches, and to be rubbing shoulders with the movers and the shakers. It’s almost reasuring to see that he’s still the same publicity hungry, self serving tw*t that he became a long time ago. I just wish he could find a team even further away to play for, the f*****g dweeb

  12. anakin says:

    Man Utd will never Die.


  13. Gary says:

    It amazes me that United fans could be so fickle towards Beckham when all hes done is make a harmless comment and everyone jumps on his back as a disloyal cunt. Beckham and Sir Alex have a huge amount of respect for each other and have buried there little differences since the move because they are grown ups unlike some of the peopel posting on here. People have always loved to hate Becks from day one for the simple fact they are jelous of the bloke. What he wears and what he promotes I dont begrudge him at all. He been slated from all quarters pretty much ever since 1998. I had the pleasure of meeting Becks before and he was a really welcoming person and gave me his autograph and let me take his photo with him when I was 12 years old. He has so much time for people even tho after the shit hes had I would have no time for anyone. I remember when he signed for Madrid and a kid climbed over the barrier and the security gaurds chased him down but Becks called them all off and gave the kid a hug and then gave him his shirt. He also kept in contact all the time with that terminally ill girl which was really touching to see, maybe you say its nothing to him to do that, but its still the thought that counts. I dont begrudge the bloke anything that he does after the way people have slagged him off and intuded his personal life. Now to victamise an innocent Beckham over a harmless comment is just utterly ridiculous.

  14. Craig Mc says:

    Errr Gary, you call people on here immature, WHY?. Because they happen to have a different take on Beckham than you. Don’t you think that shows a little of your immaturity then?. We all are apt to see things from different perspectives, but that’s what makes message boards so interesting and enjoyable. No need to be so touchy (Steve and you), because we are not all of the same mind as you regarding Beckham. People on here should stop name calling others for having a viewpoint opposite to theirs. I respect your viewpoint, though it may differ to mine.

  15. Craig Mc says:

    Scott, I agree with some of the things you said, especially about Real Madrid, and what Our club management and staff, and fans think about them re the CR7 saga. The quote in the article comes from statements Beckham made to the Sunday Express, and not to Marca I understand. However the Spanish lap up any support for their cause, especially when it comes to ex Man Utd players, who were when they played for us, loyal to the cause. Beckham was loyal when playing for us I believe. I think that his differing stance from a couple of weeks ago, when he said he firmly believed Ronnie should stay with Man Utd, changed when he remembered that he wants to go back to Madrid to work with their youth. He figured he better support their cause in order to further his future desires to return. He is a mercenary bastard, just like most footballers, they are all out for their own cause first. So they will swap and change and say whatever they have to, according to who they happen to be talking to at any particular time. Beckham may have made his peace with Fergie, but the truth is the Old Trafford door will never open again for him. He is not considered by Fergie etc as one of our legends, that he is welcomed back into the fold with open arms etc. That’s the way it appears to me anyway. Why he would rather work with Spanish youth than with British youth is anybodies guess. His heart is not over here now it seems. So let him get on with it, wherever he is accepted. He has so much money it is obscene. Yet there he goes, posturing in his Calvin Kleins and other commercial sales he can drum up, and the Beckham Brand money machine keeps rolling on. But that’s life, football had nurtured a load of greedy bastards who just never have enough. So feckin sad really!.

  16. David Quinn says:

    I couldn’t believe it when I seen this, I remember Beckham saying not so long ago he should stay at united to further his development. Why such a change of heart? now he’s advising him to go to madrid and said he wants to work for them. He can go get fucked, him and his anorexic trophy wife.

  17. Ian Rothera says:

    How long ago did he leave?

    For crying out loud man, get over it.

  18. Gazza says:

    Well hes a cockney. Ow can he be a united fan?

  19. Kunal says:

    beckham himself has distant himself from United so ppl are gonna forget about him if not now thn in near future….

  20. Tom F says:

    David Beckham, the most famous sports personality in the world, now plays for LA Galaxy. He has had a similar vision to Ronaldo, one where MONEY is the driving force in their careers.

    I have said before, Becks-in my opinion is generally harmless and I do only remember the good times when I think of him.

    I totally understand where Scott is coming from though. At United you look at former players who still associate themselves with the Club and always talk fondly of the way Manchester United is run. Beckham has always claimed he loves United, he is good friends with Gary Neville and you’d expect when asked about Ronaldo, he would have remained slightly more neutral. To say this:

    “If someone asked if Cristiano Ronaldo should go to Madrid. I’d say ‘Yes’.”

    At a time when it seems all of the ‘important’ people in football are out against United, it does undo all of the praise Beckham has given our club and therefore taking more gloss off of the way we look at him. We could do with more support from former players, especially those that are so strongly linked to us and talk so much about how they love United.

    Cantona, Cole, Bruce.. they are all talking in favour of United. We celebrate that, we praise them for their kind views and that gives us the right to complain about those who get it wrong.

    Gary Neville, Ryan Giggs and Paul Scholes are ‘United Only’ players who are all driven by the fact that tomorrow may be the last time they pull on our red and white shirt. They aren’t driven by money and exotic lifestyles and while it’s obviously down to the individual, I’d always back those who think like the supporters. Those who want to win for United and not just themselves.

    Craig – Good point about Beckham wanting to train Spanish youth rather than English? What is that all about? My only guess is that he’d only want to work at United in England and there is no chance of that while we have Giggs, Nev, Ole etc doing their coaching badges. Loyal men.

    Gazza – you spelt cock wrong you silly bugger, there’s no ‘ney’ on the word ‘COCK’. Unfortunately some United supporters do fall into that catagory, though when I am walking down the street I feel proud every time I see somebody in a United shirt.

    We all have to Fight for United, not fight eachother.

  21. CaptainPark says:

    Gary, you dumb ass!!! How can you say Beckham was drawn into saying those things. No body can be drawn into saying something he doesn’t want to or doesn’t support. Stop defending the fake United fan. I’d definitely not have an axe to grind with David Idiot Beckham if he didn’t claimed to be United through and through!!!

  22. Craig Mc says:

    I heard on talk sport this am, that 500 fans attending our reserve match at the weekend, had chanted Ronaldo out, and lifted up banner about him being a slave etc. If this is true, then MADRID have succeeded and will be feeling the victory. Because their whole strategy is to make the fans so hate CR7, that we will turn on him, and call for his head, so doing their job for them. Ronaldo hasn’t done a bad job of turning the fans himself though, but maybe that’s all part of the plan. Am I the only one who will feel really sick if United sell to Real Madrid, and they go away laughing after all of this?. Sickening!.

  23. Gary says:

    “He is the best player in the world at the moment and is a young talent that has proved himself over the last few years,”

    “Last season everyone saw what he did for Manchester United.

    “The fans love him and there would be a lot of disappointed people if he did leave Manchester.

    “But obviously, when I left Manchester United the only club I wanted to play for was Real Madrid.”

    ^ people like you are understandably furious over the Ronaldo situation like every red have read these comments and twisted them to suit yourself, just to have a go at Beckham. All he says was that IF HE DOES LEAVE MANCHESTER UNITED THAT REAL MADRID ARE THE ONLY CLUB TO GO TO! He doesnt say I THINK RONALDO SHOULD LEAVE MANCHESTER UNITED does he you moron. Now grow the fuck up.

  24. Gary says:

    That message was for you by the way CaptainPark

  25. UnitedRay says:

    Who cares a hoot about what THE TRAITOR says? The david i know had died. The one trying to get into hollywood now is mr posh spice. Scott, i know you are running out of topics for your blog which is understandable in the off season, but no point trying to flog a dead horse. Understand this : some of us will hate david, some will try to find excuse for him. Its just pointless debate. I rather we focus on the development of the berba or hunter acquisition. Or something else rather than the murdering topic of db23 and cr007. Take care man.

  26. Gary says:

    Yes I will be sick to the stomach if Ronaldo does go to Real Madrid only because its about making a point to Madrid that they cant have who ever they want. I think Ronaldo will still be at United tho and when if and when he pulls on a United shirt again I wont boo his name, but I cerainly wont cheer it either. Booing him during games wont do anyone any good, but I certainly will never sing his name again. I just feel betrayed by him. I defended the bloke left right and centre from all my mates slagging him off. I just feel cheated like every United fan that we had such a talented player that was on his way to becoming a Manchester United legend, but now will be remembered for all the wrong reasons.

  27. Craig Mc says:

    I agree with you Gary. I am torn over Ronaldo. One minute I am incensed by his disrespect and controversial and seemingly damning remarks about slavery, and about our club, but the next I wonder just how much the Media furore has done its dastardly job, in trying to make us hate the player. I think it will be very hard for United fans to cheer him if he ever pulls on our famous red shirt again. Then to boo him, as you say, it helps no one. I think his reception if he is staying, will depend on what he has to say in public interviews to the fans when he is back. He will NEVER have what he had from the United faithful in the past though, he has blown all that away. I think the terraces will just be quiet when he is in possession or when he scores. His ego does need to take a hammering though. Still, I do not want Madrid to get their way in this whole thing. If United bring a few good players in though, it may be the case of a sale because of the money CR7 will bring. But I don’t want United to be seen to cave in to Madrid. It is a difficult one is this though , lol!.

  28. nikelesh says:

    I dont agree with u.Becks is a true red in my book.

  29. Stephen says:

    I agree Beckham is a greedy politician, who only thinks about himself ans his wealth I am afraid.

  30. Kosa says:

    Well, I think that what makes some of us think of Becks as a traitor, is the way in which he left us (the long saga and all his comments about that GREAT Real Madrid) and where he went, to the generally disliked Real Madrid after we fought them passionately in CL that season. Of course he did a lot for us and I love him for all he did whilst at the club. Still, I cannot bear the fact that he let us down. After claiming he loved United and seemingly being all Red, he admitted there were other clubs he could play for, something what we couldn’t imagine. Now I belong to that group of Reds who dislike him and consider him a traitor, because he left us just for money and felt himself too big for the club. Even if he loves United still at the bottom of his heart (what can be probable) – he shouldn’t have left us for money. He can have no excuse for leaving us if he thinks us his beloved club (especially that he was offered a new contract here and was wanted much).

  31. JoeRed says:

    beckhams a celebrity

  32. KWS says:

    Scott – without getting into the debate, I have to point out that your link is to a story that quotes NOTW! I went to NOTW and the quote is completely uncited. The author makes no claim that Beckham said it to him or any indeed said it anywhere. It simply says that Becks said it. No place, no gathering, no time, nothing concrete.

    We all have our Becks pros and Becks cons, but this report is a little sketchy. When the source is NOTW, I hold off judgment for a little while.

  33. UnitedRay says:

    Becks got what he deserves. (besides the millions) he had to watch basketball matches while his old mates are celebrating european championships. When you get dumped, the best way to get even would be to live a better life. We have done that. This thought more than make up for the hurt he caused us. The same will happen to ronaldo. To all red fans out there, united will live on.

  34. Alex says:

    Do I still believe he’s one of us?

    No. I don’t like saying that, but no.

  35. Craig Mc says:

    Alan Brazil just mentioned on talk sport, that they are hearing, that Wes Brown is being used as part of the Berbatov deal. I hope this is a feckin unfounded rumour, or I will be disgusted with Old Trafford management.

  36. Stephen says:

    I fucking hope Brown isn’t being used as a makeweight! we are short of defenders as it is, and Wes is 100% United, unlike Beckham!!!!

  37. HappyMate says:

    Don’t be silly. Beckham is the man.

  38. Stephen says:

    I don’t think so mate.


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