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About ManUtd App – all Manchester United stats at your fingertips

About ManUtd is an excellent iPhone and iPad App for United fans. Launched this season by the people behind the respected Manchester United stats website, it’s already giving fans facts and stats to back them up in all Man Utd discussions around the world.

About ManUtd is a fact-supplying app that:

  • Covers every official match played by Manchester United since 1886 – over 5300 of them.
  • Lists every United team and every United goal-scorer; for many matches it also gives the opposition team and scorers.
  • Provides stats and summaries for each of the 863 United players, 19 managers, 115 seasons and 209 opponents.
  • Contains original profiles supporting the stats for all managers, all recent seasons, and many players.
  • Is updated after every match.
  • Apart from updates, the app does not need internet access – perfect for getting Manchester United stats on the go.

Making the most of familiar iPhone and iPad conventions, the App is really easy to use.

You can filter and sort the lists to find what you want. For example, you can easily filter the players’ list to display just wingers, who are Scottish, who have made more than 10 appearances – and then order them by goals scored. (Top of the list, incidentally, comes Willie Morgan 1968-1975; details include his date and place of birth, clubs before and after United, every match he played in, season summaries, and a profile of his United career.)

Or you can filter the seasons to find out when Man Utd played in the European Cup, or won the FA Cup. Or find the Premiership away matches against Chelsea.

About ManUtd is an App that’s difficult to put down. Who was in the squad that season? Where did we finish in the League? How many times has United beaten Liverpool at Anfield? The questions keep coming and the App keeps supplying the answers.

Bonus tip: You can use the About ManUtd app to get quick answers to our ticket giveaways (such as this one) and other contests on the blog.

Screenshots: iPhone, iPad (1), iPad (2).

About ManUtd is available from the Apple App Store for those with an iPhone, an iPad or an iPod touch. At just £1.99 it’s got to be one of the buys of the season.

Update: have said that they’re working on an Android version of the app – as soon as it’s launched, you’ll hear about it here.

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. Ash says:

    I enjoyed how our team defended. Maybe it was our finest defensive display in past few years I have seen. Bar Evra who got owned by Lennon everyone else did a fine job.

    I am a bit surprised De gea is getting some shit as he had a tremendous game. It makes me laugh when people compare him with Schmeichel or Van der Sar. They were complete products. De gea is still learning is trade. Give him one Premier league trophy his confidence will go sky high.

    Have to say I AM not disappointed by the draw. After watching Spurs yesterday I have to say they deserve to be in top 4. They are a strong side. Give them one quality striker I can bet they will easily finish in top 4. It will be a shame if they miss out on top 4 this season. Credit to them for playing well.

    I thought we were playing to deep especially in last 25 mins. We need to attack. But I thought Sir alex wanted to have this game over. This has to be by far our toughest challenge and if you ask me we passed with hardwork. City has still to travel here and also go to Everton. I laughed when dzeko said man united will continue to drop points. I like this care free attitude from their team. I don’t want their managers or players to praise us. Last season Micah Richards and Mancini praised us by saying United will win the league and it backfired on us.

    Just one big negative from this game and that has to be Valencia. I have been continuously defending him but he is having a torrid time. I don’t like our players getting criticized but its very surprising that no one is mentioning about Tony V’s poor form. We used to jump when Nani had a bad game but I can’t see anyone doing that with Valencia. He is neither attacking well nor is he defending well. Rafael played much better as winger than Valencia did in those 17 mins he got. There was a situation when rooney was alone in wings but valencia stopped and made back pass which resulted in tottenham counter attack. I still have faith in Valencia but he needs to get his act going. At this form I would prefer Nani.

    This is not resulted to our club but I have to take this out of my chest. Man how shit have arsenal become. It is very sad to see them becoming a mediocre club. They were playing shit against the most overrated team in Chelsea yesterday. As usual media were trying their best to prove Torres is not a flop. Speaking of arsenal I can bet they will play like cup final against us when we go to emirates in late april.

  2. Saain says:

    Release the app for android too

  3. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Been using the www site for several years. One of the best for United. Does fall sort if you want to make real time comparisons or even pens that weren’t converted, but otherwise top drawer.

    You can also follow Andrew Leonard on twitter at @AboutManUtd for your daily dose of United trivia.

  4. ThisCharmingMan says:

    Great site Scott (this one)!

    Do you know if there’s an Android app on the way?

  5. Strik3rr says:

    Fuck iphones.

  6. Rafael says:

    Android Please, not every one enjoys the iJail

  7. DEEnMUFC says:

    I have been using the app since it was launched and frequently use their website, find them both incredibly comprehensive, really good for finding specific info or just a good way to spend a bit of time browsing. I would honestly say it is a real must for United fans!

  8. hduidh says:

    android !!!!

  9. parjo says:

    android please…

  10. MUFCJord says:

    Great application, highly recommended!

  11. 207egend says:

    Ash- I agree, spurs looked to have taken that extra forward with avb, id like to see Everton grab a champions league spot, see what more does with extra coinage, also de gea was exceptional, he’s got plenty of time to become dominant around the box. AV had alot of stick latley, and doesn’t deserve to wear the 7 shirt

  12. rnicolas says:

    Best money i ever spent, been using this app for months. Everytime i start using it, i spend 2-3 hours just browsing

  13. DreadedRed says:

    ex The Independent:

    ‘Ryan Giggs is set to become the first individual to complete the mandatory qualification for Premier League and Champions League managers while still playing, sending a clear signal that he aspires to manage the club one day.

    ‘Giggs has already reached Uefa Pro Licence level, and has had to work through his ‘B’ and ‘A’ licences to reach the elite standard, required by anyone who wants to manage in a top division or the Champions League.

    ‘Giggs will undertake 240 hours of study to gain the qualification – including spending three days at a European club and making a detailed case study of a business. He is expected to secure the qualification within the next 12 months after a period at Warwick University’s Business School. His former team-mates Gary Neville and Paul Ince have been among the 20 other students embarking on the qualification.’

  14. iced earth says:

    From the first training everyone realised: This is a great player,” he told Voetbal International.
    “He gives the team an invincible feeling. The players now have a feeling like ‘We have Van Persie! With Van Persie we always score. We can always give the ball to him, he will always think of something good to do’.”

  15. MarkoWire says:

    Dont they know Android have better sales than Apple now. Everyone I know are selling there shitty Iphones for proper Andriod phones. Sorry but theres more money to be made on Android.

  16. belfast red. says:

    Here. Android app plz! :’(

  17. butlersrevenge says:

    A windows version would be nice too if you can! For my Nokia Lumia.

  18. BayoRed says:

    Have we signed Zaha?

  19. kirxov says:

    Completely off-topic but check this gem:

    It is an interview from early 2010, when chicharito was still a ‘chivas’ player, and had no connection with united. The first question is “if you could play for a premier league team, where would you like to be?”
    He responds: “just playing in europe would be a dream come true for me, but if i had to choose one team, just for the tradition and because i think it is the best in the world, i would choose manchester united, i would love to play there..”

    This lad, is something really special.


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