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Adidas Kit Deal Confirmed

It has been confirmed today that Adidas have agreed a deal to produce Manchester United shirts from 2015-2016 onwards.

The deal is reportedly worth around £70million-a-year, which dwarfs the figure that Nike were previously paying us. The deal with Nike, which was agreed in 2002, was worth around £23.5m-a-year to United.

Warrior were also keen to replace Nike as the makers of our kit but could not compete with what Adidas were prepared to offer.

Reports last week in the press had been giving the impression that Nike had “dropped” United. There had been talk of United’s poor season under David Moyes and no Champions League football next season.

The reality is, no club in the world sells more shirts than United, so the club knew the deal would be worth more money than what Nike were prepared to offer.

The biggest kit deals for football after United’s £70m with Adidas are as followers: Real Madrid £31m (Adidas), Chelsea £30m (Adidas), Arsenal £30m (Puma), Barcelona £27m (Nike) and Liverpool £25m (Warrior).

Whilst you’re waiting a year for our new Adidas kit to be released, we’ve got an exclusive agreement with CampoRetro which allows you to buy the old shirts at a discount. Enter ROM15 at the checkout for 15% off. Worldwide shipping.

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  1. Tommy says:

    £70million a year should bring money into the traansfer kitty, good deal for the club this, I cant help but think Nike have made a mistake though, having the 2 biggest shirt deals on Adidas, seems bonkers for them to not match Adidas offer, but United are the big winners in this deal, time for a different style kit, can not wait

  2. Tommy says: – Apparently Vidal deal is close with Evra having already agreed to join Juventus and Bebe is the subject of an enquiry from benfica, Opik will be fuming

  3. Marco Soares says:

    @ Tommy

    If Bebe joins Benfica does that mean we play Welback up top on his own?

  4. Tommy says:

    @Marco Soares

    I reckon we bring Manucho back for another spell up top with Welbeck

  5. gra mar says:

    Lots of money….that’s worth a world class player every year. Now for a decent design.

  6. Marco Soares says:

    @ Tommy

    haha don’t give Opik any more ideas, he may just think it will work

  7. Chris says:

    Well this deal shits on the idea that we are finished, how do you like dem apples eh shitty and scousers?

  8. Kris Okechukwu says:

    Lol@ manucho coming back, u guys are silly.
    Pls tel opik to view my pics, am tall with huge physique and I can run as well. Not sure about my finishing though.
    No ucl, no saf and will still sign record deals, so shitty, scousers, rent boys and london eleven babies get ready cos this just d beginning. GGMU

  9. Dela says:

    @Chris —> Yep, I had a good laugh last week reading the comments on the Sky Sports article about the Nike partnership ending. All of the scousers and all other ABUs on talking about how it was the end of United and a new era and all that bollocks, and I was laughing to myself because I knew the problem wasn’t that Nike were put off by a partnership with United… it was that they couldn’t AFFORD it :P

    From next season, the Adidas deal will produce between £70-75 million per season, while the Chevrolet deal will pay between £45-50 million. The Chevrolet deal will have six years to go while the Adidas deal will still have 9. So we’re looking at around £120m per season on these two deals.. and we haven’t even touched on United’s TV revenue, the revenue from the stadium, countless other sponsorship deals, our inevitable return to Europe and so on.

    People who think United are going to disappear in some kind of Liverpool-style meltdown are just kidding themselves, it is wishful thinking. United is a football superpower. I’m hoping van Gaal’s impact is immediate, that he can exploit our lack of games to fire us to the top of the Prem again.. not even just for the satisfaction of winning it, but for the look on the ABU faces and how they will fall over themselves about how we “bought it” and so on :-)

  10. The One says:

    @Tommy, agreed….still can’t quite fathom why Nike would pass up the deal and lose the 2 biggest name in football to its main rival.

    Adidas, what an excellent deal for United but £75m/year is still quite mind boggling nonetheless!! It just goes to show the pulling power of United, that in spite of our troubles last season, we’re bigger than everyone else. Our shirt sponsorship with Adidas and GM alone will be worth a staggering £130m/year and if you add the Aeon sponsorship of our training ground, it’s £145m/year.

    Now I’ve hated the glazers and still do hate them to the core but you’re still got to grudgingly admit that United under the PLC are unlikely to have pulled this off. The big, big (£145m) question though is, how will this money be used?

  11. Dela says:

    BTW, after watching the following video of van Gaal with Bayern players after the German league win in 2010 I have come to the conclusion that he MUST speak German while in England :P

    Yes, he sounds and even sometimes looks like Hitler :P But that’s exactly why he need to do it.. he needs to put the fear of God in our enemies, he needs to lead his new red army in an aggressive campaign across Europe! ;-)

  12. UtdSenna says:


    I wouldn’t be so sure about close. Juve doesn’t need to sell. And the club are apparently denying any interest. If it to tone down and get the deal done or they are actually not interested who knows. Good thing is Herrera and Shaw deal was pretty quiet until it happend. I wouldn’t trust any paper atm. There has been so much bullshit stories already.

  13. ashtheking says:

    This is a mammoth deal. For all those who thought United were going down , just say the same to Adidas. This is a real important deal for us and my god this is huge. Huge may also not justify this, this is mammoth.£750 millions is huge

  14. UtdSenna says:

    Dela: Well United had the best revenue in the world during late 90s the only club having over 100m during 96-99 other clubs have past us now. United are 3/4th but that will probably change after this deal and the new PL TV-deal. United should be at the top, always. People seem to forget the whole game have gone much bigger and global which means revenue and commercial appeal was always gonna go up, whatever it would be the same, better or worse without Glazer who knows.

  15. UtdSenna says:

    But massive deal, compare it to Chelsea. One year less and 45m less. Makes Arsenal deal looks pretty good actually. 5 years and they get the same as Chelsea.

  16. John says:


    That Video is the reason why Adidas dared to trust us for signing nearly a billion euros 10 deal. :) They clearly know United won’t compromise on success and do fuckups like moyes anymore and surely would have negotiated and put the clauses in the contract accordingly.

    Give similar speech with primere league trophy after his first season, the kit of adidas will do doubly business in LVG second season. Make no mistake United fans love and need daring character. Champaign and LVG seems to be a great combo after victory. :) :)

    Thought Giggsy was a threat to every Mrs. in and around Manchester but from that video it looks like it is going to be other way around esp after United victories. :D :D :D (just for fun of course).

    LVG, however, does have a sense of humour and kid like enthusiasm as a manager. 100% not boring days ahead for United fans, that’s for sure.

  17. wayne barker says:

    The One hi mate yeah that’s always the other side of the coin,none of us like the Glazers but when people talk about how much they’ve taken out the club never compare revenue’s before or after the takeover.What i do like about them strictly businessmen no ego involved and don’t interfere with the Football side of things.Also not stupid they know if Adidas are going to shell out 70mill and Chevy 45mill Utd have to maintain a level of excellence and World wide appeal,money has to be spent
    On the topic of newspaper/online gossip we should’ve all learned from last year with the Thiago circus that lasted for weeks and Utd never even made a bid for him.Can’t see Juve selling both Pogba and Vidal,now the latest on Di Maria is he wanted to come to Utd but Utd wouldn’t pay the 60mill asking price and PSG will,yesterday Di Maria wanted to go to PSG,it’s all bollocks from one day to the next.
    How the fuck can PSG keep spending these insane amounts of money when under FFP sanctions,i read after the sanctions were imposed PSG couldn’t spend more than 50mill euros in the market

  18. UtdSenna says:

    PSG don’t care about FFP, their owner said “we will sign anyone we want”. And if they sell Cavani and some others they could probably deal with it.

    Dela: sorry my post was at the one

  19. UtdSenna says:

    also last summer transfers were disaster for United. It seems like it’s a lot more quiet and behind the talks this window. No one saw the Herrera deal coming. Some journos says United are very interested others are saying they haven’t even talked to Vidal/Juve. And Pogba’s agent said that the transfer rumors about him are a fairytale, if this is any truth behind it who knows. But usually when his players want to leave he stirs some shit up. I haven’t seen this. I think Pogba will stay one more year than leave next summer. Time will tell.

  20. united till i die says:

    Is that a straight 70m with no percentage of shirt and merchandising sales like the nike deal? If it doesn’t include a split of jersey sales etc then that’s the reason it’s so big of a deal.

  21. Martin Thomas says:

    Good riddance to Nike: and their dark pink grandad shirts, masquerading as MUFC football jerseys… Adidas United kits in the 80s were excellent… I can’t think of a bad one (except the 90-92 away acid house/birdshit one!). The 1984-86 kit was a classic… The trefoil logos on both sleeves (no stripes) and the club badge in the middle of the chest… The first away shirt for United should always be white. None of this black and blue nonsense…. One of the Nike away shirts of recent years looked like an Inter Milan shirt that had been put under a steamroller.. The 80-82 Adidas away was great… A simple white shirt with the trefoil in black and the three black stripes down the sides of the entire shirt (under the arms, not on them). Said shirt can be seen in the clip below:

    It would also be a start if the legend ‘Football Club’ was reinstated to the club badge…

  22. Martin Thomas says:

    I am glad Argentina lost yesterday: Imagine the mass of Bitters claiming that “their” players (Aguero, Zabaleta, Demichelis) had won The World Cup…. We’d never have heard the end of it here in Mcr….

  23. Dan Young says:

    united till i die .. the deal is actually AT LEAST £75 million a year. it could actually be worth even more each year to us depending on shirt sales .. which im guessing will directly depend on the on pitch success.

    cannot wait to see the first adidas kit!

    i think things like this need to loosen peoples opinions on the glazers. yeah they literally gambled the financial stability of united with the way they took over but evidently he who dares wins. we would not have the income we currently have if they were not our owners and whilst you can look at the estimated £500 million wasted on interest payments the new sponsorship deals we are currently negotiating will more then make up for that over time. as owners go they are perfect, its just the way they got ownership that is my problem, but they are earning my forgiveness thats for sure

    also well played woodward, get vidal in and il take back calling you a ‘cunt that couldnt even finish over his wifes tits let alone finish a transfer of a football player’

    anyone got any updates on the value of our shares at the moment?

  24. The One says:

    Wayne, exactly but those fear mongers back then (and even now) would have us all believe that these glazers were going to be the death of United because of the very heavily leverage buyout. They simply refused to acknowledge/accept that these are extremely shrewd businessmen who know exactly what they were buying into, who are fully aware that to they need to invest in the team to reap financially. I too like the fact that they don’t interfere in the running of the football side of things, unlike what’s happening elsewhere, aka cardiff, chelsea, etc.

    As for this Vidal transfer business, I share your concern as well. It looks very much like it’s turning into a ‘thiago transfer’ mark II or ‘wesley sneijder transfer’ mark II. All I’m hoping now is that our club surprise us with the unveiling of a top signing that the media haven’t picked up on.

  25. UtdSenna says:

    Dan Young: Why would this loosen people stand on Glazer? They have just capitlised on United being massive and always had a big following. It’s not like United were a small club before Glazers. And the interest all over the world has grown massive last 10 years. The whole sport is much bigger and much more global. They have commercialised everything about the brand Manchester United. You can’t say United would not have the income without Glazers you don’t know that.

  26. ashtheking says:

    You know for all the criticism that Woodward got for last summers fiasco, he has done quite a remarkable job so far. Hew as always good in tying up sponsorship deals but he is also now improving in signing players. At this rate he will become better than gill. Gill had a cautious approach and that many times cost us but woody has more of a direct approach and I like that.s onetime he does make a fool of himself but that’s the risk worth taking, respect woody for what you are doing

  27. dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT says:

    Speaking of summer, I’m hearing the Vidal deal is off now. UGH. Still hope we’re able to get a midfielder in though. There’s more good ones out there than just Vidal.

  28. Marq says:

    Well, nothing is concrete until anyone holds our shirt. It is all still speculation at this point. At the very least Vidal didn’t come out and outright reject us like Fabregas did last year, so there is still hope. If for some reason it doesn’t happen, maybe we can try for Khedira, since he is pretty much available, although Arsenal is in pole position

    Anyone else we can look at? If Evra does move we could still go for Blind since he can cover LB and DCM. Although I’d much prefer a much more established player beside Herrera and/or Carrick

  29. Marco Soares says:

    I’d suggest maybe Nigel De Jong, did pretty well in the World Cup when he wasn’t injured and he has that tenacity we could use in the middle, LVG worked with him so I suppose he’ll decide if a player like De Jong is what United needs

  30. Dwayne O Linn says:

    “I’m already at a great team, Juventus, so I will be just as calm if the Manchester United option falls through.” Vidal quote from the guardian, he is stating here that he plans to move, but will stay if it doesn’t work out. Get the finger out woody and get him in the bag!

  31. united till i die says:

    Big mistake not getting Vidal. Hopefully Woodward isn’t going to undo all his good work just to save a couple million pounds. If nothing else this is good PR showing we won’t be held to random by other teams. I still think the deal gets done at some point. If Bayern start sniffing around and snap
    Him up Woodward will get crucified again.

  32. red war says:


    Nobody fears Hitler -he is dead and gone. And nobody fears the nazis or the fascists, you fckhead.


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