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After Cutting Our Allocation City Can’t Sell Out Again

After reducing our allocation for this weekend’s FA Cup game at The United Stadium, Manchester City still haven’t managed to sell out their home section. The tickets are on general sale yet just days before kick-off, they still have tickets available. You can buy tickets now by ringing 0161 444 1894 although you would obviously have to sit in the home end… amongst thousands of other reds.

United should be entitled to 15% of all tickets for this FA Cup 3rd round tie but City have given us just 5,961 (1,139 short). The game is on a Sunday though meaning most City fans won’t be able to go because of their religious commitments. After poor attendances at home last season, Dave Wallace from City fanzine King of the Kippax explained to the Evening News this was due to fans going to church instead.

“It’s definitely not an issue with ticket prices, because the club do their best in that respect,” he said. “I know the weather would have been a factor with some too, because it wasn’t the warmest day. Churchgoers would have found it tricky to get to the ground in time for a 2pm Sunday kick-off as well.”

Interestingly enough, they are also struggling to sell tickets for their League Cup semi-final against Liverpool.

Just the latest example in a long list of others to disprove that bitter myth, originated in Stockport, that Manchester is blue.

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  1. TonyBee says:

    fuck em

  2. NYDUDE says:

    Fuck em’ and some……!!!

  3. Jigpig says:

    ….and they talk of increasing the ground capacity at shitelands……what a joke they are

  4. smytho15 says:

    That shows how much of a joke they are

  5. kanchelskis says:

    Crock of shit team. Seriously, if they can’t sell out an FA Cup game against their biggest rivals, who they beat last time out in both league and cup, how do they possibly think they’ll be FFP-compliant?

  6. Sad Ole Red says:

    Manchester is blue, yeah right. Come on United, lets show our massive neighbours that the last derby result was a blip.

  7. smartalex says:

    During the course of a season, most of the teams we play have their highest gate of the year when we visit. That’s not United fans filling up the ground, but home supporters that can only afford a few games a year that chose the United match, despite the likelihood of losing to us.

    For city to be unable to attract enough fans for what is the biggest clash of the round against their main derby opposition proves categorically that there are not even enough blue fans in Manchester to fill their stadium.

    If United were cloned, and played all 19 League opponents simultaneously, we could theoretically fill all the grounds with British Reds.

  8. Costas says:

    Business as usual then. It’s their city after all…

  9. Utd4life says:

    If Manchester is Blue as the City fans say so then they should have no problem in filling up the stadium against us.

  10. RedFury says:

    will the sheikh be watching? Cause you know what happens when the owner comes and watch a game..

  11. Fred says:

    Shit club with shit fans.

  12. AD67 says:

    To be fair straight after xmas 3 home games in 8 days, you can’t expect them to afford that – have you seen the majority of their fans – scruffy divs wearing shirts and scarves looks like a 1970′s crowd – have they ever heard of designer shops in Manchester – their support at OT was embarrassing never seen so many kids and women dressed in superstore clothes & they have the cheek to call us ! they will win (buy) many trophies but they always be citeh with small time support

  13. WillieRedNut says:



  14. James21 says:

    Ha Ha. I might apply, I will be the one wearing the Blue plastic seat fancy dress outfit so do feel free to wave if you’re sitting in the Utd end. The self proclaimed best supporters in the land. :D :D :D

    My thoughts exactly. :D

  15. says:

    From Rio’s Twitter….

    Just boarded the flight to Newcastle… carrick + @WayneRooney are pooing our pants…90+mph winds…nervous wrecks!

  16. Utsava Sharma says:

    Stop it STR..You know manchester is blue, City have won 19 titles, Mancini is better than SAF and Ponzan is not a rip off.

    City>barcelona. Enough said

    smartalex-Well said!Your comments always are insightful and true.
    To think about it if they cant even fill their stadium up then i am sure that their tours must be all fans of the teams they are playing!


  17. Utsava Sharma says:

    Oh and Liverpool not to appeal 8 match ban.

    Cunts knew he deserves more!
    where are all the fucking t shirts now!!

  18. WillieRedNut says:

    Rio wouldn’t be flying up to Newcastle, to sit on the bench. He’ll start the game. Great boast. We need him, for big Ba will be a handful.

  19. Costas says:

    Oh man up Rio!

    Suarez doesn’t appeal and his first game back will be at OT! Get in!

  20. Utsava Sharma says:

    @Costas:You dont make this stuff up.Should be fucking brilliant!

  21. smartalex says:

    Utsava Sharma – Cheers buddy!

  22. BRIGADIER19 says:

    A nice reception awaits Queer Kenny Piss poor Army

  23. BRIGADIER19 says:

    Chris Foy Referee for this one! @Sky Sports. How do you think this may affect things

  24. the team that wouldn't die says:

    I hope they expand the Council house.
    They will be revealed for the frauds they are every week, and lose even more money. (Though I’m sure an uncle of the Sheik owns a family bus line that will pay for it with “sponsor” money)

  25. GoatinaUnitedShirt says:

    You want to know how daft these fekkin bitters are read the bottom line of thier add.
    “Tickets for both these fixtures will only be available to supporters who have previously attended a match at the Etihad stadium”.

    So if youve never filled the stadium then who will have the ability to buy a ticket to fill the stadium? This is a case of City trying to get 3+0 to equal more than 3! Idiots.

  26. Giggs12Gerrard0 says:

    I love threads like this it really shows you how impressive our support is 76 thousand every week. We even had 55 thousand against crawley.

    “coz city are a massive club”

  27. redbilly says:

    suarez you racist twat. Dippers could have done with you tonight.

    To be fair ,city always prided themselves on being a local club with the vast majority of their fan base local. They built a cathedral for what is in fact no more than a cult. By definition deluded / out of touch with reality. You cant blame their bitterness really. They know within themselves anything they win is hollow and the animosity bestowed on them is not due to begrudged respect but contempt.

    They would prefer to have empty seats than suffer the humiliation of more red than blue fans and it goes to show the cheap attitude of the club.

  28. zactaxe says:

    Evra should appeal to FA to increase the ban.

    The only reason the Looserfools not appealing the ban is because they want the Racist to be there in OT to save them some grace from some more 5-0 or 8-2 scorelines…

    Nevermind, i’ll take a 1-0 pissing-Dogleash-off injury time winner by Owen anytime…
    Oh, btw, a long-term layoff of the Racist due to a freakish fall down the slope of OT would be the icing on the cake… And let’s see if the Looserpool will appeal for that too?

  29. TheCANTONA says:

    Err… Manchester is blue, right??
    Stockport lying b*st*rds!!

  30. Park Life says:

    Blue plastic seat costumes must be selling out in Stockport! I just see row after row…
    Let’s have them!

  31. orez says:

    I don’t like getting into this stuff cause they are not worth it, but man that’s a disgrace.

  32. gaurav12931 says:

    Surprise Surprise!!..

  33. 12 cantonas says:

    the most big problem that they atr laying and they know that they are laying but they are also happy with laying and happy to said that the city is blue but the true is manchester is red……

  34. wiuru says:

    For all they are a joke . Its what we do on the pitch that concerns me ! This is one blue balloon that needs deflated .

  35. milesplattingred says:

    Fucking joke of a club and as soon as shim sham hasheesh whatever his fucking name is gets bored of them they’ll soon be back on the shit heap where they belong.

  36. 7maid_b says:

    United fans should buy out whatever is remaining from the city side, and show them what color is Manchester in their own home (RED!)


  37. WillieRedNut says:

    I don’t know who visits the wastelands these days. Atmosphere against the dippers was lifeless. And they can’t even sellout a big cup tie against their bitterest rivals. Massive, indeed.

  38. mikethered says:

    Citeh couldn’t fill my grannies living room. And Grannie Dogleash for the chop to join Benitez to compare FACTS!!!!!!!

  39. MasonMUFC says:

    any one can get tickets with no previous games just have to ring the ticket office, really will be the united stadium this weekend will probably sell out now, city are a joke!


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