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Agent confirms Chicharito’s future at United

Javier Hernandez has been linked with a move away from the club after spending another season with limited playing time.

Since Robin van Persie joined the club, Chicharito has been on the sidelines and hasn’t played as much football that a player of his quality deserves.

However, despite Chicharito hinting at his unhappiness with his current role on Twitter, his agent, Eduardo Hernandez has claimed the Mexican striker is staying put.

“I had a meeting with Manchester United’s people about 10 days ago and they confirmed that there has been interest from various European clubs but it is not in their plan to transfer him,” he told Medio Tiempo. “Yes, they are aware that his impact has been limited but little by little he will integrate more. [Against Stoke] his pass led to a goal, so all he needs are more minutes.”

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  1. LoneStarRed7 says:

    That is very good news. Chica’s genuine elation at Ashley Young’s goal and many other things shows he is a TEAM player. Of course he wants to score and excel, but he is genuinely about the team doing well. He and Valencia are two who are all about team first.

  2. LoneStarRed7 says:

    Watching his reaction to Cleverley’s goal against Villa brought a smile to my face. In contrast, look at Nani when others grab the spotlight. He is class and a true asset to the dressing room.

    He could walk into the starting eleven on most any other top five European league and yet he wants to make his mark at MUFC. Nuff said.

  3. Fletch™ says:

    Very glad this has been clearly stated. Chicha won’t go anywhere as long a things stay the same.

    People need to realize it’s now the season of big cub kicks in. We are into the semis of the League Cup, and FA Cup and CL will start wearing the squad down.

    We only have 4 strikers and RvP and Rooney are injured, and Chicharito was injured 2 months ago.
    4 strikers would be a luxury at Everton where they don’t expect to be playing every 4 days in May and June. Even with our league form, we still expect to be in 3 competitions in may and June.

    We have seen what happens with our defense where 5 CBs sometimes doesn’t look enough.

    It would be insane to sell Chicharito in mid season with all to play for. He is quality and we should keep him. If he asked to go, that is a different matter. So far, he saying positive things and contributing when called on. Top lad for me.
    Couple of injuries and he could be our go to guy up top for a good run of games. My view is we have to keep him fit and happy.

    Come on lil Pea! Everyone loves you at this club and you know it!

  4. Fletch™ says:

    *** People need to realize it’s \ THE PART OF THE the season where the squad of a big cub kicks in***

  5. Fletch™ says:

    LoneStar: Top comment. Javier seems a super character. Type of lad who does his job with a smile and positive word to the lads, even when they are his competitors. Closest thing we have had to OGS in that sense. Hope he sticks around for many years.

    That will require that the club sorts itself and starts winning things, everyone realizes that. But you need to have good positive characters and senior players to do that.

    I have loads of time for Hernandez.

  6. dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT says:

    He’s gonna get his minutes now. He SHOULD get his chance with VP out. Wlebeck who is more toothless than not can’t play every damn game upfront with Rooney. Chicha will get his chance and to me his build up play has improved SLIGHTLY from what i’ve seen of him so far. Still needs a lot of improvement though. That’s the one thing missing from his game to make him the complete striker. The Premier league is the best place to learn hold up play.

  7. LoneStarRed7 says:

    @ dannysoya 22:16

    Danny you are correct in noting the improvement in Chica’s build up play. He has improved and is looking to be more that just a striker latching onto service. That is what I think sets him apart. He is an accomplished finisher and many others would be happy with that and consequently look to move elsewhere as a well compensated one trick pony. Javier wants to expand his game. Excellent attitude and credit to him and his parents.

  8. United says:

    1* sry, 2 times pastud

  9. United says:

    Gud news! Me wans juniur solskar stay as wil! Solskar 1999 as united nxt manuger aft Davey moist. No confuson! Me wans Davey moist dear succus as wil. Davey wld do trebul dis seasun: (a) cominuty shield (b) carlung kup n (c) stabulity aka majur truphy. Davey wuld kep doings dis n solskar koms aft 4 yrs. Marks my words!

  10. Fletch™ says:


    Solskjaer will hold talks for WestBrom job over the weekend!
    Has not renewed his contract w Molde

    Bring back my Solskjaer!

  11. wayne barker says:

    To me this always seems a no brainer,play 20 or 30 games a year for an elite club maybe more with injuries and always be in contention for medals or play more games for a lesser club and win fuck all.Purely on a professional/money aspect playing less games lengths a players career so I think a lot of a player being unhappy is mainly press bollocks

  12. Tommy says:

    Chico no doubt has a fantastic attitude but I cant see him being here next year if things dont drasically improve for him, He cant even get a game in the COC at the moment, His dads his agent so wont be rocking the boat, a player of his quality wont be happy to rarely play, I feel sorry for him as well, if RVP or Rooney went 10 games without scoring they stay in the team for the duration of their bad run, If Chico gets a hattrick he gets benched next game, Hes not Ole thats unfair as I believe Ole was a far better player but he genrally was involved in squad rotation, Chico is very much playing a bit part role now which is a shame to be honest!

  13. wayne barker says:

    Tommy don’t think you can compare this year’s competition with years past,Utd not playing kids or second stringers so to say Hernandez can’t even get a game in COC in an inaccurate assessment of it’s importance.Our strikers are Utd’s strongest position unfortunately Hernandez doesn’t have the skill set of the other 3.I had the same feelings towards Berba could never get my head around how Danny and Hernandez started ahead of him and to this day feel Utd would’ve won the league over City if Berba had played more.From day one I’ve always thought Hernandez was a better sub than starter and nothings changed imo

  14. Tommy says:


    We havnt played young lads too many times in the league cup for years now due to a 25/26 man squad we have. Its been used to give those that need games some game time, I was very surprised he didnt start on wedensday, He is better from the bench no doubt about it but he still should be getting more game time and is pretty much in the same boat as Anderson and Young. In 99 SAF was a master at keeping everyone happy, the 4 strikers all contributed largely throughout the campaign. You could argue keeping Yorke and Cole out of the side (The best partnership ive seen at United) was a lot harder than keeping RVP, Rooney or Welbeck out to give Chico some action, He will score goals against your West Hams and Norwichs so dont see any harm in giving him some more action

  15. Tommy says:

    Off topic – Another sign of a shocking owner this Vincent tan the Cardif owner (Who changed their colours from blue to red, when they had always played in blue) Sent the manager Mackey an e mail saying if you dont resign we will sack you. The mans did great job their, Getting them promoted and doing OK in the prem now looks like hes gone, Fucking idiots these owners!

  16. wayne barker says:

    Tommy a lot of it has to do with Moyes finding his feet,i know you’re with me and feel he deserves time but I think it’s impossible for any of us to understand the enormity of what he has to live up to,just feel he went with the proven to start off with.i know some pinhead’s on here just expected him to pick up and continue from were Sir Alex left off but quite frankly their just morons I’m sure as things go along Hernandez will get his chance

  17. wayne barker says:

    Tommy I don’t like the Glazers but the good thing about them it’s not a ego trip just a business and hire people to take care of things,id rather have that than a ego maniac trying to run everything
    People get on Glazers back for taking money out of the club really no different than before when shareholders got yearly dividends and I believe Utd’s revenue has tripled or quadrupled since the takeover.

  18. NefariousVirtuoso88 says:

    I’d sell Javier Hernandez he isn’t good enough on the ball.

  19. raal says:

    All’s well and good with his professionalism, team spirit, goal scoring ability, etc. from United + fans point of view but from the player’s point of view, it’s WC year. If he doesn’t play ALOT, he will not be called to the national team and if he does, he’ll be on the bench – that’s a fact (the coach said it). He needs to play. If he’s got to wait til RVP/Rooney and Welbeck are in the hospital to get some minutes he’s out of the WC and that’s not in his best interest. Both he and the club know this so it’ll be interesting to see what happens in January, but IFO think he should have gone to Atlético in the summer. He would’ve netted over 10 by now.

  20. gra mar says:

    @Nefarious – you’re entitled to your opinion. Not too many would agree.

    I’d say there a are a fre United players that could be better on the ball but if we sold them all
    we’d have a fairly sparse squad. It’s not his strongest facet but it is improving and his general work-rate and goals ratio more than make up for it. He’s a very good player that is getting better and fully committed. You don’t sell that.

  21. samuel - united WE stand says:

    The revenues may have quadraupled but united clearly are not seeing that in sufficient investment in terms of what is needed to compete consitently against the best. The glazers have relied heavily on fergie’s managerial ability for years, they’ll penny pinch and search for bargain in the basement and fergie would extract more than usual out of players. With moyes in charge, if they do not bacl him adequately then it’s the path to failure. The glazers have Ed woodward doing their publicity propoganda.. Proclaiming unlimited funds… Nothing has follwed suit.

  22. gra mar says:

    @samuel – the problem with the glazers is that they bought a business. Even worse they used borrowed money at massive interest rates to finance. Slowly but surely they are owning United for free as the clubs profits pays it’s interest bill. In a few years they will be Uniteds outright owners and it will have cost them nothing and we will have a squad that reflects their mission to buy business for free and not invest in a football club.

  23. samuel - united WE stand says:

    The modern game requires the utilising the squad, it is up to moyes to show his managerial ability to keep all players motivated. What holds hernandez back is his all round ability. It has improved but not to the standards required to be a sure starter at united. Hernandez still needs service to really influence games but the essence of dominating the central mid has become significant that a team cannot afford to have a pure poacher up top. Hernandez needs to realise he is at the top top level competing with quality, even his place on the bench isn’t guaranteed as the likes of james wilson, henriquez etc are coming along and not only do they have the potential and attributes to score goals but they are all round footballers.

    It’s up to moyes to ditch out fair amount of games in order for players to get their time on the pitch. Moyes at this moment is still get to grips with using a big squad, he has a tendency to stick to the same players but again, that will only redult to failure at this level, it is also up to moyes to give our fair amount of games.

  24. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Gram ar – I think glazers epitomise everything wrong with the capitalist world, this ability to buy an asset by using that asset as a leverage.. It’s pure shambles that they’ve been able to get away with it, milking more money out of a business they never invested in, you just wonder how long football can go on with harbouring leeches like the glazers. They’ll point out the successes united have had since their arrival but if it wasn’t for the legendary fergie, the club would be in a bigger hole of pile of debt and no success. The glazers are ruthless business men, they would rather run the club by squeezing profits here and there and keeping the club just about afloat than progressing the club onto the level it has the potential to be, competing consistently on the pitch against the likes of barca, madrid… With united’s history and achievements, the club should be pushing further but it feels like its being held back, like a shackle destabilising the elevation of a powerhouse football club.

    United have always put youth at the front foot of things and i’m sure you along with anyone connected to the club is delighted when players of potential break through but the investment of ready made players into the club and I mean top class players has been non existent. Every top club has its amount of average squad players but united’s outweigh the quality players, we are seeing none of these quadraupled profits ploughed back into the most crucial area of the team, on the damn pitch… It’s pathetic.

  25. samuel - united WE stand says:

    One of the beautys of football is finding rough diamonds and then developing them along with those coming through the youth as top players but a club at the level united compete in or want to compete in need to constantly look for progress but we can confirm this is not the agenda of the glazers. If they think they can get away with no investment into the squad with moyes in charge then all these sponsorships they keep accumulating will unravel quickly, especially if united dip out of the top four. We have indecisive non chalant leeches in charge who are not pro-active but re-active. Putting all that aside, let’s hypothetically say moyes was given sufficient funds, he has to spend it on quality that fit the united mould. His first attempt at getting a player in was underwhelming from the start. If he gets another opportunity to fix it, moyes must get the right calibre of players who have the adequate attributes to push united further, we know that he has an objective to bring players through and that’s positive BUT the glazers won’t be handing him 20+ mill to squander on the likes of baines (barkley or mirallas are ok).. Moyes needs to adapt to the mentality required at the top level and he must do so fast, he needs to broaden his horizons and wander out of the limited zone he currently is in in terms of purchasing top quality players, united with glazers in charge cannot afford to waste money on far too many wrong players, your transfer activity along with results/winning things defines the tenure of a manager at the highest level. Fact of the matter though, not much moyes can do if he keeps getting handed bags of peanuts to sustain a so called dynasty.

  26. gra mar says:

    The only people happier than the fans when a home-grown player breaks into the first team and shows they have the talent are the Glazers but unfortunately for all the wrong the reasons.

  27. samuel - united WE stand says:

    gra mar – spot on. The question is, how long do the glazers think they can rely on players breaking through? No club at the highest level in the modern has the capability of sustaining production of world class to keep the club at the top, investment in top players is impetative in terms of balance.

  28. samuel - united WE stand says:

    The dilemma of keeping powell at wigan until the end of the season or sending him to a PL club mid season. He’s progressed very well at wigan, scoring goals and making an impact. United would want to fast-track his development by sending him into a tougher challenge. Question, what club will give him regular amount of game time whilst also playing the right way. If westbrom appoint Ole gunnar solksjaer then I would immediately send him there. Some people are still debating his position and I’m baffled. He can play in different position but his most likely breakthrough at united would be as a central midfielder. He has all the attributes but clubs keep taking advantage of his ability to score goals by playing him further forward. I think he will drop deeper, he will develop into an all round central midfielder at united.

  29. gra mar says:

    @samuel …. I read the first half of your post and thought West Brom if Ole signs for them.
    Hard to see him moving mid-season but if United wanted it I’m sure Alex would have a word in Ole’s ear.

  30. wayne barker says:

    Wages and transfers have gone up considerably under the Glazers and that’s just a fact but that wasn’t my point.For most of these billionaires the club becomes a toy managers,players become a revolving door at least with the Glazers let football people do their job because it isn’t a ego thing with them

  31. Sparkz says:

    As people have pointed out – it’s a long season and it’s about to get busy. We’ll need to utilise the squad and Chicha will get his games.

    I never believed any of the rumours about him leaving in January – Utd rarely sell players in January,it weakens your squad at a crucial time of the season. Thats why even the likes of Anderson and Young should stay until the end of the season.

    In all honesty, as Wayne said – it’s a choice between 20 odd games at a top club or more at a lesser club. I love Chicha but IMO even if he was at another big club i.e. Barca, Bayern etc – he would be used as a benchman/squad player. He’d get regular football at a lesser club but I’m hoping he’d prefer to stay at Utd.

  32. united till i die says:

    I’m happy he wants to stay and fight for his place in the team but I just don’t see him here long term. He’s a pure goal scorer but his game relays way too much on others creating chances for him. His hold up play is average at best with his back to goal and his first touch lets him down on too many occasions for my liking. As much as I love the lad I don’t see him being a starter at another big club so if he’s happy to continue with the current situation then I’m all for him staying. At the same time if someone demanded him in part exchange in a swap deal during the summer transfer window he could be replaced easily enough.

  33. greenman says:

    I think we need him. Like the previous successful squad needed Solksjaer, who he has already actually surpassed records-wise, trophy-wise? soon. He just needs to continue being a team player and he will end up a legend.

  34. KeanosMagicHat says:

    Chicharito, solskjaer, O’Shea, Brown; I could go on forever. It’s players like this that have always made United better than anyone else. Over the years, I’d have said City, Chelsea and Arsenal have had stronger first XI’s than us at some point, but our squad had that little extra, because we’re united.

    Fair enough, we got outplayed like nobody’s business in the nou camp in ’99, but can you imagine any other top European team winning on the night missing their two first choice midfielders and captain to boot? United are made of something more.

    It’s not about money, and it’s never just been the local lads who’ve understood what it means to play for United; any number of foreign greats who have created a legacy at Old Trafford and become heroes can tell you that!

  35. murssheed says:

    Player like Hernandez should play for Atletico Madrid, where their creative midfielders can feed him with chances and he finishes it. He does not deserve the treatment that United management are giving him right now


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