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Aguero: United Striker My Idol

Ahead of Manchester City’s League Cup semi-final against Liverpool, Sergio Aguero has revealed that Michael Owen was his hero when he was younger.

“One of the players who was my idol when I was a boy was Michael Owen,” he said. “He was quite small and had an eye for goal, just like me. When Liverpool were winning trophies, I was looking out for them because Owen was doing well. It’s ever since he scored for England against Argentina in ‘98, although I wasn’t too happy at the time. I cursed him pretty badly for scoring that, but getting that goal didn’t stop me from admiring him.”

Reports in today’s press suggest that Brighton are interested in signing Owen although this is highly unlikely. The former Liverpool striker has revealed several times that when United let him go, he will probably retire, as anywhere else would be a step too far down.

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  1. izzy says:

    owen… heheh first!

  2. TheLeftBank says:

    Owen has been great for United when fit. But in training his attitude is a bonus on the younger generation.

  3. You Gotta love this team says:

    I really don’t understand the Owen situation. No one at the club seems to update where he is regards fitness and a return date. Strange.

  4. Swissdevil says:

    really don’t understand how the hell agüero cud join the blu shite… wud have suited United very well i guess… *moneygrabber?!*

  5. Costas says:

    Just reading at the title, I thought he meant Dong.

  6. You Gotta love this team says:

    ….and it must be said…Aguero has really been good for his club and brings a certain class to the EPL. The klansman from across the way has also been good for his club but sadly has no class.

  7. Fred says:

    Title should read “Aguero: Liverpool Striker My Idol”

  8. JJ says:

    Aguero’s dream was always to join Liverpool. I guess it was because of his admiration of Owen.
    He begged them to come and get him when he was only seventheen, but they weren’t interested.

    Joining United will never happen, he just joined City didn’t he, so stop dreaming.

  9. FyUoCuK says:

    Off course it’s Owen – we all know where he learnt his skills!!!

  10. slim says:


    i second that

  11. WillieRedNut says:

    I don’t think Evra would encourage a move to Brighton for Owen? Not after Gus’s comments on the Suarez, Evra issue. Snub them Mikey!

  12. WillieRedNut says:

    Wrong thread^ :roll:

  13. King Eric says:

    Fuck of Mark Ogden you ill looking cunt. Balotelli is fuck all like Eric:

    Sick of hearing this shit. Cantona was a catalyst that lifted everyone around him. This cunt is a fucking idiot who has one good game in six when he can be arsed and has achieved fuck all.

  14. jay says:

    Agrees with Fred.

  15. YorYor says:

    King Eric, he’s looking more like Eric Cantona’s leg hair with every passing game. For a shitey player, I guess that’s quite a decent accomplishment.

  16. Denise Williams says:

    Willierenut I do not believe Owen would go to Brighton under Poyet as Owen has very strict views on racism. He was very scathing in his criticism of Real Madrid supporters after he heard them racially abusing a black opposition player a few years ago. Personally I think Owen is concentrating on his coaching badges at the moment he has his final assessment for his level three badge tonight. He is coaching the under 14s at the United academy. Incidentally his young son James is at the academy now too.

  17. Fred says:

    Hahaha Denise, how do you know so much about Michael Owen?

  18. Denise Williams says:

    Fred it has been on twitter from Owen himself. That is how I know. May I remind you Fred that Owen left Liverpool and their fans have a lot to answer for sending death threats, vile chants etc they even made threats against his family all of these facts were reported on at the time. I have no time for Liverpool or their fans and even less so after the Suarez fiasco.

  19. Paul Parker says:

    @ Denise – thanks for the info on Owen’s current status. I think he’s a class act tbh, very happy to have him around the squad (and the academy it seems).

    That inbred-looking cunt Poyet has no chance, the dozy twat.

  20. kungfoocantona1 says:

    1ST of all what is aguero on about sayin i liked watchin owen WHEN LIVERPOOL were winnings trophies. when was that????????and @KING ERIC ur bang on there mate balotilli isnt even close to cantona and shouldnt be mentioned in the same breath, cantona was a 1 of you and 1 that we will probobly never see again, everything he did had a purpose including the kung foo is a twat and a friggin baby who is constantly in the press for all the wrong reasons….and with comments about aguero being a money grabber and fuck him for choosing citeh, well we dont no that united were after him as to b fair he was a great player for a few years so united would of had there chance in getting him, i dont think hes a money grabber the way the likes of nasri or yaya toure are i just think he so an oppurtunity….

    it is frustrating to see citeh buying these players which will prob in time lead to them winning a championshhip and us sort of standing still if you like hearing all the excuses of the day as to why we didnt sign him or him. there is no doubt that we havent been the same united for the past 18 months and are football has been nowere near the united way but dont think fergie doeant no this, the 1 thing he doesnt do is a quick fix and rightly so, just cause the press say united are in for this and that player doesnt mean its true nor the fact that they say we missed out on such and such mean that we were even in for him in the 1st place.. wat fergie does is he gives players a chance, the likes of welbeck who i bet alot of united fans said wernt good enough, cleverly jones smalling evans and carrick along there to and chuck de gea in there aswell…what do citeh do if u have a bad season…c ye, how can u get consintency with that…..

    think the point im tryin to make here is so wat if we are below the united standard as some would suggest. we will always bounce back why!!!!! cause we always do….WE GOT FERGIE…..


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