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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. KingOfStretfordEnd says:

    Merry Xmas everybody! I’m in serious rotting mode without football.


    Bad Santa, ancient movie man! What 2003?Haha, bet yeh its good. Really, the end year movies in theatres this year are just bad. What happened to the usual nov/dec flurry of good movies! And no xmas movies.

  2. Dandivine7 says:


  3. Zibbie says:

    4 Man Utd games on TV in 9 days 2 of them in HD on ESPN2 nice.
    Merry Christmas everyone.

  4. Zibbie says:

    In the UK is boxing day the 26th and is that when you open gifts? Or did it get it’s name from drunken Irish brothers coming home for the holidays and fighting out back?

  5. Zibbie says:

    Costas says: I’d actually sacrifice the 12 points for Katy Perry. Great for you what about the rest of us??

  6. Costas says:


    It is ancient, but I actually watched it for the first time last week, lol. I usually go with the old movies when it comes to Christmas. Like Chevy Chase’s National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.


    I am sure there’s someone else out there that you can sacrifice 12 points for? :)

  7. says:


    Katy Perry? I would have thought you would have gone with Jennifer Aniston, having greek blood in her an all:)

  8. MyCowIsTheBest says:

    Well done Scott. Good move for you.

    Merry Christmas to Scott and all my fellow Reds.

  9. Zibbie says:

    Are there any you would offer up regulation for??? The kind of pussy that can start wars…..
    Maybe that a new rating for women. There are many women I would give up points for.

  10. Costas says:

    Aniston? I’d give sacrifice 24 points for her. :P


    Regulation? Lol, no I wouldn’t go that far. Don’t know really. I still haven’t met a woman in real life that would make me miss a United game to be with her. And if I am going to sacrifice any points for a hottie, it will be under the condition that we will still end up champions. ;)

  11. MG says:


    To Kebab or not to kebab? :)

    Along the way time can bring great agony and untold pain but time also has the capacity to heal.

    With this club we have known bad times but for all those moments of separation Manchester United continues to defy everyone.

    We do not linger upon our failure we cherish and celebrate many more happy times to come

    This is what sets us apart from everyone.

    This shirt is a symbol of defiance. If you are privileged to wear it then you know that it has the power to change and do good. We are defined by many things in life. None more so than being a part of this glorious club.

    Manchester United will never die.

  12. Dandivine7 says:

    @Costas , Merry Christmas AND GOD BLESS YOU

  13. Costas says:


    Tough to say friend. I’ve eaten my fair share of kebab in recent days. I think I might take a break until next May. ;) Inspiring words as always.


    Thanks a lot. Merry Chistmas to you too.

  14. fergie is the boss says:

    King Eric – I would not be totaly confident about the sunderland game. We have had the toughest games at OT when sunderland have come to town. between 2003 to present united have not won a game against sunderland no more than a goal.

    2002/03 united 2 1 sland

    2005/06 – united 0 0 sland

    2007/08 – united 1 0 sland

    2009/10 – united 2 2 sland

  15. RedScot says:

    Sunderland have not recorded a Victory at Old trafford since May 1968 a two/one win.
    United have have not lost any of their last 17 premier league matches against Sunderland.
    Sunderland have scored only 3 goals in the last eight premier league matches against United.
    Bring it you Reds.

    You know Santa hates your kids when:

    Kids letter to North Pole comes back, “Dream ON”
    Kid asks for bike, gets a pack of Smokes.

    Christmas day, you Kid wakes up with a nice reindeer head in his bed.

    Four words: “Off my lap, Tubby”

    Merry Xmas and season greetings to all the Lads and Lasses on Rom.God bless take care.
    Mwahhh ****

  16. willierednut says:

    I love ya all, Ive come to spread peace! Struggling with stocking fillers? I’ve got a spare severed foot. Met a girl in a bar, and she said her name was billie Jean, but it didn’t quite fit this scene. Makaveli will be reborn, over and out. the moral of this story, never mix and match.

  17. Costas says:

    Merry Christmas to you too willie, lol.


    Ha! Already mentioned that today. :D I forgot about the 2-1 win in 2003(with something like 30 efforts on goal!). We also beat them 1-0 in 08-09 with Vida’s goal. So it’s the last 5 games that Sunderland have given us a tough game at OT.

  18. fergie is the boss says:

    Costas – oh yea I forget I keep thinking they are relegated every year since we played them ever 2 years LOL. so it shows united are in for a tough game and add the smaller teams are taken pts off the big boys – I would not rule out a draw, especially how our strikers are so inconsistant. I could put on 50 pounds rooney will not score boxing day

  19. fergie is the boss says:

    and merry christmas to all I aint gonna be online tommorow, will be on my PS3 and having a laugh with the family

  20. MG says:

    To you all – each and everyone one of you – to this red family and those beyond us who are less fortunate than we are.

    Merry Christmas

    To Costas – my dear Costas

    For a date with destiny like we said what seems long ago in those heady days of August.

    What we have is grace and within this club we have a destiny that is enshrined within it’s history.

    For United

    For the 19th.

  21. willierednut says:

    Manchester United, for every manc and non manc a religion. F E A R

  22. Dave Malaysia says:

    @Zelh : hello mate, I think Adler is a problem, he has some complication with having a rib removed or something like that. He may not be able to play without some time off sometimes and what happens if some big striker barges into him? Worrisome.

    @Red Simmo: hello dude, I understand your worry about this cud be a banana skin considering how close its becoming against them. But I feel that our team is slowly coming in to the form thats going to make us incredibly happy,we are having our luck this season after a disaster last season.
    Even the postponed game in london seems to have been lucky for us considering our key players were down with flu and Vidic and Ando wud not have have played.

    @Manchuchu: lol ,funny one mate. Maybe u shud email al-qaeda, they might find thier way to his balls!

    Merry christmas!

  23. RedScot says:

    @ Willie pit that in yer Stocking ye Auld cunt! lmao Fear that its the Lassies fae the pub, and yer Burd finds oot about.
    Merry Christmas buddie. Fae Scotland. ***

  24. UNITED4life says:

    Merry christmas all.

    Washington DC media outlets are running ads the United play Barca at Fedex Field on July 30. i am so exited that i will watch my team from the stands for the first time..that is my life time dream.

  25. RedScot says:

    we iz haveing a Perty and bye the looks ohh it keys in the froot bowl!. like i haaah a fucking froot boool in ma hoose!
    At this fookin rate am goona be runked oooo jaked water.
    Be be cocks and hens.
    Am awa to pit on a bit ohh James, that il pit the fear of fuck in them auld Cunts.

  26. RedScot says:

    More growth from commercial activities, will it never end. £7 million last tour!

  27. Costas says:

    Merry Christmas lads. All the best.

  28. Ash says:

    Happy Christmas to whole of ROM family.God bless you all.

  29. asite says:

    wishing all mancunia fan happy xmas and a prosperous new year in advance.
    @costa n red skimo
    you will bftray man utd for katy n beyonce well i wont blame you considerin d fact that all d great men of d world fell for women
    adam, david, samson, solomon, john terry, a cole, wayne ro…y even angels.
    Once again costa n red skimo happy xmas- u guys are great. 080

  30. bchilds says:

    A very Merry Christmas to all RoM users. Let’s hope for an even better Boxing Day!

  31. Costas says:


    Haha, how did you go from Samson to Ashley and Rooney? Anyway, merry Christmas to you too. :)

  32. asite says:

    thanks man. I hope 2morrow wont be boring and dull lyk today. Man utd for ever.

  33. Shiphrahsellah says:



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