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“Although they announce sell-outs there are always empty seats.”

Manchester City have been accused of betraying their staff after plans to withdraw two free season tickets from salary packages came to light. Workers at the Etihad have traditionally been given the tickets as a token of appreciation for their efforts on top of their salaries but from next season they will have to pay 50% of a regular season ticket price.

Someone who works for City told the Evening News: “It has created a lot of unrest and I know a lot of people who have worked there years who are now contemplating leaving because of it. We always got two free season tickets which we all classed as part of our salaries. But now we have been told that we can still have two tickets but we will have to pay 50 per cent of the standard price for them. It’s disgraceful and no way to treat staff. It’s a betrayal. They are spending millions on creating a new team in New York while effectively taking money out of the back pockets of their own staff in Manchester. And we are all wondering which level of staff this system starts at. I doubt Patrick Vieira is having to pay for tickets. It just smacks of bad management. The amount of money they will save from it would not be enough to pay Yaya Toure’s wages for two days. And although they announce sell-outs there are always empty seats.”

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. MyCowIsTheBest says:

    Lol. Always classless.

    For them, it’s “Form is temporary, No class is permanent”

  2. Keane16 says:

    The city is yours,
    the city is yours….
    20000 empty seats,
    are you fucking sure!?

  3. bob hoskins says:

    “Although they announce sell-outs there are always empty seats.” – from what I hear from my united mates – the same thing has been happening at your gaff all season!

  4. Unitedforeva says:

    Classless City. Time for their fans to turn their backs—oh they’ve done that with their poznan celebration. I bet Vieira has a lot to do with it. Has he not been sacked?

  5. DiegoForlanDK says:

    Ultimately, this just goes to show how much those who run the club value working for it themselves, don’t it?

  6. Stretfordend ryda says:

    A friend of mine works in united a megastore he also has to pay for tickets!! It’s not just city

  7. Jack says:

    Sure are obsessed with little City aren’t we. #Pathetic

  8. red kev says:

    it is really annoying to see seats that have been paid for but nobody sat there.Its been the same at Old Trafford for the last few years.The only games that were full this year was City and the last two.It doesn’t look good at all.But what can you do ? You can’t force people to turn up if they don’t want to or can’t.
    There’s still people who have season tickets but won’t come because of Glazers but I think most of them sell their tickets on.I don’t get that either.If they don’t like Glazers why give them money and then not turn up ?

  9. DiegoForlanDK says:

    @Stretfordend ryda

    Doesn’t change my view of it since I’m under no illusion that our money grabbing owners should be any different.

    should a club be expected to hand out free tickets to every employee? Maybe not right away, but judging from the article it sounds like this is about workers who have been at the club for some time, not just someone who took a job a week ago. At the least, I think such an arrangement should be loyalty based. E.g., if you’ve been working at the club for say, 3 or more years, you should be handed free tickets to the games. Simply because you are regarded as being wholly part of the club. Cynics would say; yeah, but they already get salary? Sure they do, but only because thats how our labor market works. So lets not kid ourselves here that salary is some kind of sentimental token of appreciation. To me, handing out free tickets to loyal employees is a way of actually showing that their effort is appreciated by the club on a more personal level.

  10. DiegoForlanDK says:

    And that goes for every club

  11. UnitedRoad70 says:

    Totally bored of this “seat counting” we do and constantly bleat on about City, WE are the champions, that is enough for me, what does it matter what they do? Too many reds now focus on them and at times its embarrassing, dont give them the satisfaction.

  12. Canyounotread says:

    City are the only team to offer their staff free or now reduced season tickets, every other club staff either have to pay full price or in the case of some clubs cannot have any tickets even if they pay as the club has already filled the allocation.

    There are empty seats at the Etihad I would estimate that every game their are around 3-5,000 empty seats. The report earlier in the year about reported figures and actual figures seemed to show this too. I think that it also showed that Utd had empty seats at Old trafford even when they said they had also sold out.

    So what we both have a percentage of fans who cannot make 100% of the games. Who doesn’t

  13. themufc1999 says:

    Who gives a fuck?

  14. Harty67 says:

    Speaking of the bitters, how long will it take Pelligrini to inform us that “Manchester is blue and this is the club of REAL Mancunians”. ? He’s another one of the many who had never even heard of City until the oil money started to roll in, and another who will be spinning the party line within hours of joining.

  15. wayne says:

    If its never been a policy at Utd then anyone getting hired wouldn’t be expecting it.At City as the person pointed out its always been in place and considered part of the pay structure.It seems some are missing the bigger point City don’t care about budgets or overspending to get a player so the amount saved on a few tickets for the staff is minuscule and insulting, just shows the mentality of the mega rich
    Don’t see any reason to bring Utd into this or the Glazers unless of course your not Utd fans and are just trying to deflect how pathetic City are

  16. wayne says:

    I don’t have official stats but I highly doubt Utd only sold out 3 games,that seems like a troll statement to me most of that comment has troll written all over it,I’m guessing red kev is blue kev

  17. Redlert20599 says:

    Basically the staff at the Etihad have been handed a ‘massive’ pay cut. The season tickets were part of their wage. Typical of the sh1te workers have to put up with lately. And just a couple of weeks after Yaya Toure was handed a £250k+ per week 5 year deal.

  18. Dela says:

    “They are spending millions on creating a new team in New York while effectively taking money out of the back pockets of their own staff in Manchester.”

    Ummm… they paid MILLIONS out of their own pockets (HAHAHA, who am I kidding? out of Abu Dhabi’s pockets) to buy you two trophies and bring the mercenaries of the land to your club.

    The reason they are reaching out to the MLS is they need more revenue and they seem to think they can get it through America, which I’m sure they can. Look deep enough and I’ll bet you you will find loophole after loophole allowing them to subsidize the new “club” in the U.S., and then share that “revenue” with their club in the UK, which cannot fill its own stadium. There are already family ties to the main City sponsors who are pushing millions into the club, an absolute joke and a giant middle finger to financial fair play.

    Whatever is said about United, it pays its fucking way. We don’t have a sugar daddy, we don’t need one. We are not on welfare, in other words, we spend what we earn. The debt on the club has absolutely nothing to do with its financial practices season by season, it’s all down to the takeover, we don’t amass debt and we don’t overextend ourselves. When City fans talk shit about how much United have spent in the past, they have selective amnesia about that point, and also the periods of time over which Sir Alex spent money he was allocated by the club. City spent colossal money within a 3 year period, and pays out colossal wages to several players because its the ONLY way to keep them at the club.

  19. a says:

    meh… Rom has become too big and too boring

  20. guidedbyunited says:

    Your stadium’s sold out, but you’ve got empty seats!
    Your stadium’s sold out, but you’ve got empty seats!
    Your stadium’s sold out, but you’ve got empty seats!
    Oh, City are a massive club!

  21. Fergie's gum says:

    Is Scott obsessed with city?i think yes.bro,if u dont have any Man United story to share,dont talk about city

  22. adiboy says:

    City are pathetic!!


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