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Anderson: Bébé Ate All My Food!

Anderson has revealed that he has helped our summer signing Bébé adjust to life in England, just as fellow Portuguese speaker Cristiano Ronaldo helped him when he joined the club.

“He stayed with me for two months,” Anderson said. “I can tell you, he eats a lot. He ate all my food! He was a good guest, though. He’s a nice guy and funny. When I came to England, Cristiano Ronaldo helped me adjust, so I wanted to do the same with Bebe.”

Anderson recently signed a contract extension with the club and is hoping to replicate the success he enjoyed at the beginning of his career with United.

“I was very happy because this club is the best place to be for a young player,” he continued. “I’ve won the Champions League, I’ve won the Premier League, but I want to win them again.”

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  1. King Eric says:

    Pritch. I have NEVER seen you post anything positive. Are you a city fan or wind up merchant?

  2. King Eric says:

    Pritch. Apologies. I thought you meant ando. I assume ya meant bebe. Give him time man.

  3. LORD GAGA says:

    I am sure it is Tufty in disguise – I am” read carefully what I “- in disguise so if that is you Tufty then guess what ? – I AM STILL BUMMING YOUR MUM hahahaha !!

    Good old Monday night Cyber cock fight I have walked into it seems.

    …. and then someone takes it to the eventual endgame and realises it is probably a Citeh cock windung up the League leaders superfans.

  4. smartalex says:

    Does Gareth’s tie indicate that he takes it in the south gate?

  5. Gotta hate tiny tears says:

    Its Not Tufty At All, Give Tufty A Bit Of Credit- The Same CAme One And Gave His Normally Wind Up Backward Opinion Against What The Post Was And Got On Everyones Tits

    He Did Just Berate Scott And Others With LowBrow Bottom Of The Barrel Insults Like A 12 Year Old No Nothing

  6. willierednut says:

    Tufty doesn’t exist. He was a figment of our imagination.

  7. Devil310 says:

    Does food stand for prostitute?

  8. smartalex says:

    Do you eat here often?

  9. RedScot says:

    I cant resist! @ 22.09 lmao, Pmsl” Read carefully what I wrote” classic post there after.Laughing.
    I need to introduce you to a Goat in a United Shirt, that would be hysterical
    I have said all along there are some very precious and prissy posters on ROM, defending what is not important.
    Keep em coming mate.Lord Gaga.

  10. Park Life says:

    RCWIS Welcome back!

  11. RedScot says:


  12. hammons says:

    well maybe he can teach you how to drive a car ….

  13. StrettyNews says:

    Maybe that’s why Anderson lost a bit of weight!


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