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Anderson Gives Neville RSPCA Scare

In training this week, the players were taking part in football tennis for the spectators. Gary Neville played alongside Ryan Giggs, Rio Ferdinand and Wes Brown whilst Anderson had a cheeky look on his face.

The Brazilian crossed courts with his hands cupped, the other two small pitches of football tennis stopping to watch. Anderson crept up behind captain Gary Neville and opened his hands down the back of Neville’s shirt.

Nev proceeded to swear like a sailor and rip his shirt off, whilst the manager looked on in fits of laughter. “You’ll be fined!” he shouted to Anderson, still laughing his arse off.

It appears as though Anderson came across a field mouse on the Carrington training ground, and decided the best place for it was down the back of Neville’s shirt. Neville kicked at the mouse once it fell to the ground, seemingly unaware of what it was.

Needless to say, our captain wasn’t very happy about it!

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  1. hunts says:

    i dont think any other team in the league is as close as our lads seem to be. 19 year old foreigner and the club captain. brilliant.

  2. jhunt says:

    fucking great!!! gotta love the camraderie in the taeam. we’ve got a boy who probably speaks twenty words of english and the born and bred manchester lad gaz gettin along like mates.

    top that you scousers
    top that you rent boys
    wish you had that you librarians
    fuck all you fools!!!!

  3. Eddie from S A says:

    just a prank but not to clever field mice carry infection and if it had bitten Gary he could have picked up an infection

  4. Sam says:

    thank you mr serious

  5. RedDevil says:

    Anderson is hilarious! Drug-dealer friends, acting nice to hookers, having time to talk to a kid before a match, reminding Chelski that we won the double last year, nutmeggin Fabregas and now this! He is brilliant! My fave player, no doubt.

  6. Failsworth Devil says:

    Well he likes a Samba Beat at night..

    He likes the Brass

    And she shits on Fabregas..

    What more can ya ask for … he likes taking the “MICKEY mouse”.. :0)

    Class Act… gonna be a true star with us.

  7. CJ says:

    haha, niceone. The spirit in our squad is awsome. We should win today!!

  8. firestarter says:

    Hahahahaha i have always loved the little punk.

    Cannot forget that samba dance in front of the fans in Moscow.

  9. Red-Manc says:


    Gazza got punk’d

  10. DuudeLove says:

    I can just imagine him doing that as well.

    I can picture Anderson running through a field back flipping with Nani and he spots a mouse with his great vision. So he uses his burst of acceleration and turn of pace to pounce on the poor critter with deadly accuracy.

    So this is the state of the art training methods and facilities we here about all the time at Carrington?

    I guess so, and it’s paying off with Gerrard and Fabregas capitulating against Anderson like the filthy rodents they are!

  11. FERGIES ARMY says:


    What a way to kill the story LOL


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