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PICTURES: Ronaldo’s Disgust – Anderson lad, sort it out!

When Anderson returned from the Olympics for our pre-season match against Portsmouth, he had the piss well and truly ripped out of him for his hair.

It seems as though Anderson is looking for the same treatment, turning up at United’s training ground today with a hairstyle fashioned on that of Sideshow Bob.

Ronaldo later laughed it off…

Manucho loved him regardless…

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  1. Vidic will get ya15 says:

    they both look happy lets hope they both are and stay for large parts of their careers :)

  2. james f says:

    Maybe this will help him score the 15 goals he deserves!

  3. TonyBee says:

    Looks like Upsy Daisy from In the Night Garden….. So that’s what happens when you unravel the ratstails..!!

  4. gotta hate tiny tears says:

    my daughter calls upsy daisy anderson

  5. King Eric says:

    thought Anderson played well tonight. passing, work rate and breaking up of play were excellent. A real gem that we need to keep hold of at United and nuture.

  6. firestarter says:

    He is looking cute IMO.

    Trim it a bit and get rid of the braids.;-)

  7. Ulrik Fredrik says:

    Anderson looks like Sideshow Bob from the Simpsons! LOL.

  8. gingerprince says:

    “die bart die”…………nobody who speaks german can be a killer…!!!!

  9. Cherry says:

    The boy is cool. he is nicnamed T-pain here in Sierra Leone.

  10. unitedgirl15 says:

    Oh my God!
    Noo Anderson nooo!!
    Your braids are much better!


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