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Anderson: Team Mates Sing My Song

“Annnnnderson, Annnnnnderson,” was the first chant new boy Anderson had within Old Trafford (to the “Murderers” tune) but it wasn’t long before his popular (yet still not entirely defined) new chant to “Aga do” was created.

In an interview with United Review, Anderson has confessed that he loves hearing his song and that his team mates singing it to him in the changing room.

How would you sum up your first season at Old Trafford?
I feel I’ve improved my performances both in matches and in training. At first, it took me time to get used to the way things work at United, but from then on I’ve just tried to improve step-by-step and give my best for the team. I’m very happy with everything about my life at Old Trafford.

Which do you feel has been your best performance so far?
If I had to pick one I’d say the 4-0 win over Wigan [in October]. It was only my fifth appearance for the club and I came on after [Nemanja] Vidic got injured. It was a great win for the team and I felt I was the best player on the pitch that day [laughs]!

You’re a big favourite with the fans already, does that mean a lot to you?
I love it – we all sing each other’s songs in the dressing room when we’re joking around. I find it difficult to describe how it feels to hear the fans sing my name – it’s amazing. It gives me extra strength on the pitch and makes me want to do my best to repay the fans for the fantastic support they have shown me since I joined. They’ve all made me feel very welcome.

The words of the song describe you as a midfield magician and we’ve seen you play in a number of midfield positions – where do you feel your best position is?
I don’t have a preference, to be honest. I just want to play in as many games as possible. Even if I have to play in goal, I’ll do it! I’ve enjoyed every match I’ve been involved in this season and the different positions I’ve taken up. In the long term, I’m sure the manager will play me wherever he feels I will be most effective.

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  1. Eddie says:

    He is the best! (After Ronaldo of cource):-D

  2. Ivor says:

    Ooooh I love ‘im to bloodybits. Now all he needs is some shooting practice!!!! Carrick, Veloso and Anderson: It’s going to be like a dream next season!

  3. Keith says:

    What I love most about Anderson and his potential is that he can play both as a ball-winning defensive midfielder, as a central attacking midfielder, or as an off striker (although his shooting is not yet where it needs to be). His versatility is his where is value is, and while I still think genius is in his future, he has proven himself a very worthy top XI selection while playing a utility role for the squad, a rare feat with young players.

  4. mutabuza chrispus says:

    all he needs is goals an we have a young paul scholes again.

  5. Mico says:

    Mutabuza, you are spot on mate! Infact Anderson is looking to explode creatively. He just needs a little more time with his teammates so they are all on the same wave length because some of his passes are way too clever for one or two of the others. Once they all get to know his way of playing he is going to be everything I hoped Carrick would prove to be. Carrick is brilliant from just in front of the back four. His passing is so direct and penatrating from that position but he looses so much when he moves further up the pitch. He then starts passing sideways and backwards. Anderson has the ability to flow with the game and adapt to his position.


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