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Anderson – What a bloody nice bloke

Poor ol Kleberson. As if his stint at United wasn’t embarrassing enough, without Old Trafford’s favourite new chant having to bring back all the memories. Anderson, unlike his fellow Brazilian, is a top quality player and certainly is better than Kleberson.

“I have come from one big club to another so I am very happy,” Kleberson said in all seriousness after making the move from Manchester United to Turkish side Besiktas. He has now returned to Brazil and won a couple of trophies. Anderson won a couple of trophies last season too, but the Premiership title and European Cup are slightly more prestigious than the Brazilian cup competitions Kleberson got his hands on!

Anderson is loved by United fans worldwide but that love has not gone unnoticed, as is shown by this touching story involving our midfielder.

Nishok is a massive fan of Anderson and whilst his friends went off to the pictures to watch a film, he decided to watch the Brazilian Olympic team’s training session at the National Stadium. It was chucking it down with rain but this didn’t deter him.

As the team were winding down, Nishok burst in to song, shouting out the Anderson-son-son chant. Anderson responded with a wave, before chucking up his football boots, which he later signed. The lad burst in to tears, overcome by his hero making such a kind gesture.

Later, Anderson signalled to the press for Nishok to join him on the pitch, where Dunga took a picture of them. Our player chatted with the lad for five minutes before the media pounced on him, asking Nishok about what happened.

“I just felt that he should know that I’m his fan, so I started to sing,” he said. “And the crowd was getting quiet, and I wanted to make it livelier. His gesture was something I least expected. I thought he was just going to come over and say ‘hi’. His first words to me were, ‘How are you, my friend?’. Then, he asked me to sing him the song again, so that he could hear the lyrics clearly. I will remember this for the rest of my life.”

Anderson, what a bloody nice bloke!

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  1. Kris says:

    I was there! And he played decent too!

  2. jsos says:

    wow! :D

  3. Tone says:

    If you’re an Anderson fan, this really shouldn’t syrprise you too much. It’s this sort of behaviour (he always tries to get the crowd going at OT) that made me warm to him in the first place. This kid is really growing on me, and I can think of a player or two who could use some hinters from him. After all, they’re being upstaged by a child!

  4. aaron says:

    This story made the main page of the singaporean tabloids. everyone in singapore now knows the lyrics to the anderrrrr-son-son-son song. altho they did publish the lyrics, they got the line ‘he is class with the brass” wrong…

  5. aaron says:

    sorry but i forgot to mention, hes in singapore now with the brazilian olympic squad. but you’ve already guessed that…..

  6. David Q says:

    What a nice chap!

  7. dave killer says:

    my favourtite player at united last season: class act! great story lad, you’ve done well there

  8. sgreddevils says:

    i saw the kid on match day he was holding up this huge sign saying ‘THANK YOU ANDERSON’..RESPECT!

  9. Oooodz says:

    I think out of all of our players last year he fully deserved a goal which just didn’t come for him!

  10. jim says:


    part 2

  11. Niklas says:

    he did get a goal against chelsea in the CL-final.. from the penalty spot.. :)

  12. Oooodz says:

    He did yeah your right.

    It’d just be good for him to score in open play.

    I think the closest he got was against a team (can’t remember who it was against) where he flicked the ball around someone as if they were there, used a bit of skill to beat another player, then fire a shot across goal which missed the inside of the opposite post by inches!!!

    Pure class.

  13. Simmo says:

    Anderson puts my bin out every Thursday!!

    What a top bloke!!

  14. badR says:

    ^^^^^ lol
    he’ll become manU’s next legend.. me favourite player already!!

  15. McCready says:

    The guy is becoming the next united legend no doubt.

    I’d also like say that I put this into the man utd topic at fm-britain. (just incase someone see’s and thought I stole it or something stupid)

  16. moiq says:

    I also want sing to Anderson every moment ;-) next MU legend

  17. Matthew says:

    He is in my fantasy league team.
    By the way who is Nishok?

  18. Eddie says:

    Anderson is an Englishman in a Brazilian body. He was a United fan when he arrived in 2007, he said so, and now he has made United his fans. He is really cool, always seem to smile and be happy. He is young and when you think about how good he is now at the age of 20, it must be frightening to think about how he will become in 4 years time. I hope he always stays with United cause he is an amazing footballer and an amazing person. If Ronaldo was like him, we would have had the best man in the world- Football and personality wise. Unlucky know we only have the footballing one.

  19. Kings says:

    Top quality player, and a United fan which makes me love the guy even more. He will be a world class player in a few years. Certainly knows how to cope with the so called big players, just ask Fabregas and Gerrard.

  20. tony starks says:

    come on people… just give him a few more years of Ronaldo’s company and see his personality change…

  21. UnitedRay says:

    Nishok is a kid from singapore. Went to see the brazilians train when they came to town. He sang anderson song and caught his attention. Made our headlines here. And i was there on match day. He passes well but did not shoot very well. Maybe that explains his lack of goals

  22. Jimi says:

    Our new Ole Gunnar Solskjaer!
    Class act

  23. Bob Koh says:

    I’m in SIngapore & I’m…not an alcoholic!
    I’m a ManU fan since I was 12! I love Anderson and everytime I player FIFA08 on my PS3, he’s the first sub to come on.
    Anderson, son, son!
    …he shits on Fabregas!

  24. jatt boy says:

    lolol bob, if u love anderson so much, why dont u start with him?

  25. Ubibi Gowin Jr says:

    This story is intresting,it shows you how friendly and humble he is,I hope he keep on been humble unlike our arrogant ronaldo,I am the biggest fan of Anderson and I know it can only get better for him.As for the “he is class with the brass” thing,I thing we should get that part of,how may of you know what brass mean?

  26. Whiteside10 says:

    … top fella, and a great player too. Arrived as a long-term replacement for Scholes but showed last season how defensively good he was partnering Carrick/Harg in our 4-2-3-1 formation… Looking forward to seeing him score more (or should I say some) goals this season… BTW, nice redesign…

  27. woolie50 says:

    When he gets back from the Olympics i hope he can get a early goal and we see more of the anderson from porto wen hes getting forward more but its nice to see a Brazilian who works hard and sticks to the teams tactics

    hope anderson and nani develop like they did last year again this year they both should be up for young player of the season couldn’t believe anderson wasn’t up for it last season


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