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Ando Helps Explain Berbatov’s Unpopularity

Anderson has revealed that he still feels some discomfort with his knee following his long term injury but that his fitness is much improved.

Our midfielder acknowledges that good fitness is a priority in the Premiership but that it shouldn’t be the be all and end all.

“Of course it’s a priority, but I think it’s more important to make the ball do the work,” he said. “You don’t need to run all over the pitch – it’s much better to pass the ball well from one point to another. It can move faster than you can, so you should keep football simple and pass the ball as much as possible. In England, sometimes people think you aren’t very good if you don’t run around a lot. But I think that’s one of the reasons why England don’t do very well at the World Cup finals – they run about too much!”

This might explain why Berbatov, who is currently the Premier League’s top scorer with 17 goals in 19 games, still doesn’t get the recognition from the fans that Carlos Tevez did after scoring 5 goals in 31 goals during his last season.

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. Gotta hate tiny tears says:

    I Dont Like Tevez And Didnt For The Last 7 Months He Was A United PLayer, But So Far His Shit 5 Goals For A Season Is Working Out Super Compaired To Rooney, :)
    Hes Scores From The Left
    He Scores From The Right
    That Boy Dimi
    Makes England Look Shite

  2. Dec the red says:

    Scott i love berba but these posts are getting a bit old now lol

  3. Giles Oakley says:

    A bit worrying to hear Ando’s got a niggle in his knee still. We’re going to need him, whether running about or passing the ball, either will do. No wonder he wants to stay for most of his career – he’ll need the time to get his leg sorted the way thinggs go with United players. How’s Hargo, anyone?

  4. Gotta hate tiny tears says:

    Hello Sir ,I hope you are well

    Ando seems to know his knees full health which means so does Manchester United thus the reason he get played alot more than other seasons but yet sparingly after a grewling game

  5. Kings says:

    Running around like a headless chicken increases a players popularity, that’s why I love Robbie Savage!

  6. ahjs says:

    I’m excited to see Berbatov take his form against average sides and unleash hell against a top four team and those in the Champions League. He’s reversed positions with Rooney this season and the emphasis is on him for goals. He’s been at the club 2.5 years and is now trusted to score the goals against the better teams. Let’s hope he can!

  7. grimlockx says:

    unfortunately this silly perception will always exist because of the kind of culture that permeates english football.

    people go on about berba’s “inconsistency” while saying that tevez is much more consistent.

    that’s a load of bull as someone tweeted out a really damning statistic.

    number of games berba has NOT scored in: 14 out of 22

    number of games judas has NOT scored in: 15 out of 24

    perhaps it would be fairer to look at the exact number of games played by either striker, but the raw stat pretty much speaks for itself.

    berba is having a blinder this season, so berba bashers, push off.

  8. Mes says:

    Agree with Giles here. Loving Ando at the minute, knee trouble is a worry.

  9. Mic says:

    Tevez had a bench season in his last season played second fiddle, given a first team spot for city and he looks a world beater and is the sole reason they’re in the top 4 I think a lot of us, if we’re being honest, would take Tevez over Berba had he not left and said the things he said since then as a lot of us are bitter about it, like Scott.

  10. Gotta hate tiny tears says:


    Added up somewhere else in a different time ,In his last season Tevez Was On The Pitch For 67 Minutes longer than Berbatov , I always remembered that stat cause its great to have at times

  11. smartalex says:

    No Mic, Berba over tevez at any time ever.

  12. mahadev says:

    i love ando ! hes probably our only midfielder who can carry the ball forward himself and drive on through the middle ! carrick/fletch/gibson/scholesy all have their own worth but we really missed having someone who runs at defenders through the middle like most top teams seem to have (gerrard, lampard, fabregas). im glad hes back !

  13. King Eric says:

    gotta hate – Hello pal, hows it going? Was only asking where you were 24 hours ago. Good to hear from ya James.

    Andersons fitness is getting better by the game. He put in a shift for 90 minutes on Sat, a bloody good shift at that.

  14. King Eric says:

    No Mic mate. I honestly would take Berbatov all day long and have said it since his arrival. The man is a fucking genious, a pleasure to spend 800 sheets a season plus a few aways to watch. Worth the entrance fee alone this season.

  15. willierednut says:

    King Eric – Not only that, but if he keeps this form up and United win the league, he’ll be a shoe in for player of the year.

  16. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Reuters is reporting that Berbatovs childhood club Pirin are in financial turmoil and could be dropped from the league. Nice quotes from Mitka’s dad and a bit of history.

    They only need 250K, Berba should pass the hat. Ando and Wayne can just drop in the keys to their cars.

  17. Mes says:

    Mic, you serious? The cool as fuck Berbose one over that little troll? If he was guaranteed to bang away 50 a season I’d still hate to see him here. He’s vermin and we are better off without him. On the other hand Berba treats us to outstanding football week in week out and is head to toe class with everything he does, even down to his punk style suit.

  18. willierednut says:

    FletchTHEMAN – Yeah, because life’s just like that lol.

  19. Gotta hate tiny tears says:

    Id take Berbatov Over Almost ever striker in world football at the moment , Defo in england- Did you see Giggs goal the weekend, The Work He Puts In The The Skill The Vision The Unselfishness, And Now The Goals – He Is As Close To La King I Think We’ve Seen Since 97 In Football And Sir Alex Is Saying Chicharito Is The Closest e’s Seen To The King Of The Stretford End Is Fantastic For United Fans

    King Eirc

    Im Great Mate , Im Always Here Just Maybe Not Down On he Comment ection Which Over Time Has Tuned Fom Meaningless Hating Of United To Meaningless Hate Towards Sctt At Some Points, Amazing- The Glory HUnters Drive Me Fuckin Nuts

  20. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Willierednut, Good point mate, should have included a couple of LOLs after my suggestion. Just thought passing the hat was more likely than seeing a blood bank set up outside Carrington. ;)

    But seriously, “do it for the little ones mate!! Maybe Ando will send some pies?

  21. Costas says:

    Lol, taht explains it.


  22. khantona says:

    Latest news on Hargo was a couple of days ago when he started light training. Apparently he should be fit in 2 weeks. Saw this here:
    Does anyone have more recent news?

  23. King Eric says:

    Gotta. Hey up fella. I know. It does my fucking swede in as well mate. We all know who they are.

  24. willierednut says:

    FletchTHEMAN – Maybe Berbatov will help with that particular problem. Emile Heskey helped Leicester out, when they had money problems.

  25. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Willierednut, That would be nice mate. Seems that he should do. Didn’t know about Heskey.

  26. StScholesOfSalford says:

    Am loving Berbas form this season, its great to know that either he has figured out how the team plays and where/ when they attack and where the ball will be or vice versa and the rest of the team have now figured out how Berba plays and how best to get the most out of him.

    Going off topic…..Matt Lucas (of little Britain Fame) is a massive Arsenal fan and if any one else here watches ‘Come Fly With Me’, have they noticed how the thieving Pikey scum baggage handlers are called John and Terry?

  27. Devil310 says:

    Sell Berba. Buy chicharito….

    Wait we have both!

  28. Chambo says:

    I think Berba is popular with the fans, I just think he needs a better song!

    Don’t get me a wrong, a song that sticks it to a MASSIVE club like city is great, but he needs one that flows like Rooney’s White Pele song, or Browny’s Hardest Man in all the town song. You know, one that will get every one bouncing around a bit.

    But then again that’s just me, and like hell I can write a song for him so maybe I’ll just get my coat….

  29. KING ERIC BG says:

    youre right about that song, Chambo, I agree…
    And something more: there is a problem (for me) with the intensity of this never ending Berba-controversy. Some over exposed arguments in his defence actually provoke animosity towards him.

    We know the haters will shut up now, when circumstances are in Berbatov’s favour, so maybe its time to start judging him objectively. And If somebody wanna do this, he’ll find out the obvious: Berbatov is playing relatively successfull EVERSINCE he arrived from Tottenham. Its just the current year when his efforts start to look complete, but the attitude has always been there, its not a fair interpretation that he’s booming or something. It certainly looks that way, but thats mainly circumstancial – Rooney is out of form and Berba is in-form, the midfielders are playing better with him, some luck factor, etc… And if, lets say, Rooney regains form in the near future, we may see again a change in the headlines’ grabber, but I won’t care, its the result that is important… For me, and suerly for SAF!

    Berbatov became the face of SAF’s clever spending approach and thats why the attacks were so fierce. Everybody wanted to see him failed, so they can turn to Sir Alex and rant: ‘see, you should have spent more, you should have signed tevez, you should have done this or that…’

    Well, sorry guys, SAF turned out to be right again :) ))

  30. Manchuchu says:

    I remained unconvinced about Berba’s ability to turn high energy, clutch games in our favour.

    He’s good. But unless one is Zidane operating on a completely different time signature to everyone else, I don’t see Berba being the solution against the Bayerns and Inters of the world.

  31. KING ERIC BG says:

    thats exactly my point, mate… what you see or not see is not important, its the team effort and the team RESULT that matters!

  32. seasonticketholder says:

    God, STR get off Berbatovs dick.. we all love him, just clearly not as much as you!!!

  33. musca says:

    @ seasonticketholder

    but i love how STR express his hatred for tevez though :)

  34. King Eric says:

    seasonticketholder – Its Scotts blog pal, he writes what he likes. If you dont like it …….

    Anyway Scott is bang on after the fucking shite this bloke has had to endure from “fans”. Time Berbatov DID get some praise. Keep the Berbaloving posts coming Scott!!

  35. Abhishek says:

    n scott’s eternal love story wid Berba continues..LOL…long may it ..even after he retires/leaves the club..

  36. Trevor says:

    The problem i had with Berbatov was previous to this season he had not been scoring the games, he had not been getting assists, he had not been getting MOM performances!

    He lacked confidence! He now has confidence and we are seeing what he really can do!

    If i had to choose between Tevez and Berbatov, in my heart id say Berbatov after all that has happened but my head would still say Tevez!

    Having Rooney and Tevez hound defenders would be awsome!

    Berbatov has height and heading ability but i still haven’t seen much of this in his play!


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