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Annnnderrrr-son-son-son – Do You Rate The New Chant?

With Anderson winning over the hearts of many a red, it was about time we thought up a chant for the lad. Before the past couple of weeks, singing his name to the “Murderers” tune was the only really audible song from the stands. However, Fulham away really started to get this song going, which had been sung in the Blaize, The Trafford and some sections of the crowd for a few weeks previously. Large sections of Old Trafford were singing his new chant at Portsmouth at the weekend, so no doubt it will be in full singing motion by the next home game.

“Ander son son son, he’s better than Kleberson,
Ander son son son, he’s our midfield magician,
To the left, to the right, to the samba beat tonight,
With the brass he is class
And he shits on Fabregas”

Anderson t-shirt

Anderson t-shirt

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  1. Tone says:

    I can’t help but wonder when Evra is gonna get his own song…?

  2. Darren says:

    It’s a nice chant I think it could be very popular at Old Trafford :)

    and he sh**s on Fabregassss lol

  3. rbr says:

    But yeah.. Evra more than deserve one!

  4. craig mc says:

    I think Evra and Nani deserve songs, and a bunch of Salford lads sung one for each of them down the local pub.
    Evra – to the chicken song tune – Du Du Du du du du du, du du du du du du du – Patrice Evra, Patrice Evra, du du du du du du du, du du du du du du du – Patrice Evra. He loves to play for Man United, He loves to wear the Man U shirt, He loves to play for Man United, he gets stuck in where it F***ing hurts. Du du du du du du du etc.
    Nani’s is to the tune of the Red Red Robin goes Bob bob bobbing along -
    O the Nan Nan Nani goes show showboating along, along, Nan Nan Nani goes show showboating along, along, Fergie he had a word with him, cut out your F***ing showboating, the Arsenal are complaining, OH LIKE WE GIVE A TOSS, let the Nan Nan Nani go show showboating along,
    I love both these songs, and think Nani and Evra deserve their own songs. I also think these songs and Anderson’s are comical.

  5. Jas Rai says:

    quality song, heard it first in the blaize after the Lyon game, will be better if EVERYONE bounces to it like the Lyon fans were doing with their chants. imagine a few thousand of us at the next away game bouncing non stop to it!!! will look fuckin brilliant

  6. Jas Rai says:

    p.s. i meant i first heard it in the blaize, not i was the first to hear it lol!!!

  7. Chris says:

    evra does have a chant but nobody really sings it.

    to the postman pat tune:

    left back pat, left back pat
    left back pat and his red and black cap
    runnin down the left wing
    bangin all the balls in
    he makes your right back look so fucking crap, fucking crap!

  8. Red Ranter says:

    Evra’s got a song. I saw it somewhere which goes to the tune of Postman Pat:

    “Left Back Pat, Left Back Pat
    Left Back Pat and his red and white hat
    Bombing down the left wing
    Banging loads of balls in
    He makes your right back look so fucking crap”

  9. G10 says:

    Anderson 07/08

    Goals 0
    Assists 1

    Fabregas 07/08

    You lot can’t count high enough…

  10. Scott the Red says:


    “He shiiiiiits on Fabregassssss” Are we basing that on stats? Or that on the two occasions the players have met, Anderson has completely bossed the midfield, making Fabregas look like the player who has only been here a few months.

    If only football was as simple as goals and assist statistics eh? lol.

  11. Jimmy D says:

    Anderson 07/08
    players in back pocket: Fabregas, Gerrard, etc…

    Fabregas 07/08
    Stuck in back pocket of a brazilian magician

  12. lovedale says:

    Dear Fergie,

    Please build our play around this gem. We ll walk over all teams on earth.


  13. Eddie says:

    Football is not only based on stats! Fabregas was in Andersons pocket when these two met in Prem and cup. He didnt stand a chance. Anderson is a complete player.
    Anderson has 5 assists! (Wigan, Arsenal, Lyon, Newcastle and Derby)

  14. Tom F says:

    Fabregas is a top quality player and at 20 I as a United fan cannot ignore his talent.

    Luckily we have a 19 year old in his first season in the Premier League and is rising a lot faster than Fabregas did.

    To all Arsenal fans, when Anderson rises he will see Fabregas on the way down.

    He SHITES on Fabregas!!!

  15. Service says:

    get nani one too

    na-na na nana ni
    na-na na ni

    (hey jude)

  16. Ella patterson says:

    Why cannot someone with talent at these things write new words to Al Jolson’s mammy substituting nani for mammy. I think it would go well!

  17. Sam says:

    I love it, but not the “with the brass he is class” bit.

  18. kidmeister says:

    Think there’s a few differing lines in this song.Some say he’s abrass and class.Some say he’s class with the pass,and another he’s class and abrass??I think it sounds better with He’s class with the pass!!

  19. AD says:

    I thought it was “he is class with a pass” or “with a pass he is class”
    rather than “with the brass” whats brass got to do with anything??

    The first time I heard this song was at Lyon away outside the ground. Does anyone know when it was first sung?

  20. DG says:

    Another quality song to add to our repertoire of quality songs and G10 funny how Arse fans always end up on Utd sites….

  21. João says:

    Great song =D
    I am brazilian, and a Grêmio supoorter, feeling proud of Anderson, son son :P
    So, Where can i find the mp3 for this song?

    Thanks in advance and sorry for my english o/


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