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ANOTHER Injury For Foster

Ben Foster won’t play any further part in our season, meaning he will miss out on any Champions League medal with Kuszczak ready to sit on the bench.

Having missed large chunks of his career through injury, Foster will now miss a further nine weeks after undergoing surgery to repair a ruptured ligament in his right thumb.

“It is big blow for Ben as not only will he miss the Champions League final but also England’s summer internationals,” said Ferguson. “Ben has tried to continue the season with this injury but it got so critical that an operation was the only way forward. It is disappointing for him but the important thing was to get this operation done.”

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  1. corea says:

    i’m becoming more and more pessimistic about his chances at this club.
    I would’ve been the happiest man on the planet if we had an english goalkeeper as our first choice. but this injuries doesn’t help the case.

  2. doncobaino says:

    here’s a question, hargreaves played two games this season, so why did he not turn up on saturday to walk out with the others who didnt earn a medal?

  3. Gudjohnsen says:

    I agree with Corea, I’m becoming more pessimistic on Foster being able to replace Van Der Saar after 1 year, I hope he doesn’t have the Saha syndrome…

  4. chep says:

    unbelievable. he is going in footsteps of Ole and Hargo. I would love to see him as a successor of Edwin, but the injuries may disqualify him absolutely. please, not PIG again, I would sell him straight on on May 28th and rather see academy keeper sitting on the bench

  5. daveob82 says:

    @ doncabaino

    He probably couldn’t walk :-)

  6. costas says:

    doncobaino,i think Hargo is still in his hometown rehabilitating.I think the best option is not to move him around too much.He has also said that it’s tough for him to watch games on the TV for so long.So i believe that he cares for our progress but he is looking forward to pre season training a lot more.

    As far as Foster is concerned,i think it’s obvious that the lad has some health issues.I still believe in him though.If he can’t make it,in the summer we have our best chance to get VDS’s successor:Buffon.It might be a rush move but after this summer it could be too late.

    Obviously Tomasz will start at Hull and we have to pray that nothing happens to VDS in Rome.

  7. Xyth says:

    I can only wish him a speedy recovery.

    Off the topic, Shearer is now asking us for a favour against Hull. Although I want us to win very mach that we play, seeing Shearer go down with his beloved Newcastle would bring me an enormous joy.

  8. Red_Ruth says:

    Obviously we’re not going to play our full strenght team but i reckon it’s pretty disrespectful if people think that we’re gonna throw the game. Our fringe players would walk straight into the Newcastle team so shearer can just go take a jump

  9. Cap says:

    I saw he was wearing some sort of bandage on his hand on saturday and was wondering what it was for. Sad really – such potential but so unlucky with injuries lately.

  10. Hughsie88 says:

    Hey Scott and other RoM readers, having read Pepe Reina (e.g. Rafa Benitez’ illegitimate son) comments saying how Liverpool have improved year on year and its time that they realised their potential, coupled with the yearly comments from Gerrard that meteorologists are now contemplating using as the official sign that summer has begun – that’s right, it’s the ‘next year will be our year’ soundbite – I started wondering whether or not we should actually see the steady improvement of the dippers over the last few years as anything to worry about next year…

    People will point to Rafa building a squad, that it took Fergie 6 years to win the league and next year is FSW’s 6th year in charge, that in Fergie’s first 5 years he won the FA Cup and Cup Winner’s Cup (when it was a decent trophy), and Rafa has also added a domestic and European trophy during his first 5 years.

    But the one thing that has struck me when hearing Reina and Gerrard’s comments, and the predictions of an even greater challenge next year (in hindsight, L’pool’s challenge this year wasn’t much of one, with the table having a lopsided look to it when we had games in hand, and the only wobble coming at the defeat to them at OT). What I’m wondering is ‘where do Liverpool go from here?’

    They talk about realising potential, but I don’t see a squad at Anfield that is playing within itself. If anything, this year was them overachieving. Torres is world class, and so, admittedly, is Gerrard. Benayoun was a good bit of business, and Alonso is a very influential player when he’s on form. But that’s just it – they have a good team, and finished second, but their team is not Champion material, and I can’t see where improvements will come next year. They do not have the youngsters who will make a step up in the next few seasons to be world beaters, and it will take some big signings to bring about, in the words of Jamie Redknapp, a ‘top, top, top, top, top, top, top team’.

    Compare this with Utd’s squad and potential. We have won the league, world championship, and carling cup, and are one game away from Champion’s League triumph. And all this with youngsters developing in the squad, and improvements happening season on season: Anderson is only going to get better; Rooney has improved year on year (frightening!); Ronaldo (if he stays) will remain a world class footballer (and a first class knob); Da Silva twins will offer an extra element; Berbatov will settle and we will see the best of him next season; we have great prospects coming through like Ljajic and Tosic; Evans will mature and Fletcher is really starting to become the player that Fergie always said he would. Take all of this, and on top of it we still have Nani coming through! Add Nani to the equation and….eh…hmm….errr…

    Ok, nevermind what Nani offers, we still have a refreshing side, an emerging pool of talent and potential, which put’s Liverpool next big thing – Ngog, really in his place.

    Liverpool’s potential is realised – second best, against a poor Arsenal and a disjointed Chelsea: Utd’s is still to come, Christ, we didn’t even play well this season!!! So Reina, Gerrard, enjoy your runners up medal – with your squad, its the best you can hope for!

    These are just some thoughts, out of place I know with this thread but if Scott or any RoM contributory writer wanted to, I think it would make an interesting article.

  11. Hughsie88 says:

    not what I’ve written, obviously, but someone who wanted to take the theme and examine it properly…

  12. mancaroon says:

    is Foster related to Kirkland by any chance? the lad is an excellent keeper but can we pin our hopes on a seldom fit player, can he take the hurly burly of the premiership? its harsh on the lad but I would go and get Buffon now, giving us another 5 years (at least) to find a more suitable, less injury prone keeper.

  13. costas says:

    Mancaroon i am also thinking about Buffon at he moment.I think this summer will be our best chance to get him.

  14. wazza says:

    costas : GG Buffon is too expensive.Foster is only out for 2 months.he should be back in the mid pre-season.would like to see that German gk Ron Robert Zieler against Hull.he has a good height as compared to Amos.

  15. Red_Ruth says:

    How much do you reckon for Buffon ?

  16. wazza says:

    Red_Ruth: nothing less than 20 million mate, lol

  17. costas says:

    Wazza,his price tag is a concern no doubt.I don’t know about Zieler but i actually liked Amos’ attitude when i saw him in the Carling Cup last year.He seemed to be very confident for his age.I don’t know what progress he has made in the past year though.


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