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Anything Giggs Can Do In Salford, Stevie Me Can Do In Liverpool?

A couple of weeks ago, Ryan Giggs was presented with an honoury degree from Salford University for his contribution to sport and charitable causes.

“I’m really pleased to accept this degree,” he said. “When I started my career as a professional footballer I didn’t envisage that one day I’d be made master of arts. I grew up in Salford and it’s been a big part of my life forRyan Giggs degree Salford University 30 years, so it’s great to be a part of Salford University now.”

Not wanting to be outdone, Liverpool John Moores University have awarded Steven Gerrard with a degree for his contribution to sport.

“Not only has the university done so much for the city and people of Liverpool but it has given the science of football international credibility,” said Gerrard. “It is an honour to be recognised with this award.”

Just how far does Gerrard have to go to catch up with Giggsy? Aged 28-years-old, time is certainly running out for poor ol Stevie Me.

Ryan Giggs

Some honorary degree from local uni: 1
European Cup: 2
League Title: 10
FA Cup: 4
League Cup: 2

Steven Gerrard

Some honorary degree from local uni: 1
European Cup: 1
League Title: 0
FA Cup: 2
League Cup: 2



  1. Gabriel says:

    lol.. he’s neva gonna catch up!!! don’t see loserpool winning silverware anytime soon…

  2. UnitedRay says:

    I’ve got two words for ya: Ha Ha.

  3. Eddie says:


  4. Nick says:

    ‘Can’t make a silk purse from a pigs ear’ springs to mind………..

  5. Stephen says:

    Ryan Giggs League Titles: 10

    Stevie Pancake League Titles: 0

  6. Sagar says:

    hes not far
    10 league titles and he’s there.

  7. ron says:

    stevie me is a complete idiot.He hasn’t been heard of all summer then suddenly pops up at uni.Must be getting closer to capellos decision in naming England captain.Got to be recognised for doing something.Its a shame it was for self importance unlike RIO who does things for charity.Says it all really,don’t you think….

  8. sohail says:

    stevie g is a scouse wanker, not fit to polish giggsy’s boots

  9. Tooth says:

    I thought he’d bought it on the Internet.

  10. Markus Revolver says:

    Wouldn’t say your words are much to brag about Duncan

  11. Tom F says:

    Duncan, not every post has to be deep, meaningful and full of politics.. it’s great to have a bit of banter.. it’s what football is all about. We love to rub it in to the likes of Steve Gellard Gellard.

    It annoys me when people take everything too seriously, we hate Scousers – serious. We will take the piss out of them on here because it’s what we love to do.. it’s great for supporter spirit!

    Steve Gellard Gellard: 0 titles.

    Nani: 1 title :)

  12. Cid says:

    Steven Gerrard – 0 titles
    Kieran Richardson – 1 titles
    Even Kieran Richardson knows a thing about winning the league :D

  13. jimmy Bob says:

    stevie transfer request pancake gerrard
    or ryan “most medals in the english game” giggs its a tough one.

    ps top article scott keep it up mate

  14. tevra says:

    I cannot believe Steven ‘thick fuck’ Gerrard has been given a fucking Degree.

    Giggs deserved his, he’s done alot of work for charity and had an illustrious career. Gerrard has a long range shot at any opportunity given, 1 out of 87 go in the net.

    I pay nearly 1500 a year to study, he
    gets one for fuck all….seriously fuck all.

    Arghhhh what the fuck is this country coming to when that stupid cunt gets a university honour. I’m disgusted, serverely perturbed.

  15. scoop says:

    Did anyone see the programme on TV a while back about Steve Gerrard where he was asked what his favourite cheese was and he said melted!
    Nuff said!

  16. suhayl says:

    scoop…funny that…..giggsy LEGEND!!!!!

  17. Kings says:

    Giggs at 28:

    League Champion – 7
    European Cup – 1
    FA Cup – 3
    League Cup – 1
    European Super Cup – 1
    World Club Championship – 1

    Fuck off Gerard!!

  18. Hussain says:

    Lets look at the individual honours, and lets talk..


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