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Are We Signing Zoran Tosic and Adem Ljajic? Apparently Not

Partizan Belgrade youngsters, Zoran Tosic and Adem Ljajic, have been linked very heavily with a move to our club, with talks of work permits and millions of quid in transfer fees flying around.

Apparently, it’s all nonsense.

“It is not true that Tosic and Ljajic have already signed for Manchester United,” said Partizan sports director Ivan Tomic. “It is simple, there has been no direct contact or official offer coming from England. Of course, it would be nice if they want some of our players, but it’s not true.”

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  1. Anant says:

    really want it to be true . we sure could do with a half decent winger .

  2. Failsworth Devil says:

    They are signing.. united didnt want this announced as they have signed an agreement but one of the agents has gone blabbing… it is something to do with Fifa regulations about signing agreements due to there ages.

    Fergie is in Sheffield tomorrow for the work permit application for one of them…. and guess what else.. i dont understand why.. but Chris Waddle is on the committee for issuing the work permit…i do not know how true this is… but got this from a good source.. and wouldnt put this on here if i thought it was bullshit.

    I think the Chris Waddle thing is because he lives in Sheffield and gets involved with opinions for work non eu players and there work he is an ex international player..

    Partizan are trying to get a similar deal as we have with the Royal Antwerp.. where they become a feeder club..

    Apparently the 2 will cost us £9m

  3. TonyBee says:

    Don’t see what we want with these two…..

  4. Failsworth Devil says:

    Tony mate.. check them out on youtube.. they are both really gifted young footballers and would be ideal for us..

    Also, the Eastern European market is a lot cheaper than Portugese, Brazillian and French, so makes sense we explore these markets..

    Look at Vida.. he has turned out to be quality and well worth the £6m we paid..

  5. nagraj says:

    Tosic is crap apparently..Ljajic could be an absolute steal though…

    Still pissed at how we missed out on Ramsey…

  6. Red-Manc says:

    I like eastern european players better than most, there not money grabbing pre madonna’s and there normally fair tough, look at Vida he’ll fucking murder ya!

    Hope we sign these two, it will keep Anderson and nani on there toes aswell think its important nani has some competition more than Anderson, nani is looking average at the moment imo, looks like he’s got alot alot more to give but he’s frustrating this season.

  7. Failsworth Devil says:

    Red… im with ya 100% with that statement matey

  8. spencer says:

    Negogiations tactic.

    We will have approached Partizan who have agreed to sell. However, they will be trying to get as much money out of us as possible.

    I am worried though. I have heard good things about Ljaji but not Tosic.

  9. jamos9 says:

    Tosic looks alright 9 goals from 21 so far, good left foot!!

  10. Andre says:

    They look really good on youtube guy’s. Tosic has a great left foot and is deadly on dead balls. He would be a natural replacement for Giggs as Nani has been dissapointing lately, just not consistinent enough for a United player.

    We are missing something in midfield for that linkup play to our stikers and I think we are missing Carlos Q. Our play has just not been as deadly as last season. Sir A needs help….

  11. Rosa says:

    Are you serious TonyBee? They are both incredibly talented players and being able to sign them both for 9 million would be an absolute steal.

  12. Drew Vader says:

    Yeah but with the right amount of editing and a kick ass techno beat soundtrack I could make a video that could make my fat ass look a half decent player too…Just show clips of the one good touch a match I have and leave out all the times I get skinned

  13. King Eric says:

    Nice one Drew!

  14. subsub says:

    i know youtube compilations can be deceiving, but even though alot of people say tosic isnt that good, you still cant make those free kicks of his look any better, they were pure class


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