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Arsenal Boss: Neville Is An Example To Other Players

Arsene Wenger has sung the praises of Gary Neville after the announcement of his retirement yesterday, claiming that his motivation sets him apart from others and that players should look to him as a example for what they can achieve.

“A huge career and fantastic achievements, that is what he has done,” said Wenger. “I respect a lot what he has done because he was certainly not one of the most talented players in the league but what he has achieved is consistency. His record is down to intelligence and motivation – he is an example to players who are maybe less gifted than the Giggs and the Beckhams but still make a fantastic career because they are intelligent and highly-motivated. They deserve a great credit. He was the best English right back, certainly – if you look at his record, he has won absolutely everything and the number of games he has played, he is without a doubt the best.”

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  1. DAVE RED says:

    Bet Wenger wasnt saying that about GNev, when he kicked Reyes off the pitch in the
    first minute of the cup tie in 2003, bloody funny that was, even though we lost.

  2. Paul Parker says:

    wenger is nobodies fool (except Alec)

    from a managers perspective you’d give your left arm for a right back like Neville.
    fit, consistent and loyal (sounds like my missus lol)



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