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Arsenal Captain Saga To Replace Ronaldo Interest Of Last Summer

This time last year we had to read almost on a daily basis that Cristiano Ronaldo was heading to Real Madrid. Anything that United did on the pitch was overshadowed by stories that a deal had already been put in place for him to leave for Spain.

It was time for him to go and our fans were confident we already had a player who would step up to the plate: Wayne Rooney.

We were right to put our faith in the lad, with him already having scored 8 more goals in the league than Ronaldo did all of last season. The PFA Player of the Year shortlist has been announced today and Rooney is rightly the favourite to scoop the award. Great stuff.

Arsenal fans are now set to experience the same frustrations of reading about their best player constantly linked with a move away. This is something they are no stranger to, of course, with Cesc Fabregas always being tipped to return to his boyhood club, Barcelona, to play for his idol, Pep Guardiola. However, when the season ends, they should expect daily updates on the situation.

Arsenal chairman, Peter Hill-Wood, moved to play down the transfer rumour this week, and remarkably claimed that their best player wouldn’t even get in Barcelona’s team, which surely rubbed salt in the wounds of Arsenal fans who recently watched Barca play them off the park home and away.

“There was a private conversation that took place in the boardroom and assurances have been made at the highest possible level,” said Hill-Wood. “Arsenal do not expect those to be broken. They said to us they are not interested. Subsequent to the conversation, if they are interested at any time in the future, they would come to us direct. However I’m not sure they are going to do that, because they told us they are pretty happy with what they have got and are pretty happy with their current players. If you want my opinion, I’m not sure he would even get in their team. Do they need him? I’m not sure that they do. We hope he stays with us for a very long time.”

North London breathed a sigh of relief but today Barcelona claimed no such promises had been made and will put a bid in this summer if they want to.

“If Barcelona considers it necessary for the team, we will go after him, always respecting the negotiations,” said Barcelona’s sporting director Txiki Bergirlstain. “We’ve never said that we will not try to sign Cesc Fabregas. We’ll see what happens.”

Arsenal will improve on their fourth place finish of last season but have gone another year without any silverware, Fabregas’ fifth year without a winners’ medal.

No doubt we will all become bored of the daily stories about Fabregas over the coming months but I’d far rather the boredom than hearing about one of our players heading for the exit door!

As for Fabregas, best of luck to him in realising his dream of playing for Barcelona, and hopefully it will turn out better than Ronaldo’s “dream move” to Real Madrid has done so far! Oh well, at least they’ll still have Silvestre

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  1. MG says:


    Mate Rooney would never leave – you think he would give up United a team and most importantly a manager in SAF and fuck off to the mob?


    You can go to sleep in peace tonight – thank the Lord our Wayne is English not Portugese or whatever that has to fuck off to have a dream

    He already is in one

  2. rooney the new king says:

    MG – I am not worryed but still I will be boycotting if rooney is sold it is has simple has that.

  3. MG says:


    I share your concerns but Ronaldo wanted to go – Rooney doesn’t – the Glazer’s have it easy this time – plus the next United team is now being built around the man himself – do not let the contract bullshit tell you otherwise – it was never meant to be sorted out now he has over two years left I believe anyway and shall be sorted out in due course – in SAF we trust

  4. willierednut says:

    Higuain won’t be going to United ever, he’s to lightweight for the premiership. SAF thinks Benzema is a better prospect and i value his opinion over anyones.

  5. rooney the new king says:

    MG – like I said I am not concerned I am just saying what could happen if it came to worse case scenario. But don’t you agree the fascist are a pathetic club who are a desperate club who are outdated they are ancient how they do things.

    Let’s really break it down with the fascist they are a club who are the worst run club in the game today when you truly think about it. I said united were but I was just mad with the scum how they have run the club which is unacceptable, but the fascist have made so many bad mistakes on and off the field their last galacticos era should have seen that club been thrown to the dogs and put up for administration, if this was how united Chelsea arsenal Liverpool they would have been bankrupt 4 times over, their way is such a bad road to go down and for and their wage structure I could not even add up. Their financial results do not add up where in the fuck do they get this money from, if united payed 80 million on one player we would be in hibernation in the transfer market for at least 2 years.

    in the 90′s they were rumored to have gone bankrupt but I heard they were bailed out AGAIN. I am so angry that club gets away with such murder, like I said how does anyone even bother funding that club who like south park says Their cash flows out of them like diarrhea from the buffalo and that is true.

  6. rooney the new king says:

    WELL not chelsea since Their cash flows out of them like diarrhea from the buffalo well it did between 2003 to 2006

  7. 619 says:

    @rooney the new king

    I just saw that link you posted and thought I am going to throw that on to RoM. I could not believe it when I saw it. I went to tell my wife and she said, “he will never leave.” I just hope that this does not become a distraction with Rooney’s dear agent seeking to squeeze a couple extra quid out of United.

    Commenting on the possible reality that you stated, if Glazers were to sell Rooney, I think that would be a watershed moment in football. Ronaldo left for ridiculous money, but everything is different. Rooney’s British! This may sound crazy to those reading, but I believe that United would FOREVER be stained for letting Rooney leave: he is heartbeat that WANTS to play United (unlike another unnamed player). I do not believe we are inferior to any club, but if the Glazers let Rooney leave, I do not know how we could get a way from that image for quite a while.

    Thank goodness the article was published in the Sun and not something reputable.

  8. Walk in the Park says:

    its The Sun…who believes The Sun..

  9. 619 says:

    Just commenting on the whole rubbish about Rooney leaving, while I did comment on if it becomes a reality, I really cannot see it happening for one big reason: Rooney has a head on his shoulder. He seems to recognize that the stability at the club allows him to thrive. He will also know that he will continually be asked to do the same thing here because there is consistency in terms of who is managing. At Madrid, everyone knows that simply is not the case.

  10. gunned_down says:

    WOW! from fabregas to Barca and Now, Rooney Oh dear..can we say media circus!!! you spanish leave England alone ffs!

  11. Walk in the Park says:

    gunned_down…its not the spanish,its the english media who did this..

  12. Rooney Is Legend says:

    According to The Sun, Wayne is heading to Spain due to the massive offer from virus.INC

    So in Simon Cowell’s own words: “That is totally, utterly RUBBISH”

  13. Pat says:

    Xavi didn’t show drive against madrid. He won’t propel a team, but he stays deep and finds a killer pass., which is just as important as having drive. Overall Cesc is stronger and faster. I never said he’s better. I said he’s much better than Xavi was at 22. Its not even comparable and if Cesc keeps improving at this rate he will end up being better than Xavi. Remember, Arsenal do not have fast forwards atm. Cesc and Henry had a great understanding. Xavi had Eto’o, Messi,Henry running onto his passes in his bet ever season.

    Cesc has gotten much stronger and faster this season. He shrugs off a lot more challenges and actually stays on his feet a lot more than Gerrard. His run against Villa for example. Cesc has scored maybe 4(at most) penalties this season. The rest of his goals are from open play

  14. Macheda IS GOD says:

    Oh i forgot to say this yesterday
    R.I.P 96

  15. Macheda IS GOD says:


  16. aig alex is god says:

    @King Eric

    Hi mate.

    I honestly think they can. You have a point . People had doubts about Torres but he did deliver. The main strength about Villa and Higuain is their finishing. I know higuain has gone mising in the games aghainst barca but apart from a chance in the first half he hardly got any chances. Barca were that good. Both are good finishers and honestly speaking whether you move form Spain to England you surely dont forget how to finish your chances. If its some midfielder we can have our doubts whether he can cope up with the physical aspect of the premier league but for a striker it shouldnt be a problem especially at United whre we do create plenty of chances. Given the presence of SAF someone like Higuain can only get better

  17. aig alex is god says:


    Cesc is a good player but he goes missing many times in big games. Xavi often comes into the limelight in the big games. He was the MOTM in the CL Final last year,player of the tournament at the Euros in 2008 and got 2 assists on saturday against Madrid, could have been 4 had messi buried the 2 other one on ones he got.

    Also i think for a 23 year old cesc is way too injury prone. he should be fit enough to play atleast 50 odd games a season

    I do Agree that he has time on his side and whether he will become better than xavi i dont know but if he keeps improving like he did this season he will become one of the best.

  18. afromanc says:

    Van Persie to United! CMON!

  19. RED SAM says:

    just to keep up with this la liga mood ;) , the goal ronnie scored yesterday against almeria is the perfect example of why he was running away from the premier league.that was a total soft play from the defenders and had me thinking, what if it was against stoke or boro ??

  20. RED SAM says:

    @ pat

    “His run against Villa for example. ” i think you are referring to the run against spurs from the halfway line. fabregas is simply the younger xavi wish we had him in our ranks

  21. Anon says:

    sorry to go off topic, but isn’t it legal to make loan moves mid way through the season? We should loan all our youth players to Pompey if you ask me. Let them play in an FA Cup final, and let us give ourselves a better chance of not letting Cheksea win anything this season!
    Fabio, De Laet, Obertan, Macheda, Diouf, Possebon, Gibson, Keane, Pogba…. the kids could do a job!

  22. GTull says:

    This Rooney and Real business. I don’t see it.

    Nothing sells papers like than another ‘United in so much debt that another big name will be sold’ story.

    Plus English players don’t have that pull to Spain that the overseas stars do.

  23. kosio says:

    I see that the gooners are staring to flood the web(guadian blong in this case) complaining how they had the worst injuries and if not for them they would have been in for a Treble probably.

    Doesn’t this get old year after year? If your squad is so thin and fragile maybe it is good idea to invest in some better squad players or?

  24. aig alex is god says:

    @ Anon

    The FA Cup final is after the season ends so maybe we can loan the rooneys, fletchers and vidics for one game ;-)

  25. Walk in the Park says:

    and pompey should loan Danny Rose too…lol

  26. Jonners says:

    I see from Today’s Sun that your optimism has come back to bite you in the bum!
    Rooney to Real will be the mantra of this summer!!
    Have fun

  27. willierednut says:

    Pat – Xavi doesn’t drive on, he just plays killer balls, which is just as important. Hmmm contridiction there me thinks.

    AIG – Ask yourself why he didn’t get any chances against Barca, he went missing mate and give Ronny no help at all.

  28. aig alex is god says:


    simply becasue they were overrun in midfield by xavi, keita and busqutes. Whenever ronny got into decent positions all he did was fall over or take a shot himself. he hardly ever tries to pass the ball around the box.

  29. willierednut says:

    Rooneys in contention for the derby.

  30. willierednut says:

    Jonners – Everything that comes out of the Sun is gods honest truth, not!

  31. Chrispiano says:

    Xavi is much faster that Cesc, Cesc is so unbelievably slow but he is agile.

  32. willierednut says:

    AIG – In the games that mattered for Madrid, Higuain was no where to be seen. We’ll just have to agree to disagree on this, but i don’t want him at United. Our record with players from Argentina leaves a lot to be desired in any case.

  33. aig alex is god says:


    Ok mate. Although i must add that those 2 games are the only games where he hasnt done well but then neither has ronny. Most of the games he did a good job and rescued them from difficult situations. Also he and ronny dont see eye to eye which could be another reason they dont perform very well together

    he isnt the first choice striker i would want at United but if he comes i would welcome him and am sure he can be a success

  34. mancunianforever says:

    TBH, I don’t even care bout Fabregas.

  35. Scott the Red says:

    Jonners – Rooney has said he wants to spend the rest of his career at United and it doesn’t take a genius to work out that if he ever did leave us, it wouldn’t be to sign for Real Madrid!

    In contrast, Fabregas obviously wants to go to Barcelona at some point.

    Nobody can take the Rooney rumour seriously but I think everyone expects Fabregas to go to Barca, whether it’s this summer or not.

  36. King Eric says:

    Fuck that pal. How about Justice for the 39?

  37. King Eric says:

    Higuain is a little prick who I want nowehere near United.

  38. Macheda IS GOD says:

    King eric
    I never said anything about justice
    I just said RIP

  39. Fred says:

    Anyone hear Wenger today? He was accusing the English media of trying to stir up the Fabregas to Barca rumours. He’s got a point, look at how they keep pushing this bullshit Rooney to Madrid story. Typical shite British media, more happy fantasising about the demise of English teams rather than celebrating them.

  40. redscot says:

    @ Fred What you dont think Selling Wayne to Madrid is not a great idea, come on, its a cracking thought, think what it will do,Keep the Glazer in place, great idea in my humble opinion.
    Is that Rambling enough for you, pmsl


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