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Arsenal manager’s bizarre RvP denial

Robin van Persie returned to the Emirates for the first time today as a champion, ensuring that any Arsenal fan who had called him a “mercenary” for leaving was put straight on his reasons for joining United.

The Arsenal players applauded our team on to the pitch this afternoon, and we then spent the majority of the first half playing as you would expect a team of hungover players to perform. Van Persie’s every touch was booed with Arsene Wenger describing their reaction to him as “disappointed love”.

Arsenal took the lead through Theo Walcott, who was offside, before Sagna brought down Van Persie in the penalty area. The Dutchman coolly slotted home to earn United a point and see to it that Arsenal could drop out of the top four, if Spurs win their game in hand.

After the game, Wenger was asked about Van Persie’s goal, to which he responded by claiming he hadn’t scored.

“I don’t think he scored,” he said. “He scored a penalty.” Wenger was reminded that they all count, to which he replied: “It counts but it’s not completely the same.”

Bitter much?

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  1. santafereno says:

    The two lost points don’t count either, eh, Arsene?

  2. seysha says:

    arsenal fans should blame their hierachy!

  3. davi says:

    Come on, of course it doesn’t feel the same. De Gea could score a penalty. Had RVP scored a long ranger or one of those goals based on clever movement in the box we could look at it and say “that’s the sort of thing we (Arsenal) are missing” and feel sad about it, but he won and scored a penalty based on a typical mistake from one of our defenders rather than anything he did that was particularly good and he didn’t exactly have a great game overall.
    Anyway, congrats on the title. It’s the first time in ages you’ve won it with a team that’s actually really quite good imo.

  4. boring! says:

    who’s hungover? arsenal or united?…i see so many of these poorly written, boring articles by united fans popping up on arsenal news now blog aggregator about backing van persie’s decision to leave arsenal…its more like united “fans” are hung up on this issue more than us are arsenal fans…great game though cheers!

  5. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Bitter much Arsene? But he must have been VERY pleased with his 12th man Phil Dowd.

    Walcott offsides for their goal by a mile.
    5 firsts half yellows to make sure United had one hand tied behind their backs.
    Sagna should not have finished the game after that blatant foul in the second half.

    Gods I hate playing in London. It’s always the same.

    Ah well, you always thought 95 was a step to high. Still hate to be cheated by a bad ref.
    Bring on Chelsea.
    Bring on the youngsters for the last 3 games. Piss on the Gunners. Hollow shell of the team they used to be even 5 years ago.

  6. davi says:

    “Gods I hate playing in London. It’s always the same. ”
    Lol. What a joke
    The offside goal was lucky but Sagna might have actually got a touch on the ball for that penalty before hitting RVP. Was impossible for Dowd to really see it, but then he shouldnt have been so sure it was a pen!
    Aside from that though the ref was generally very poor and gave bad decisions both ways but I will agree we probably did get the rub of the green today of what I saw. Doesn’t often happen though so I’ll take it

  7. Costas says:

    Goes to show that you are never too old to learn something new. Even if you are Wenger and you’ve been a manager for 20 years and even if it’s something as simple as this.

  8. WeAreUnited says:


    today’s comeback was our 15th comeback with 12 wins and 3 draws.

    Not bad!

  9. Andromeda says:

    I truly respect Wenger but seriously he is kinda pathetic and envious in his last statement.this is an utter bonus compromise to retain his relative position among their deluded fans.

  10. Baz says:

    Would Arsenal have won the league if we kept RVP? No. Would Arsenal finish Top4 with RVP? Yes. If Arsenal finish Top 4 without RVP + £24m for a 30 year old, +£2m bonus for United winning title, then the deal was fantastic for Arsenal. couldn’t give a shit if United or City win the league – Arsenal remain the ONLY team to win the Prem title without buying it, unlike United (shattered British transfer record 8 times and no manager in the history of the game has spent mo0re than Fergie) City biggest spenders in one season in history, Chelsea bigggest spenders in history when they won their titles, and Blackburn biggest spoenders in history when they won theirs!

    One team always wins the title – one team always wins the FA Cup, one team always wins the Champions League. This happens every year… But only ONE team has EVER gone through a 38 game season UNBEATEN in the history of English game. ONLY ONE!

    Do that, and we’ll talk, until then, enjoy your 20th title, you deserve it.

  11. Sushi says:

    Mancini can suck on it, check the link below, without RVP we would still be light years ahead of the rest of the twats and city would barely make 4th place.

  12. wayne says:

    Who gives a fuck going a season unbeaten, ancient history,what have you done lately FUCK ALL

  13. wayne says:

    Oh and i’m sure you’re aware that Utd winning them Prem gives them more money than the 24mill paid for RVP so a player paying off his transfer fee in one year is very impressive.Age is irrelevant last season and this season RVP has played his best football is without doubt one of the top strikers in the world.Give me RVP any day with his attitude then a cunts like Balotelli,Tevez,Adebayor age means nothing,class means everything

  14. feedemscraps says:

    Only one team has done THE treble, only one team has won 20 titles…..

  15. TheCANTONA says:

    nah, just win ONE yes just ONE champions league title then u might talk here.
    U never buy success? Yeah right, thats the reason u won fuck all these last 8 years & big name players were leaving u lot. Ur club ask u to pay the highest price ticket while never reinvested the money.
    ENJOY that “achievement” do u?

  16. Little Red Ant says:

    Baz – deluded or what – win it once unbeaten then fuck all for years. Rather lose three or four a year and win it twenty times than “oh but we did win it once unbeaten” – wasn’t that nearly a decade ago – sad twat

  17. emmanuel amaechi says:

    Well i can see Arsene wenger is a fustrated man now, yea i can see it in his eye. Utd fans dis is our celebration time dn’t mind those loosers. Rvp 4 life, Utd 4 real.

  18. Dev says:

    No hate, Arsenal has always been “worthy” adversaries in my eyes with plenty of memorable clashes (take your pick) over the years, unlike scum needing outside billions like Chelsea and Man City.

    It’s not our fault really that one club has chose to move forward, onwards and upwards, and constantly getting better and improving while the others chose to stagnate and from challenging from honours are reduced to fighting for 4th place and being a feeder club for the new billionaire boys clubs.

    That said, as much as Sir Alex frustrates me sometimes, I absolutely dread the day he retires.

  19. Kevin says:

    Unbeaten in the league but beaten everywhere else. We lost fewer games in the season we won the treble than Arsenal did when they were unbeaten in the league.

  20. Wakey says:

    I’m curious as to which specific Arsenel team you are talking about as having never bought the title? Can’t be your invincible as of the most common starting 11 Cashley was the only player developed by Arsenal with the rest being bought in, a number for big fees. And you had people like Wiltord on the bench who was a club record at the time of signing and the likes of Reyes bought in at a new record transfer purchased midseason.

    So if you think United have bought titles then so have Arsenal. Not that personally I cosnider what United did as buying titiles. They may have spent big on a key player here and there but that’s the excretion not the rule, as Arsenal have found and Villa are too you can’t win things with young/inexperienced players alone. These players need a few key players around them to give stability and take some of the pressure off. United have never just purchased ‘ready made stars’ instead mixing some key star purchases with the clubs own youth products and some raw players of potential that have been bought in. Which is also what the Arsenal that won things did. This is different to what City/Cheslea to name a few that tried it (Some successful like those two and Blackburn and some unsuccessfully like Leeds and even QPR) where they have used owners money to buy an almost completely new squad of ‘star players’

  21. samuel - united WE stand says:

    davi says:

    Come on, of course it doesn’t feel the same. De Gea could score a penalty. Had RVP scored a long ranger or one of those goals based on clever movement in the box we could look at it and say “that’s the sort of thing we (Arsenal) are missing” and feel sad about it, but he won and scored a penalty based on a typical mistake from one of our defenders rather than anything he did that was particularly good and he didn’t exactly have a great game overall.
    Anyway, congrats on the title. It’s the first time in ages you’ve won it with a team that’s actually really quite good imo.”

    You are coming out wigh absolute bollocks, put the whisky down.

  22. Unitedforeva says:

    The Rooney & RVP saved headers were defining moments and we could have left with 3 pts. Let’s beat Chelsea at OT and make Arsene happy next weekend then.

  23. Ruks says:

    Lmfao! @baz, buy titles? 4 ril, arsenal talk of bringing up youth frm ya academies but its really man united dt epitomises everytyn bout youth. 1992/1993 epl title won by a group of ‘u dnt win anytyn wit kids’ frm our academy n alit bit of xperien of older player.

  24. Ruks says:

    No 1 can beat beckam, giggs, scholes,butt, neville twins…etc js to name a few. Shun wenger! Man u 4 ril

  25. NBI Red Onion says:

    I hope Arsenal stay in the top 4.

    I can’t stand Levy. I would also like to see Chelsea in the Europa league next year from the start, it’s where they belong, second tier of Europe, on the bus to Kiev.

  26. Bobby Charlton's combover says:

    oh the bitterness. The type of bitter comment we all make now and then when we’ve been proved
    horribly wrong and swallowing the truth is just too much for us too bear and all you can do is come up with the most feeble defence that only makes you look worse. Bitter, bitter, bitter.

  27. mara says:

    I m just sorry for us not makeing record points in one year

  28. Red says:

    Whether you insult Wenger or not, he’s the one who decided to sell you RvP, he could let him rot in the reserves or take that 9m from Juventus.

    And I still think he’s mercenary, Samir Nasri also left for Man City and won the title in his first season, but that doesn’t remove the ‘mercenary’ label from him. They both could join a bigger and better team than United, e.g. Barcelona, Bayern, Real Madrid, Juve, etc… but thanks to their agents and the extraordinary 200k a week, they’ll hide behind the ‘I won the league in the first shot’.

    And yeah, we still had a stonewall penalty turned down by the ref.

    By the way, please don’t open your legs for Chelsea next week. You’ve became a regular prostitute for the FSW.

  29. mancdub says:

    There’s no club bigger and better than United. Were as big as a club can be. Nobody has dominated their domestic league like we have. You can call the Premier league uncompetitive but that is the fault of clubs such as Arsenel. Clubs that consider money in the bank more important than success on the pitch.
    As for Van Persie being mercenary. He wanted to stay in England. He said wanted trophies. Where else would he have more chance of winning trophies? He could of got more money elsewhere. He chose United and now he’s a champion.

  30. Pav1878 says:

    @baz (is that short for Barry, or Basically a moron?)

    If you look at the facts, united have only been the biggest spenders the summer before a title win a few times. So the whole buying the title thing is ridiculous. City spent bigger than us last summer and did they win the league this year?

    Arsenal spend big money baz, but they spend it on average players and rather large salaries for their less than distinguished bench.

    If they paid top dollar for top players and redistributed their spending a bit more they migh get somewhere.

    Now please go back to arseblog where you belong, before you expose yourself as even more of a complete idiot.

  31. Red says:


    The EPL is not even a two horse race, and although it’s not Manchester United’s fault that’s the painful truth. You have the best team in the league by a mile, and you deservedly won the title…


    your team is no where near Juve, Bayern, Barcelona, and Madrid (who the BEST PLAYER IN THE EPL even failed to test their keeper). These teams spend big on players, but they don’t offer ridiculous salaries like 250k a week on 30-yr olds in their final year of their contract, or 17m on Ashley Young and Phil Jones.

    You can see that both Real and Barcelona are shit against German teams, but they can still run rings around Manchester United (the best team in the EPL). They’ve have also won more titles and more CL cups than United.

    So, when I say BIGGER, I mean the club have won a lot of titles, plays attractive football, doesn’t pay extraordinary salaries to attract talent, beats the best (not averages like Arsenal of recent and Liverpool)….

    When was the last time United won against “above average team”? Heck, even Celtic beat Barcelona this season.

  32. Artha Albiston says:

    what happened to the much talked about Pozman?…was never gonna happen….if leaving a club,to go on to win the title the next year,completely absconds you from the title of mercanery…then Carlos Tevez is a damn fine fella then is he?…well done to MUFC and I hope The Arsenal will; be back challenging but it won’t be with this Board.

  33. xluciusx says:


    I thought Preston North End was the first Invincibles?

  34. mancdub says:

    The last time we beat Barca in a competitive match was the 2008 semi and Madrid, even Mourinho admitted that the best team lost this year. They certainly didn’t run rings around us.
    As for wages I think you’ll find that both Barca and Madrid have higher wage bills than United.
    Jones and Young cost a lot of money but everyone knows that English players come at a premium. Look no further than your own Walcott and Chamberlain. I personally think Jones was worth every penny. Arsenel were willing to match us anyway.
    As for the other teams you mentioned Bayern are a great side and the team I most wanted to avoid this season but we’ve always held our own against them in the past. As for Juve. Really? Are you having a laugh? We’ve been beating them up since the early 90′s.

  35. King Eric says:

    Red – Pipe down you fucking daft cunt. Failed to test Madrid’s keeper? Lopez pulled off numerous saves over the two legs you ignorant bastard.

  36. King Eric says:

    Red – United are THE biggest club pal. Fuck me the Bernabeu is only full when United rock up. Like most grounds actually.

  37. Red says:

    @King Eric, @Mancdub

    Man Utd defended like Stoke at Camp Neo. At home they scored a single goal then defended like proper cunts against an average Barca team. But they properly raped your lot in two finals.

    Your team are so scared at the sight of Barcelona that they even bowed for Basel because of their similar kits.

    And Real beat your team in front of your static fans who left your manager frustrated that he really wanted to smack them in their half-asleep faces.

    Even Celtic can beat Barca, but your lot… you only won the EPL because everyone else twice as shit as Man Utd.

    Wake me up when your MASSIVE team beats a half-decent outfit.

  38. mancdub says:

    Ok then dickhead it’s a shit league and your shit team is struggling to get FOURTH place.

  39. King Eric says:

    Baz. Bore off with that Invincibles shite. Who gives a fuck? It was a good side but how long did it last? Fuck me you could go unbeaten and get relegated. Pires winning dodgy pen after dodgy pen. Have you ever won a treble? Have you fuck. Fuck all European Cups.


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