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At Least Nani Knows Where His Future Is!

Nani had a poor season for Manchester United in 08/09, following what was a very promising debut season the year before. He has fallen from the great heights of scoring a penalty in the European Cup final shoot-out to playing irregularly and not playing well.

Nani was subbed off at half-time against Tottenham Hotspur a few weeks ago with United losing 2-0. United went on to win 5-2 and Nani reportedly left the stadium before the end of the match.

However, whilst people get on his case about his poor form, it is important to remember that he hasn’t really been given much of a go this season. Park Ji-Sung was out for most of the season when Nani first joined the club so this season he has had more competition for his place. Unlike Cristiano Ronaldo, who was played week in week out when he first joined, Nani has had half an hour here, twenty minutes there a couple of weeks later, 90 minutes in a cup game, on the bench the following game. It has hardly been productive to his development!

Nani has today rejected rumours that he is looking for a move away with the club, stating how lucky he feels to be at our club and that he has no plans to leave before the end of his contract.

“My future is at Manchester United, of course,” Nani told the Portuguese press. “It is a privilege to be at a club like this. I won one more title last season and I am very happy to have won it for these two consecutive years. I was born to play football and I feel fine, although I did not play much. I will not leave Manchester United, nor will I be loaned out. I will see out my contract.”

If only Nani’s best mate could be so certain about his future…

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  1. wazza says:

    Nani wants to stay at United but it depends on Fergie if he wants to sell him this summer which is exactly opposite to the Ron situation. i hope Nani gets a last chance at United and a continuous run of games to prove his worth or he is gone.

  2. AlphaRS says:

    Ronaldo take some tips off your mate.

    Nani needs a run in the team to improve his game and to get some confidence back. Signing Ribery isn’t the answer as we have already spend £17 million on the guy. Give him some more time and let him develop.

    I remember his run against Barcelona at Old Trafford in the semi final. He ran from the half way line past 3 or 4 defenders only to blast over. What a goal that could have been if it hit the back of the net. Love it.

  3. Chris20LEGEND says:

    Maybe he should start passing the ball and stop shooting then he might get a start!

    Cant remember which carling cup match he was playn but he had about 5 shots and most of them went wide to the corner flag! You cant shoot nani, a few goals doesnt prove you can

  4. hunts says:

    hey? ronaldo didnt play week in, week out when he first joined. he alternated on the right with fletcher, who played more often.

  5. costas says:

    I hope that he realizes that he will have to work harder to stay at the club.I have always felt that he needs a more consistent run of games,but he also has to get it right on the pitch.

  6. Anant says:

    of course he wants to stay ! he’s turning into a very average player not fit to stay at united . and bringing home bags of money . who wouldnt want that kind of job ?!
    still , i feel he should be given one more chance to prove himself . honestly hope he proves me wrong

  7. Manchester united forever says:

    Agree with you alphars . The guy needs a run of games to pick his form up and prove his worth. Ribery might be a replacement but why spending so much on a winger when we have problems in the midfield. He shoots way too often but the one aspect which i noticed against hull was that he was crossing with his left and he did put some decent ones in. So for next season i’d say that give him a shot at the left wing position and give him time to work with the team .

  8. Al Neri says:

    I had such a realistc dream lasnyt tht ronaldo joined madrid, dnt care tht mch nomo if he does go, Nani should defntly be givin more of a chance nex seasn, coz evri1 KN0WS his potential is great

  9. Rite$h says:

    Sell ronaldo and get nani play in his position, the only way the latter gets more football time on the pitch, else he is bound to make his cameo appearances nxt season as well…

  10. james f says:

    He clearly lacks confidence and I believe that he shoots so often instead of passing because he thinks that by scoring goals he can prove to the boss that he deserves a place in the starting 11.
    At least he understands that he plays for the greatest team in the world.

  11. AlphaRS says:

    @Manchester united forever

    United have had problems with the midfield not scoring enough goals for a few seasons now.

    It’s like with Berbatov. We already have Rooney and Tevez who can do his job. Why sign him? I’m not disputing that he has some class moments and his stats are pretty decent but you can’t play 3 players in 1 position. £30 million and the guy is on the bench? Buy Tevez for £25 million and he is on the bench?

    Get Benzema and let Tevez leave. Not because I want him to go or anything because the guy has got heart. But we just don’t need him in that position.

  12. Isaidso says:

    Nani was the UNCOMPLAINING scapegoat of the team last year. Tevez, Ronnie the POUT, Berba and others all complain if they are left out. Nani had a fantastic season for us the year before, he was our second highest in assists, and is STILL the best crosser into the box we have. Nani is the fans scapegoat too, EVEN when he is never on the feckin field to get a decent run of games like others, he gets lambasted for everything. I don’t know why he wants to stay at OT where he has been treated like SHIT. He would get into the team at the other clubs who want him, Inter Milan, Spurs, and a couple of other PL teams. Fergie has promised Nani will play a big part this season, yeah right, I believe that as much as I believe Tevez is worth 35 million. Oh and to the person who said Nani needs to work harder, get your facts right mate, Nani stays behind with Ronaldo long after the others have gone to WORK on his game.

  13. Scott the Red says:

    Hunts – Ronaldo played 40 games in his first season for United, 29 of them in the league. Nani had 12 league appearances this season.

  14. costas says:

    Isaidso what i mean by work harder,is not staying at Carrington after the training sessions and practicing dribbles,crosses,free kicks and shooting.That’s admirable and he has quite a good shot on him.He also has a good cross.But what i mean is tracking back more often.Granted,he does it more than Ronaldo but obviously,the manager wants more.In the game against Tottenham,he wasn’t substituted because he was bad in attack.He was substituted because Evra,who was on his side,was getting double teamed by Corluca and Lennon all the time.It’s a shame for a player of his ability to get benched for Park.Also,by work harder i mean learn when to pass the ball.

  15. saad says:

    Whatever few chances he may get he needs to seize the oppurtunity and put on a good showing…. he doesnt do it often but i like him for his audacity.

  16. Stephen says:

    Craig, I can’t remember Berba complaining when he was left out mate, but do believe lets give Nani a go, we are quoted as being interested in so many wingers, £20m for Valencia when really Nani is better player, give him decent run.

  17. Ridwan says:

    I am reading all your comments and one player your keeping out of the frame is TOsic.
    the question is that if ronaldo goes and (hopefully) park will Nani be able to take to the wings week in week out?
    i doubt it
    but he will have to prove himself…
    and off the topic but if i was fergie i would get rid of tevez,ronaldo,park and bring in veloso… THATS IT
    up front i feel its time fergie takes a punt. if he buys the likes of benzema(23) huntelaar(24) aguero(21) i see a bleak future for welbeck and macheda. i believe that we should give manucho and f campbell more chance next season and if it doesnt work out sell em in jan (BOTH) and get in the likes of benzema or huntelaar but it sure is a punt worth taking!!

  18. Stephen says:

    Manucho is shit.

  19. Quinton_Fortune says:

    Seriously you honestky think that if Ronaldo goes then Nani will come up with 20+ goals and moments of brilliance that change a game?! very unlikely, agreed that he should be given more of a chance but if Ronnie does leave then we need a world class replacement. Ribery is the only man for the job, and we can stop all this Valencia nonsense. A team with Ronaldo + Ribery attacking down the wings…..WOW. Lets hope that its us with these 2 players and not the Fascists.

  20. Isaidso says:

    Stephen, Berba was MOANING, and giving it large, after the CL final. Through his agent, he was going on about having to consider his future IF he didn’t start in the big games. I see he is changing his mind somewhat now though, and saying United best team in the world.

    As for Tevez, the TAIL wagging the Man Utd dog, instead of the other way around, well I never knew any other players at United who EVER got away with what Ronnie and he has got away with, and that publically, and not been disciplined severely, or shown the door. I put that down to the United fans, who BOO-ed Fergie’s decision to sub Tevez, and interrupted his victory speach at our PL win celebrations, chanting about Tevez. As I have said before, United fans certainly know how to choose their hero’s (NOT), and then players like Tevez can deride our club management, and Fergie, saying he doesn’t agree with the way things are done at OT, and how he is disrespected. What about his disrespect of everything that Man United have always stood for. If he feels so badly treated, feck off out the door, and the sooner the better in my mind. Rant over guys – haha!

  21. costas says:


    I agree about Tevez.For United fans to participate in his “love fest” during the Arsenal game was disrespectful to say the least.And now,aparently he will join City even though we made the offer Kia wanted.Just like Heinze:he can’t stand the fact that he won’t start every game.Not even Cantona had such demands.Anyway,good luck at the Wastelands Carlito.

  22. Stephen says:

    Ha ha, Tevez will sign for Citeh in the next few days, so that is his career over! And thank because I totally agree with you.
    I am not a massive Ronaldo fan as you know but he does score and produce, so maybe the his relationship with the fans is a marriage of convenience. Although his selfish performance in the cup final was in my view was detrimental to the good of the side.
    With Berba I annot remember him moaning at all mate, but will bow doen to your superior knowledge.

  23. Isaidso says:

    Stephen – haha, the Berba complaints after CL final thru his agent were well reported Bro.

    As for our CL final performance, I am not sure whether this was down to team formation and system, or to just a very ‘one of those days performances’ by the lads. I personally believe it was down to the team Fergie put out. Rio lied to the coaching staff, if he was FIT there was no sign of it in Rome. He hardly jumped to head the ball, or moved as freely as he usually does. His inability to play for England now because of the injury proves my case. Rooney IS NEVER a left winger, even though he has had the odd one or two excellent games there. His contribution in Rome was pitiful, and we all know what he is capable off when played rightly. Thats 2 years now the Roon has failed to show any signs of greatness in CL finals. Park on his arse, well enough said eh? Nobody will convince me that Barca were so much brilliantly better than us, as media pontificate. We just didn’t get the job done, no heart, no passion, no ‘know how’, lacking ideas, and no sense of urgency from the bench. Make of it what you will. Me I was embarrassed.

  24. Isaidso says:

    Costas, your right mate! Tevez thinks he is so far superior to what he really is, and that he has a divine right to start EVERY game. Anybody remember his 1st season, he was whining about being TIRED having to play every game – sad git. Players like Tev are bad apples, and we already got one in Ronnie, we certainly don’t need two. The other players having to watch Ronnie and Tevez blatant dissenting behaviour when subbed, and then SAF supporting their dissent in post game interviews – hardly encouraging to less fortunate players at United is it? You all know the effect bad apples have on the other apples in the barrel don’t you.

    So yeah Costas, I certainly didn’t appreciate the ‘fan rent a mob’ effect in coming against SAF’s decisions in the subbing of players. There is a place to make our feelings known, on message boards and forums, NOT in the public arena for the whole world to see. There was a time when United fans would have NEVER supported players like Tevez against Fergie, and it was sad to see that happening at OT. I hope we never see that again, I don’t care how feckin great a player thinks he is.

  25. Stephen says:

    Spot on Craig, Tevez was playing a game of one up manship with the fans which was lame, Tevez decided that he was leaving a while ago and wanted to keep our fans onside, as probably he had or has agreed terms with one of or a couple of our rivals.
    Ta raaa

  26. KJ says:

    I think he only had a poor season in the league, but he was great in the Carling Cup and FA Cup (5 goals in both). His goal against Derby was a cracker.

  27. Nemanja says:

    Who the fuck don’t want Ribery. We need a left winger to let Rooney play in the hole. Ribery is the best. That’s all there is to it. Try and get Schneider as well seems Kaka will replace him.

  28. Red-Manc says:

    Of course Nani is going to say such things. no other club is going to want him so we shouldnt be full of praise for him for saying these things its normal he should say such things.

    alot of people slated Berbatov/Tevez/Ronaldo etc but nani has been a pile of piss this season and needs to step up.

  29. Isaidso says:

    RedManc – get real will you! No way you can say Nani played piss this season, because he hasn’t played – so what team you been watching? He id very well in the cups comps, and he only really got cameos in the league.

    Also find out facts properly before you make false comments mate – Spurs, Inter Milan and at least 2 other PL clubs have made enquiries about Nani, but Fergie promised him he would feature a lot more next season. So lets at least give him a real run of games, and then IF and its a big IF he doesn’t come up to standard, then the club let him go, along with a good few of the other LIMP DICKS in our team, who have had decent runs and made a worse mess than Nani!

  30. King Eric says:

    “and then IF and its a big IF he doesn’t come up to standard, then the club let him go, along with a good few of the other LIMP DICKS in our team, who have had decent runs and made a worse mess than Nani!”

    Isaidso – Who are you referring to? Its not a loaded question as I agree with alot of your posts, just interested to know which players you are talking about. Take it Anderson is one?

  31. inmoscowwemadeit3 says:

    I’ve felt for a long time that Franck Ribery was made for us and that although its sounds kinda naive it would have a Cantona effect on the fans and the team and we’d have a new french saviour to adore. Alas for £50mill it won’t happen unless we did a part exchange (Bayern would probably want Berbatov) and few more quid on top and I really don’t think we want to buy big especially after spending soo much on Nani, Anderson , Tosic and Adem Lajic.

    Going back to the point on Nani I say give him an intensive pre season and work on the tactical side of his game and watch how he comes on for the next 5 months if there’s still no real improvement flog him in the January window however if Sir Alex works really closely with him and the boy listens then we could have another terrific option in our already top draw squad. Nani should look at Park and Fletcher’s transformations from being just decent squad players into important very good players and gain confidence that he can make it here. anyroad time will tell

  32. Isaidso says:

    King Eric – I was leaving it to people to decide who their personal LIMP DICKS were on the team, because we all have our different thoughts on players mate. For me, I loved Anderson in his 1st season, but gotta admit, he is limp dicked mostly this season. Park on his arse might have the odd really good game, but they are very few and far between IMO. Fletch has improved quite a bit, but he is not the kind of commanding MF I think is Man United quality. Though again, the lad does have his sporadic great game performances. Berba has contributed his share of good games, but again, he has been very Limp Dicked on many an occasion. Evra, or as he is called in recent games – ‘skinned sausage’, his forages forward with no end product, and his deficiencies in defensive duties have been LIMP DICKED to the extreme – especially in the CL where he was a culprit in contributing to BOTH Barca goals. No doubt many of you will have your own player faves, so if I offended any of you with my Limp Dick nominations, I apologise to you now. I was asked to name my Limp Dickers of this season, and well I guess I did!

  33. King Eric says:

    Fair play Isaidso and I agree with them all apart from Fletch who in my opinion has probably been our best midfielder this season save for Carricks form over the winter. As I said the other day I think we may see Fletch develop into a proper class defensive midfielder. Sir Alex has certainly wanted that from day one and the lad has worked hard and this season it has paid dividends. I can see him becoming a “crowd favourite”at Old Trafford. People may mock!

  34. NicoQB says:

    I know only of one person who would staunchly defend his beloved Nani like this! :D

    Its good to have you stand up for him Craig mate!

  35. King Eric says:

    Who is Craig? Isaidso? How do people know?

  36. NicoQB says:

    @ King Eric: Once in a while you should drop by on redrants. :)

    Just like Dave from Newcastle is the Ameobi stalker, Craig is the “Nani stalker”!!

    Kidding Craig bro ;)


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