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Spilled beer and smiles on faces – how Ferguson was all about moments (and how he’s like Old Simpsons)

I was about 12, and playing Playstation at a friend’s house. After roughly our 60th head-to-head match, he suggested we start a career game together. He was one of those odd sorts that didn’t support a particular team, “just the game in general”, so we were Manchester United. “Ah”, he said. “There’s only one manager, [...]

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What United Should Expect In 2012-2013

When the final whistle blew at the Stadium of Light on the 13th of May 2012, Sir Alex Ferguson applauded his players, and waited for the news. The news was not good. Manchester City had scored at the death against QPR, and snatched the title on goal difference. Phil Jones wore a look of utter [...]

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How Patrice Evra has never played the race card and why assumptions are dangerous

Football can do a lot of things. It can turn completely stable people into emotional wrecks, it can play with our emotions like nothing else, save perhaps a member of the opposite sex. In short, it’s a very powerful thing. One thing it should not do, however, is to change our perspective. Not footballing perspective, [...]

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