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AWARDS: Nominees and Winners – Nani, Chicharito, Tunnicliffe and Gill!

Jimmy Murphy Young Player of the Year nominees: Tunnicliffe, Pogba and Thorpe.

Winner: Ryan Tunnicliffe

Reserve Player of the Year nominees: Joe Dudgeon, Oliver Gill and Scott Wootton.

Winner: Oliver Gill

“You very, very rarely see Ollie have a bad game or even a bad training session,” said Reserves boss Warren Joyce. “He’s an example of how to prepare for games.”

Goal of the season nominees: Berba overhead vs Liverpool, Chicharito backwards header vs Stoke and Rooney overhead kick vs City.

Winner: Rooney

Rooney claimed that his goal “shut City up” after they had been talking about winning the league.

Sir Matt Busby player of the year winner: Chicharito

“I do not deserve this,” Chicharito said, before saluting his team mates. Aww.

Players’ player of the year winner: Nani

Nani and Rooney both voted for Edwin Van der Sar.

PICTURES: United Awards Evening
Mr Chico t-shirts

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  1. NotoriousRedDevil says:

    Have no qualms about being ruthless, none whatsoever. However when the club you play for, that you’ve never uttered a bad word about, that you chose to play for prestige and not £££££’s doesn’t even think you deserve to be nominated despite carrying the vast majority of the goalscoring burden for half the season takes the fucking piss. Congratulations to Nani and Hernandez, both deserved their awards but Rooney shouldn’t have got nominated. All I’m saying is that some us aren’t too happy with Scholes not getting prestigious awards in the past and the media says because he’s shy with them. Seems to me it’s a whole PR machine. I think he’s off and the fans will sing Forlans name in the future who in all honesty was tripe for us and Berb will be lablled with Berba….Fill in the blanks yourself.

  2. CedarsDevil says:

    King Eric – Always telling it like it is and like it should be…. Always love your posts buddy

  3. jellybean says:

    Cedars- D’oh! Wonder why I thought that…

    Don’t know why people are so fussed about transfers right now. Or about Tevez for that matter, that retard’s always trying to break out of the bear trap that is City. He’s pretty much had fall outs with every single club he played for *yawn* old news.

    I think Berba will be around next season as well, don’t see Owen’s contract being extended…And I can’t imagine Welbeck being our 3rd choice striker. All the transfer speculation can take place AFTER we have the Champions League trophy and the prize money.

  4. fergie is the boss says:

    can someone tell me who that idiot who said selling rooney to shitty was a good idea, and keeping micheal owen, is that guy taking the piss or what

  5. CedarsDevil says:

    Buy him, sell him do this, do that… Thank fuck non of us manage the club… Did not do too badly with a so called rubbish squad this season did we?

    jellybean, no worries my friend

  6. xol says:

    Enjoyed the awards show. Flippin eck, when did MUTV get a budget? It’s come on since I last watched it. Used to be in-house muzak ffs. Now it’s Chicharito taking the stage to Melting Pot by either Boris Gardiner or Booker T & MGs, can’t remember. Thought he was gonna pop some moves in a B-boy style in a nod to us old buggers who remember proper music and remember the 80′s as shit and don’t need reminding how bad the fashions were by young people who’ll soon regret the way they pretentiously present themselves in their stupid tight fucking pants and pointy shoes. It’s not the 80′s ffs. It’s the 70′s and the latest Scorcese film’s on at the pictures – not Xanadu or fucking that bloody together in electric dreams shite thingy.
    Anyway, who’s been hitting the Gin tonight? Be calm, the Berb is loved and unlike Nani, doesn’t need the confidence boost heading into a rather big match against opponents that every media outlet is calling the best. Maybe the web department messed up in missing him off the little video that played on the screens whilst the players talked amongst themselves about iphone apps. Shit I just said ‘apps’.

  7. King Eric says:

    Cheers lads.

    Costas. Hello mate. Yeah of course he should be it was the fans who decided it not the club. Then again surely someone asked mentioned Berbatov? Its funny as this is taking me back to may 2008 when a load on here were saying the same about the treatment of tevez. We know how that turned out. Although I aint for one minute suggesting the classy berba and that judas cunt tevez are the same.

  8. King Eric says:

    Xol. Ha quality post. Don’t get me started on the yoof of today. Like you say all mincing about in fucking skin tight jeans and slip on fucking or pointed shoes. Daft fucking haircuts. What’s all these jeans they wear now with fucking elasticated bottims and no arses? Like they are designed to stop shit coming out the bottom. Wearing them with either poncey espadrilles or hob nailed boots. Then there’s the fucking cardigans buttoned up to fuck. Man bags. Uurrggh. They get fucking worse. I am only thirty six but remember enough about the nasty eighties to be not reminded of again.

  9. willierednut says:

    NRD – I can’t affect what some fans call Berbatov. I can attack them though and will continue to do so. Disagree about Rooney not being nominated. His goal against City was always gonna get attention. As I said before, Berbatov’s 3rd against Blackburn was my favorite. I don’t know why he didn’t win an award, but I don’t think it’s a conspiracy. Younger fans voting maybe.

  10. jellybean says:

    Why does it not surprise me that there’s a Guardian headline about Rooney’s “fight” with the so-called fan??? Rooney’s an idiot though, Owen, Rio, GNev(!!!!) etc all get plenty of twitter think he’d have thicker skin by now. Esp as we all know, the press have nothing better to do than to write about our player’s tweets. And the FA as always loves poking their noses into every mundane detail that has to do with this club….they better leave this one alone, don’t need any distractions before the 28th.

  11. CedarsDevil says:


    The English media will so their best to make sure United lose the final…. Fucking makes me feels sick

  12. fergie is the boss says:

    CedarsDevil – Like I have said in the past, this is the biggest underdog battle any english club has ever been up against, United do not even have the backing of their own country, only the united fans. And this is why I will never support england EVER

  13. jellybean says:

    These Arsenal players really can’t seem to open their mouths without contradicting themselves all the time eh? Wasn’t Van Persie defending they way Holland played at the final by saying pretty football doesn’t win trophies? Now he’s saying he believes in Wenger’s style??

    Almost as bad as Fabregas saying they should be like us, and claiming that Utd play defensive football. Given that Wenger never shows videos of the opposition to his team, and that Fabregas most likely spends his days wanking off to Messi highlights, I’m pretty sure he’s never actually watched a Utd game then, oh maybe the last one at Emirates from the bench. Cunt muscle.

  14. fergie is the boss says:

    jellybean – yea lols an arsenal player critisicing how united play that has won 4 titles in 5 years

  15. jellybean says:

    “We came very, very close to being champions and if you look at our games against the big [top four] teams, we are first in that small league.”- yes now pat yourself on the back, you self congratulating cunt. Hope that thought keeps you warm when you’re having to play CL qualifiers.

  16. MUFCOK says:

    agree with all the winners. except gill, and maybe it is through unjust hatred but why is that little rat at our club. His dads a cunt and the only reason he’s had a chance at United is because his dads here.

    he’ll never be welcomed by the fans so its a waste of time.

  17. fergie is the boss says:

    MUFCOK – simply shut the fuck up. Gill has been a fantastic chief executive, the fergie gill partnership has seen united clean up

  18. RedManWalking says:

    @jellybean – who said van persie is contradicting himself?? Who said Wenger’s style is pretty? ;)

  19. xol says:

    King Eric thanks mate, lovely descriptions of the attire of the modern yoot. lol cardigans and whatever those shoes are called. Remind me of those drawings where the paper gets folded to hide each section of the body. You unfold the paper to reveal Morrisey’s head, A Cardigan, Adam Ant’s pants and fucking huge Pointy Pixie’s Clogs. Very happy for Chich and would ideally like to see him, Berb AND Rooney take to the field during the Final. I just have a feeling the Berb can harm them. Older head to calm things down, keep the ball, turn his back to defenders and draw them in before releasing a team mate. Big decisiopn for SAF as to who comes on as sub. Who’d you put your money on to score against them in 30 minutes? Chich? In that case bring him on to finish them off/as a last throw of the dice to break the deadlock. Or bench Berba and bring him on and hope he feels his way in to the game quickly? I’m scratching my head about it.

  20. Zibbie says:

    @supertramp fuck off.
    Lil Pea on Foxs boobies

  21. Zibbie says:

    The 80′s hair dews hahahahaha and the big hair and women wearing shoulder pads HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I graduated from High School in 1980 and my collage years were a blur and hit the Southern California beaches at 24 wow thank you God for getting me through it.

  22. Zibbie says:

    SAF SAID 3 MORE PLAYERS HAHAHAHAHAHAAHHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FILL THE HOLES !!!!!!!!!!!

  23. unmesh says:

    anyone got the video for the awards ceremony?

  24. zobs24 says:

    This is what THE BOSS had to say about our banner at Liverpool:

    Just Love it!! He is the Biggest Fan of this Club!

  25. Neil says:

    They’re all winners because they’re at the greatest club in the world. Congrats to the entire organization from top to bottom for making the ABU’s look like the shit-for-brains that they all are.

    Although I did watch that stupid fucking horrible Blue Moon Rising movie and noticed that one of the Citeh “die hards” works for United. And he says he loves his job and United is a great place to work! Fucking hilarious. So congrats to the entire organization except that bitter cunt.

    I really like this crop of youngsters coming through the ranks at the moment. I’m glad Fergie is sticking around because he’ll blood them in properly and get the maximum yield from them. If he’d retired and it was another manager (Mourinho for example) these kids would be fucked, and the club would be missing out of some great players. Can’t wait to see them beat Sheffield next week.

    Waiting for the 28th to get here is excruciating!!!

  26. dela says:

    Morning all.

    Darn, I missed the awards again. I’ve seen the thing just once- it was the year Jonathan Spector was given the Jimmy Murphy Award, and I think Ruud took the Seniors’ award. Oh wait, was it Cristiano?

    Anyway, the one thing I do remember is Fergie saying that we didn’t need reinforcements and, in Rooney, Ronaldo and Rossi, we had three stars in the making. Prescient words indeed,

  27. man_utd_19 says:

    @ unmesh
    There’s a short edit on the official site (login required)

  28. T. says:

    Fuck, now rooney will be banned for saying shut up. It is much better to use soft words like silenced, ended their hopes or something. In fact, I guess he will be banned for saying the swearword Shitty.

  29. Costas says:

    @King Eric

    Yeah it’s not the same. For example, you won’t find me or NRD chanting Berbatov’s name while Fergie is giving his OT address! I think the nominees were decided by our club and fans could vote for them on Meaning, fans couldn’t vote for Berbatov even if they wanted to. I find that strange, especially when Smalling made the list instead. (Like I said earlier, nothing against Chris whom I’ve grown VERY fond of).

  30. sachu says:

    sign messi ronaldo and ozil

  31. T4M says:

    Not trying to sound like a conspiracy theorist but the fact that Smalling was nominated ahead of berba is a strange one.If the club can’t honour its top scorer then something’s wrong.I hope he isn’t sold as I’m just getting to like him

  32. King Eric says:

    Costas – Aah. Didnt realise it was the club who put the nominees forward. That is a bit offside then.

  33. sachu says:

    mate everyone likes berba he wont go
    regarding smalling its surprising but i thought vida not geting award was also surprising
    berbatov is agenius fergie likes him thatswhy he paid 30 million we cant sell him we need experience there also four strikers will be rooney chicho berbatov and welbeck

    having watched the youth cup final thorpe realy looked good in defence no wonder he was nominated
    pogba morrison tuncliffe thorpe keane and fornasierlooked quality
    regarding the 3 signings
    well one is de gea
    i am sure we are planning to sign a midfielder i hope we sign some on e experienced with quality
    because if we sign 20 year old midfielders thats definetly blocking the progress of these ypung players
    so expect A MARQUEE SIGNING that will excite us all

  34. T4M says:

    Sachu,Regarding transfers I really really hope we get that CM we crave for and not another striker/winger.I already hear of a defender that’s coming…isn’t that surplus?would only make sense if Brown is being shipped out.

  35. scan74 says:

    well done to all the boys on there awards

    what a fucking lad that Little Pea is deserves all his success

    great attitude hope the bags the fucking winner on the 28th

  36. giggs12gerrard0 says:

    @King Eric

    You must be made up to see Tunniclife get his award, the boy is top draw material and anyone who has not seen him play should get excited! Made from the same cloth as Keano, really hoping he progresses on track and starts to sniff 1st team over the coming 18 months.

    My goal of the season was Rooney simply because of technique and more importantly shutting them blue nose cunts up! The vrowd went mental when he scored that. Another favourate though was Giggs against Birmingham when Berba and Rooney one two combo before Rooney crossed for Giggs hwho hit a bullet into the roof of the net.

  37. sandeep1878 says:

    that is award video…


    i m sure SAF has made up his mind on Rooney..

    after the UCL final, dont be suprised to see some cracking news, be it rooney or any new players..

  38. King Eric says:

    Giggs12Gerrard0 – Hello mate. Yeah , well pleased. I have been championing Ryan all season. Like you say cut from the same cloth as Keano. Hard as nails for a young kid, bosses the show.

  39. kel says:

    Players’ player of the year winner meaning its vote by the players?????

    NANI my favorite player!!! WOAH!!!!

  40. kel says:

    Btw any videos for the awards??? Wanna see!

  41. KingOfStretfordEnd says:

    Lol at the aww for Chicharito.

    Congrats to everybody, and i really wish to end May on a high!

  42. KingOfStretfordEnd says:

    To me, what’s made this season extra special for me is Chicharito. He’s truly God’s send. Fantastic, level-headed and simply wonderful. Just look at his reaction on the bench after Rooney’s overhead kick against city. Says it all.

  43. andy says:

    Can’t believe that Tunni is a City fan?? His mum is a United fan and he was name after Giggsy!!!

  44. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Well done to all the lads, to the entire squad. But make no mistake, that Sir Matt Busby player of the year award is class. FFS, you would have to die with a smile on your lips to have won one of those and that’s a fact. Chicho should be rightly impressed. United took him from being a rarely used sub at international level and put him in a position to catapult to world wide acclaim. Good on ya son. Good on ya United!

  45. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Gotta agree about Berba. Should have been nominated for player of the year. Class guy.
    But I also agree with Rooney’s goal for “goal of the year” Think goal of the year should balance quality of execution with importance. That was a f*ckin’ beauty on both accounts!

    Must say I should not be allowed to complain about any of this. If the voting is on that leaves me out. I let my dues slip because of the G&G. Must say I think that was stupid from me in retrospect. Feel I let myself and United down.

    In any case, Top year and class awards all around. Class from so many young players to be up for the top awards as well. Up United. The future looks sweet.

  46. King Eric says:

    andy – Yes mate that is true. He is named after Giggsy. I think Tunni chose United over Citeh and I have seen him grab the badge when he has scored. Good to see he has got those jokers out of his system.

  47. soren says:

    Player of the Year Javier Hernandez Video

  48. soren says:

    Chicharito Interview Player of the Year

  49. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Another video of the Chicharito award ceremony.

    Really class this.


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