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Back To The 70′s

Stretford End Flags are hoping to recreate the 1970s so are encouraging all those going to Derby/Forest in the next round of the FA Cup to get their banners out. Dust off your old ones or make new ones.

The best banner will win a United related prize, but to ensure you get your banner in the ground, make sure you only use small canes.

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. Red-Manc says:

    It will look sound, We need as many flags/2 stick flags/scarves as we possibly can


  2. BESHER says:

    imagine nearly 65000 supporter(taking out away and executive boxes and …..) all holding serbian portuguess french brazilian argentinan flags and all banners u can think of waving them during the game chanting and singing .it would be a nice atmosphere :D .

  3. clj7 says:

    aah it’s not gunna work. The rich season ticket holders only go there to watch a football match. They don’t go to support Utd and they never wear the red shirt. They’re most of the people who walk out 4 minutes before the final whistle to avoid traffic. That’s why out stadium is so quiet compared to teams like Liverpool and Everton. I say, GET RID OF SEASON TICKETS XD

    Btw, my point is – season ticket holders don’t go there with banners and flares etc.

  4. tel says:

    clj7 you are insane

  5. Mic says:

    clj7 – you been there before then bud? Don’t believe everything you read, when Liverpool and Everton drew 1-1 in the league half the pool fans were out before the final whistle and if there wern’t Everton fans in the stadium you’d have heard nothing.

  6. keanesmagichat says:

    clji7 has neber been to old trafford

  7. Red-Manc says:

    The game this is planned for IS NOT AT OLD TRAFFORD! its an away match so its trying to make the United end at either derby/Forest even better than it normally would.

    clj7 – you are a tit

  8. John says:

    Looks great :D Especially love this on,

    United we are
    United we stand
    The greatest by far
    The best in the land


    “I’d rather be a muppet then a Scouse” pretty much says it all

  9. Jake says:

    clj7, they are the kind of comments I’d expect from a 14yr old scouser…everyone knows that it’s a myth that a) United don’t have local fans, in fact we have more than city and that b) season ticket holders are all rich prawn sandwich men…the atmosphere at Old Trafford can be fantastic and is for most of the games…our season tickets aren’t that expensive compared to the likes of chelsea and arsenal and who the fuck would commit to owning a United season ticket and not support United? You’re mental mate…

    off-topic- read an article today in times about Scholes’ best United 11 from recent times…schmeichel, neville, ferdinand, brown, irwin, beckham, keane, robson, giggs, van nistelrooy, sheringham…ronnie on the bench…thought it was qute interesting because I don’t think many would pick that…

  10. bchilds says:

    clj7 what are you talking about?

    Obviously never been to a game before. Anfield has one of the most overrated atmospheres ever.

    Sure there are good days but most games there are as quiet as a library.

    When Old Trafford is proper banging it is amazing, Chelski, Barcelona to name a couple recent fantastic games with atmospheres to match.

  11. Tyler. says:

    Gentlemen this is a fantastic idea, I just doubt that 70% of the ground will even care. I have disappointed with the support inside Old Trafford at times, and a FA Cup match against Nottingham Forrest/Derby isn’t going to motivate people enough.

    I wish it was different, but that’s how I feel.

  12. Usman says:

    This is stuff of dreams! wow

  13. Nazr says:

    football stands back in the day…massive!

  14. Red Rooney says:

    i dont need a banner. my face will say it all.

  15. Red Rooney says:

    btw cl shit 7, there are no rich or poor season ticket holders. if you are referring to people who eat prawn sandwiches, then you may have a point else go and watch united on telly.

  16. doncobaino says:

    you have to miss sights like that- i hope it works because its something i really think OT lacks.
    Am I wrong in thinking United have banned such flags etc because they are dangerous
    and none of these rubbish ones like the scousers have with bloody gladiators quotes- piss off

  17. doncobaino says:

    anyone know what book or mag that photo is from?

  18. stewart says:

    I was at the game shown in the pic! 1977 FA Cup Final United 2 Scum 1! The year we stopped the shite doing the double! Wembley stadium at its finest that day! Another good banner that day was” Jesus saves”! But Pearson scores off the rebound! The atmosphere at OT in those days was immense! At the back of the old Stretford End there were about 1000 seats and if you went in there (as we did occasionally) the view was obscured quite a lot by the hundreds of flags and banners and the noise and constant support was deafening! We were every bit as good and loud as the dippers on the Kop in those days! We used to sing “come and join us, come and join us, come and join us at the top, were the best fans in England and we’re louder than the Kop”!! And we were! And still should be! ” Keep the Faith! It never dies!

  19. Red-Manc says:

    we are still louder than the kop today, but everyones atmosphere is piss poor so its hardly a compliment, Stewart your so lucky to have been going to matches in them days mate!

    BRING ALL FLAGS/BANNERS/SCARFS oh and your voices ;)

  20. stewart says:

    Yeah! You re right Red Manc! It was a brilliant time to be watching football in this country! Maybe not such a great time to be a Red because the shite from up the East Lancs road were in their heyday but they always struggled to beat us! As we all know, it’s all seater stadiums that has done the atmosphere in, at todays grounds. Something else to “thank” the scouse shite for!?! That and the price and availability of tickets. Bring back safe terracing, reduce the cost and the average working man and his son will generate the atmosphere that is definitely lacking in todays grounds! Of course, none of that is ever going to happen, so its down to us, the fans to create the atmosphere so this “bring a flag or banner” campaign is a good one! Lets hope the law and the club allow people in with them though?! And with UNITED enjoying massive superiority for the last decade and a half over “the Shite” it is NOW a brilliant time to be watching football in this country! Our 18th top division title is surely not far away now, thus equalling the”Shites” record, and slowly but surely making ground on their European record! Yeah! Its a great time to be a RED MANC!

  21. doncobaino says:

    stew = hero

  22. doncobaino says:

    i was in Munich last year and had a tour of the alliance arena. arguably germanys best stadium. behind the goal there is a section of seats that is removed for budesliga games where the hardcore fans stand. It is an area of safe and effective terracing. it shows it can be done easily and safely- its just the FA over here are too dimwitted to even contemplate it.
    check out youtube im sure there are loads of videos of bayerns standing section.
    it would INSTANTLY sort out the atmosphere at english grounds. and like i said before SAFELY because that is their argument.

  23. socamad689908 says:

    @clj7 go to you tube and put in k stand barmy army mate.

    Barca last season, milan the seaon before, liverpool a couple ago when rio scored late on, fuck me roma 7-1, to name but a few in recent seasons, we can have our off days but hell when its good its fuckin magic.


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