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Back United to steamroll Portsmouth

Manchester United are the classic ‘good things’ for favourite backers with struggling Portsmouth the opposition at Old Trafford this Saturday afternoon.

Odds of just 1.14 (1-7) are for the big bettors or multiple backers only, but it’s hard to argue that United are almost as close to a certainty as you’ll find in the Premier League.

And if you’re just getting started on betting, backing United to win in this game is the easiest ‘win’ you’ll get all year.

Portsmouth to get relegated this season?

Bottom of the league and five points adrift of Burnley in 19th, debt-ridden Pompey are just 1.23 (2-9) with Betfair punters to go down this year. Former Chelsea manager Avram Grant has been unable to turn the ship around and their last league win came before Christmas when Liverpool, in a crisis all of their own, were beaten 2-0 at Fratton Park. Truly, these are dark times for Portsmouth fans.

In contrast, United are flying. Wayne Rooney is smashing goals in left, right and centre, while recent wins over Arsenal and Manchester City have got the league challenge firmly on track and the champions back in the Carling Cup final.

So, if we are to assume that the game is as good as won, what are the best bets?

When dominance is expected, goals usually are too. With the Reds hitting three past Arsenal and City, and four past Hull this game looks like following that same pattern. Losing Younes Kaboul and Asmir Begovic at the end of the transfer window can only hurt a defence that has actually been fairly tight (just four goals conceded in the last three games).

But while the ingredients are all there for a hammering, the value probably lies away from bets based on very heavy wins.

Pompey may not be the sharpest in front of goal but they have the tools to break through United’s defence at least once. Back ‘no’ in the Manchester United clean sheet market at 2.5 (6-4).

If we take a Portsmouth goal as a given, it may pay to back some correct scores. Two-one and 3-1 are both available at 13 (12-1) and that offers the chance of a big win.

And who’s going to put the ball in the back of the net? Well, Nani has impressed in recent weeks and can continue his good form with another goal at 3.5 (5-2).

Betfair is offering ROM readers £25 free for just opening an account and placing a bet. Use the tips above to get started, and if you don’t win, Betfair will put up to £25 back into your account to give you another chance to make some money backing United.



  1. Gotta hate tiny tears says:

    is there gonna be a go out and gamble post before every match
    i like to place a wager on some matches and the odd horse
    i know my horese cause my dad loved them and knew alot about how to gamble so im not preaching at all. but there are alot of under 18s who read this blog and are advised how to gamble on manchester united by Ahmed Bilal , Miss scotts what to look forward to in the next game posts and not a fan of these, i read the first 2 and havent wanted to read another i came on to this one just to write this

  2. Xyth says:

    I will be disappointed if we do not get another 5:0 win.

  3. Brio the Red says:

    I reckon both Wazza & Nani will score a brace.They are both on a roll & it’s our last game at the Theatre of Dreams before we play away in 3 games consequtively.the lads will want to put in a good showing to the home crowd & by so doing showcase their tittle credentials. The incentive for a win is that we go top & if the chavs lose or draw we maintain top spot. We need a strong goal margin coz the chavs have scored 2 more goals than us. While not despising Pompey who will give their all on the field, the gulf in class & form will ultimately betray them. This is the game where we’re going to confirm if Nani’s “REVIVAL” was genuine. I’ll go for a 4-0 Win.

  4. SqueakyRed says:

    How much do you get per referral from your link ?

  5. Paul Parker says:

    …..AND BAHTAH THEM !!!!

    As for the betting angle, personally I don’t see any value in the match tomorrow, not at those odds anyway. Lets face it, anybody that supports and KNOWS United knows that we are more then capable of drawing or even losing this match, only to beat Villa next week… one dodgy ref decision and your stake is out the window. So nah, not at those odds to back a win, and guessing the correct score more often then not is a Mugs game IMO. who the Fuck are you Mystic Meg ? hahaha. But each to their own I guess. Im more interested in the odds for the Villa game. Its away so the odds will be better, especially as I back United to win it after we were disappointing at home. Any under 18 year old with money burning a hole in their pocket should wait to see the odds on that game. Risking £7 to win £1 is a mugs game, if you get what I mean. Still, thats just my opinion.


  6. mikekelly12 says:

    Fixed odds accumulaters ramp up your winnings. I’ve been known to stick a few on Chelsea, Liverpool, Arsenal and City! If they all come in I win a few bob, if they don’t it means one of them has slipped up so I’m happy annyway….small pleasures!

  7. Jorgen says:

    GHTT, I absolutely agree with you, I have felt the same way for some time! Mr. Bilal has his own blog and should stay there if the only reason for him coming on here is to write about gamblingopportunities. It slightly dillutes the content on an otherwise fantastic unitedblog! Keep it up Scott but skip the commercials!



  9. The Edge says:


    Berbatov has to score. So does Owen.

    Scorers- Berbatov 2, Owen 1, Rooney 2, Valencia 1. Valencia and Nani with all the assists.

    Get that goal difference right up.

    Viva John Terry.

  10. Jandsdad says:

    @ read carefully what i

    I’m not a gambling man,normally, but I likes those odds.

  11. steamdigit says:

    since i got the last scoreline against the gooners right at 3-1 (although wrong let’s see what me crystal ball says this time round

    first off, we are at least going to score 3 – this happens especially when fergie always heads to the press to speak well, support, console, encourage etc. the opposing team manager…lol – anyone else notice that? scott – pls see if you can check and confirm that one … ;p

    second, seeing as avram grant is not one that fergie hates too much, the man has a rather pitiable look after all – or if you are evil -looks like the emperor in star wars lol….. we are not going to take them for 7 or 8 goals

    lastly, since the game is at home, we are not likely to concede – especially against portsmouth – so a clean sheet is in order

    all in all, i would think that a 5-0 scoreline is possible, but i am going for a 4-0 socreline – we are not heartless bastards, and we hardly steam roll anyone, unless we hate the team and the manager…lol

    final score 4-0, with a little hope of 5-0 just for entertainment….woohoo
    have a great game guys :)

  12. Its in my blood says:

    The three points first and foremost, but yes, good opportunity to improve that goal difference.
    Off topic i know, but can you believe that twat Phil Dowd has been handed the Carling Cup final?
    I don’t think there’s a ref left in the game who has sent off/booked more United players than him and almost certain there isn’t one who’s sent off/booked fewer Villa players than him.
    It’s like even at this stage the FA are determined to make things as difficult as possible for us.

  13. Ahmad Bilal has a poker face! says:

    i agree with all of you who are against such useless posts! Go back to soccerlens poker face!

  14. jellybean says:

    i’m surprised noone has mentioned the munich anniversary. hopefully the players will be specially up for it, given that it is a significant day in the history of manchester united. while i don’t see a toothless arsenal making any dents in chelsea’s league hopes, i’m fully confident that we will pick up all 3 points from this game.and given our last few games, i think we can hopefully go on a long winning run even though we do have some tough away fixtures coming up. and definitely have to kill chelsea and liverpool at old trafford. not that i think liverpool has a chance at the league AT ALL, but i want revenge. the team has let us down in some big games recently, but city and arsenal were good psychological wins. the game against liverpool in october really pissed me off, the team weren’t up for it AT ALL. as for chelsea, we all know we got fucked by the 12th man, but that should not be an excuse. we’ll always have to deal with bullshit calls, and some decisions will go our way and some won’t. i still expect the team to score against our biggest title rivals in 90+ minutes! and despite the amazing amazing job wazza is doing upfront alone, i want us to play with an attacking mind set. if we kill it on the wings, then rooney and berba should be able to bang ‘em in, and hopefully vidic and rio will be back to their amazing selves by then. anyway, that’s in april, so back to tomorrow’s game.
    prediction for the lineup- VDS, rafa/brown, vidic, evans, evra, nani, fletch, ando, park, berba, rooney. really hope berba plays, would love for him to shake off his critics like nani has been able to do in his last couple of games. tomorrow will be a true test of nani’s consistency and hopefully he won’t let us down. would also like to see diouf get a run out and maybe bag another goal at OT.
    on a separate note, anybody else excited about the champions league starting again? i have to say, i’m still a bit sad at having lost our unbeaten home record :( even though we lost in the final last year, the team does deserve praise for having reached 2 consecutive finals. being unbeaten in europe at home for soooo long is also huge. i want rooney to continue his current form in the champions league as well, like messi did last yr for barca and ronaldo did the year before for us. i remember last yr right after the group stages ended, even though we weren’t playing that well, i told my boyfriend “it’s going to be a utd vs barca final, and if any team can beat us, it’ll be barca”. this year, i feel like the champions league is pretty open and can’t really pinpoint any standout teams. if we beat milan, we have a decent chance of perhaps making the final, or at the very least the semis. really really really loved watching us play against arsenal, my friend and i couldn’t stop smiling all night. utd lost to leeds on my birthday and prior to that we played shit against fulham and villa. for a team that had been playing with only one established defender for several weeks, we were obviously going to drop some points. last couple of games however, the team’s gotten back it’s “never give in” attitude, which we all have come to know and love. and anyway, as we all know, united always do things the hard way…wouldn’t it be so like us to piss off the media and win the league despite having a massive injury crisis and losing 2 important attacking players? everyone’s been talking about rooney, and rightly so. i’ve run out of adjectives to describe him. i wonder, do the press not watch our games that they call us a one-man team? where would we be without giggs’ assists? or fletcher’s tackles? or valencia’s rockets? or berba’s magic flicks? or scholes’ passing? where would we be without evra who played like a lion with midfielders alongside him in defence? he’s a constant attacking threat, yet even the paciest wingers have trouble against him. where the hell would we be without kuzsack who has been playing second/third fiddle to the best goalkeeper in the world and ben foster, and yet rose to the challenge of playing with an entirely unfamiliar back four and doing a damn good job! people are saying this is the weakest united team for years, as fergie said “maybe this is the weakest united team, maybe we’ll only win the league this year”…

  15. MG says:

    Roger Byrne
    Geoff Bent
    Eddie Coleman
    David Pegg
    Mark Jones
    Duncan Edwards
    Tommy Taylor
    Liam Whelan

    And to all those that we lost in Munich

    To Albert Scanlon who left us not so long ago

    You will never be forgotten

    On the 6th February when Manchester United have the privilege to play

    All of us will shine a light to “The Busby Babes”

    I hope the team can do everyone proud tomorrow

  16. ax1d says:

    well said MG, well said.
    no doubt we win but this afternoon the performance seems to be at least of equal weight. GLORY!

  17. King Eric says:

    Off topic – Deco the cunt jst about sums Chelsea up. According to him Arsenal haven’t the bottle but best of all “Chelsea are the favourites to win the treble”. What is up with these cunt’s? Can’t they keep their mouth shut to avoid looking very silly? Show some fucking respect to United you little prick. There is a big reason the treble has not been won since 99, it takes some doing and a magical team not a bunch of chav cunts. It disgusts me the arrogance the Chelsea players show.

  18. King Eric says:

    PS I really don’t like Ancelotti. Whats with that ridiculous eyebrow?

  19. manchuchu says:

    Those dirt licking arseholes at Fox Sports are not showing United v Portsmouth.

    Fucking assholes. I want to go to their head office and kill every single one of those pencil pushing homos with a claw hammer.

    I need to be there for my team goddamit

  20. manu4life says:

    First of all secure the three points in the first half and rest some key players.

  21. Gotta hate tiny tears says:

    UNited have only played a few games on the 6th of feb at 3 oclock
    i think this will be the second time since tv got involved and the last time it hapened it started snowing 12 minutes into the game

  22. Paul H says:

    Strange to think that the last time Avram Grant led a team out against SAF, it was in the final of the world’s biggest club competition. And here he is with a club that are rooted to the foot of the table, seemingly destined to go bump any day now.

    That post match glass of red, will rarely be more deserved after Pompey ship 5 or 6 today at OT.

  23. aig alex is god says:

    Morning everyone

    Its pompey but we should not get too overconfident. Yes, they are bottom of the table but they have given some really good performances this season and have been very unfortunate to end on the losing side. They were excellent at Craven Cottage in midweek and against city last weekend but wasted a number of chances and ended up losing.Also gave Chelsea a game at the Bridge. They have shown great spirit but have wasted number of chances and paid the price. Also they have lost their best defender Younes Kaboul which could prove vital. Also SAF may rest a few players given the vital games we have coming up. However whatever team SAF puts out should be good enough to win preferred line up.

    Rafael Vidic Evans Evra
    Valencia Carrick fletcher Giggs
    Berbatov Owen

  24. Ober-fucking-tan says:


    The Ginger Ninja is not there but like the childish look on Ando’s face there! And boy does 50-Cent Diouf know how to smile!!!

    Golden boot as well……….

  25. trevor says:


    The boy sure does have teeth! — Will be sponsored to Colgate!

  26. The Edge says:


    I think that’ll be the team too. Rooney will constantly be in the boss’s ear nagging him to bring him on. I expect Rooney to still get 2.

  27. Corea says:

    hope we’ll bring back the days when we got the result in the first half. then rest Roon bring on Diouf, Fabio.

  28. afromanc says:

    Hope diouf comes on today, that boys got something special!

  29. rooney the new king says:

    I am annoyed nani will now be going back on the left.

  30. Costas says:


    Welcome back Vida. Yeah right…

  31. Costas says:

    Anderson, Scholes and Giggs not even on the bench.

  32. Tony Starks says:

    hey ppl… scholes/giggs being rested for more important coming games… anderson? well looks like gibson is our ony midfield reserve now… eek..

  33. Sketch says:

    Whats happening with Vida? Is he fit? Is he gonna have a surgery? I just wish Fergie would be honest with us, and tell us whats REALLY going on.

    Strong squad, im not being cockey or arrogant. But I’m confident that we will score atleast 3.

    I hope Berba and Nani have a good game.


  34. Costas says:


    Vidic supposedly has bene training for the last week. He was on the bench against City and he was supposed to play at the Emirates and he didn’t. Yesterday, Fergie said that he should be ok for today. Don’t know what to think anymore. This game would have been perfect for him to ease his way back into the team. The next 3 will be tough for someone who hasn’t played in a months and appears to be crocked up.

  35. Tony Starks says:

    … I think there is no point risking/playing Vida today, I’d rather he play the next two games, that are pretty huge for us…

  36. Sketch says:

    Thanks mate. I honestly dont know what to think. We need him fit for the champions league games and our next 3. Im not a fan of the Brown/ Evans combination, and it really doesnt help settle my nerve imagining them up against pacey, tall strikers.
    I really hope Vida doesnt leave. When will we finally see our first two center backs on the team sheet?

  37. Costas says:


    No prob.Hopefully, we will see them together in 10 days at the San Siro. Not the best game to get them playing together after 4 months, but they have a good understanding.

  38. rooney the new king says:

    I am still weary of this game some are getting 2 cocky the way this premiership has gone anything is possible. nani I am dissapointed he is on the left today and I expect a big performence from berbatov today

  39. rooney the new king says:

    Sketch – he will leave united have paved the way for his departure and with ferdinand smallen evans and borwn to choose from add carthcart coming through also

  40. The Edge says:

    Well happy with team.

    Roo, Berba, Valencia and Nani. GOALS.

    Think it’s clear that Vidic is off. Evans is brilliant and can only get better.

  41. trevor says:

    @rooney the new king

    Yeah it does make me laugh, Just cause portsmouth have played bad and have previously been a walk over. Their team is capable of so much more!

    This bollox of we should win by 4 is total horse shit!

    What happens today is dependant on how we play & how well or poor portsmouth play! & also lady luck!


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