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Bale: Ronaldo Is My Inspiration

Gareth Bale destroyed Brazilian defender Maicon in Tottenham Hotspur’s 3-1 victory over Inter Milan last night.

After the game, Bale claimed that he is using Cristiano Ronaldo has his inspiration to become unstoppable.

“Obviously teams are trying to stop me in a way, and obviously I’ve got to think of other ways to get past them,” said Bale. “I’m going to have to keep learning in training and in games and try things and hopefully improve as a player which will allow me to continue to thrive. And I think with all the world-class players these days, the likes of Ronaldo, teams double up on him all the time and he still finds a way. And, I think, as a player, you’ve got to keep trying to improve your game and make it an all-round game to kind of be unstoppable.”

I do wonder if Brazil boss, Mano Menezes, was watching United’s game against Spurs at the weekend as well as last night’s Champions League action at White Hart Lane. Maicon didn’t get close to Bale, whilst in contrast, Rafael kept him in his back pocket all evening.

It was also interesting to see Bale run the ball out of play against last night and put a cross in for Crouch to score. He did a similar thing at Old Trafford but Spurs failed to make anything of it. After questioning Nani’s sportmanship after the linesman failed to spot his handball, it’s interesting how frequently he makes the most of officials not paying attention…

Still, the lad is only 21-years-old and will certainly have a bright future. His contract doesn’t expire until 2014 though, so any club hoping to buy him will have to fork out a lot. With Spurs certainly making it past the group stages of Europe, and who knows from there, there will be temptation for him to stay. I’d love it if we signed him this summer though. Go on Giggsy, have a word!

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  1. Costas says:


    Yeah mate. I just found it strange that someone had the wage bills. I’ve tried looking for ours over the internet, but in vain. Looking at the data over a 5 year span, it probably explains why ours is higher than City’s. I was of the opinion that our wage structure was reasonable. Compared to Real’s anyway!

    Personally, I believe that it takes more than just money. Spurs have spent a lot(in transfer fees anyway), but they’ve also done a great scouting job picking up players like Hutton, Bale and Modric. Plus, they are developed well at Spurs. Same for most players that join United. Ronaldo for example. Or Nani. And looking at last season, we were 1 point away from retaining the title and that wasn’t because we lost Ronaldo and Tevez. It was the injury situation that caused us to drop points. The other thing that works for you is that the club takes a shot at players that some would say didn’t deserve it. Like Jenas or VDV.

    You know, it would have been easier to feel sorry for City fans if they weren’t so deluded. You’d be surprised how often they came here at the start of the season with their silly “tick tock” lines. You ask them and they’ll tell you that their clubs history begun in 2008. They don’t care what their club is turning into or that their players are more or less mercenaries(some of them don’t even hide it well). All that matters is that they finally win a trophy and that they somehow dethrone us. I hate the financial shape that my club is currently at, but having an Arab or Russian sugar daddy was never my ideal way of running a club either.

  2. Tomtraubert says:

    @ Costas

    Hutton – 9m
    Bale – 5mil (+ potentially 5 in add-ons)
    Modric – 16.5m

    Dont think scouting covers that one really except maybe for bale. Hutton announced himself at Rangers playing in Europe and Modric had Croatia to use as a vehicle so they were well known. Bale that season exploded at Southampton and could well be viewed as a youtube player till Jan of this year.

    Obviously they may well have been watched but not “scouted”

    My views on scouting are getting players that very few know nothing about.

    when Jenas joined us he was a player with “massive potential!”

    vdV is just pure class and I cant figure out why nobody else wanted him (conspiracy theorists reckon its a sweetener for a Bale deal in Jan/Summer!)

    Anyway maybe I’m being pedantic

  3. Tartaruga says:

    Hutton isn’t rated highly but most of us Spurs fans, in fact he’s probably considered one of our weak links.

    Bale was £8m. Southampton originally sold him to us at £5m + another £5m on appearances etc + 25% of any sell-on fee, but when Southampton got in financial difficulties a few years ago Levy did a deal that he’d make a one-off £3m payment and they’d waive the sell-on and appearance clause.

    Modric was £16m

    Our scouting’s been pretty good, though not anywhere near as good as some clubs. Players who’ve put a premium on low purchase prices include:

    Dawson £3m
    Benoit Assou-Ekotto £.5m approx
    Huddlestone £2m
    Lennon £2m

    And I think that’s it from the current first team. Of the rest some have bee bargains but you couldn’t have put it down to good scouting or taking a punt on a lower league player particularly.

  4. FletchTHEMAN says:

    @ Tartaruga, Very interesting reads. You sound quite our type actually, in the fair minded loyal fans department. But ..”pity City”?! please don’t think less of me if I replay, not today mate! Hopefully I can find some pity after Wednesday next, while savoring a 4-5 last minute win to our side.

    Congrats on a fine win to Inter. Hope you lot do well. Especially against City and the Chavs. Not against us ofcourse, but I do enjoy a good game.

  5. Dave Malaysia says:

    @Tartaruga: Firstly yr nick is very interesting,either ur a Tartar or a Pirate from Tortuga. Hello matey!!!

    U sound reasonable ,not like most others who find thier way into the Red realm.

    Whatever the opinion of Levy, he does deserve credit for ambition,that saw some creative financial moves that created the cash for the spurs project. Not heard any funny goings on except the takeover
    some time ago,so fair to him ,the board,and stakeholders,did some good.That euro model is out,dont think Harry wud have joined spurs if they kept that euro structure in place.
    spurs have built steadily and i think u actually have a better team than city. city = mecenaries and
    wrong ethics. The challenge for u guys is to keep the fourth spot and continue the progress.

    And we the Manutd supporters LOVE the way u bury chelsea and arsenal .Keep up the good work.

  6. Dave Malaysia says:

    @Tartuga: Listen MATEY!!! Ferguson and Manutd DID NOT publicaly go for your players. Pleas check yr facts bro.

    Levy overreacted to some media reports and Fegie’s response was ‘wellu know levy’

    If Levy has balls he shud have taken action against rafa the bitch, rather than accept a bribe to keep quiet from liverpool.

    Check and u will see Manutd are sensitive to such allegations , they always keep things above board and usually it comes out later that the so called aggrieved parties were economical with the truth. Examples; spurs ,lazio,le havre.

  7. Marq says:

    He has had a few good games, and suddenly people are putting him up as one of the best. If anything, his good performance against Inter was partly contributed by a dodgy defender in Maicon (who have never been ranked as a top defender in my opinion) and a “master” tactician called Benitez. Let us see where his performance put him at the end of the season, before we rate him.


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