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Bardsley: No Divided Loyalties

Salford lad Phil Bardsley joined Manchester United when he was just 8-years-old. In the past, he has talked about his continuing feelings for United and revealed that he still goes to games with his mates.

United take on Sunderland this weekend and a win would give them a small chance of retaining the title, depending on the result at the Etihad. Bardsley has claimed that the importance of the game from United’s perspective won’t have any impact on his performance.

“My head will be the same as it is in any game I’ve ever played in,” said Bardsley. “I’m in a Sunderland jersey, and my performances against Man United have always been steady and decent enough. It will be no different this weekend. I’ve got no loyalties anywhere else. I’ll go out there and do the best I can. It’s the last game of the season against the champions. They’re still going for the league, and it’s up to us to upset the party. That’s what we’re in this league for, to compete against top teams. That’s what we’ll be doing. We’ve got one last game to make it a decent six months that we’ve had.”

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  1. Brigadier19 says:

    You know it makes sense Phil, fuck it bring him back Sir Alex. Stealth United in Manchester and the North East Sunday. Do us proud boys.

  2. Dubitou says:

    I was sure he will say: “I`m gona score twenty own goals”. Damn.

  3. Giles Oakley says:

    Respect the lad, he’s right, just what he should be saying and how he should approach the game. I remember being surprised when Liverpool did the right thing in 1995, beating Blackburn on the last day of the season, only for United to blow it and only draw at West Ham, gifting the title to Rovers. I can’t stand Liverpool but on that occasion I admired their professionalism, knowing their bitter rivals might benefit if they beat Blackburn. Every player should give 100% in every match, regardless of other loyalties or ties of friendship.

    Mind you, I’ll be quite happy if O’Shea, Bardsley, Richardson, Brown, Campbell (whichever is fit) produce error-strewn performances, just like they sometimes did for United…

  4. United till I die says:

    Right thing to say but when there is 80 minutes played in Sundays game and city are still drawing with QPR oshea and bardsley will do the right thing by united. Don’t lie to me and say you all havnt thought about it as well

  5. King Eric says:

    Top lad, would still love him at the club to be fair.

  6. King Eric says:

    Giles . Hello buddy. Hope you are keeping well. I agree completely about the dippers in 95. Never thought for one minute they would get summat or even turn up. Redknapp with a belting free kick. Fast forward sadly though to 2010 when Stevie Me giftwrapped it for Chelsea!


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