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BBC’s England Man of the Match

Michael Carrick! Well done lad. Nice to see even when we only have one player representing the national team, one who is always overlooked in favour of Steven Gerrard and Frank Lampard, that he is giving a good account of himself.

I didn’t watch the game so don’t expect any more from me on it!

The Guardian live text

10 mins: This is good stuff from England so far. They’re tormenting Germany with pace on the flanks but are also probing intelligently through the middle, Carrick having just picked out the perpetually moving Defoe with a dainty clip over the top.

21 mins: He’s been impressive so far, bringing some cerebral touches to the middle. His poise and precision have been central to England’s dominance.

23 mins: Goal

60 mins: Carrick neatly pinches the ball off Schweinsteiger to instigate more English probing. It breaks down due to Agbonlahor’s ropey control, but a loose pass by a German enables Carrick to dart in and win it back.

67 mins: Carrick slides sumptuous ball through to Agbonlahor, who holds off the defenders and wallops it goalward from the edge of the box.

86 mins: ITV have awarded the man of the match, um, award to Upson. As you know, I would have given it to Carrick.

In other news, Tiny Tears is being hailed as Captain Incredible again, saving the day. Unfortunately the headlines don’t seem to convey what is written within the articles… the fact that it was TT’s mistake that cost England the equalising goal, meaning they needed a late one to get back in front.

The Guardian reads: An absolutely farcical sequence of play gifts Germany and equaliser. Terry attempted to shepherd it back to the keeper, but Carson was slow to come and Terry allowed Helmes to nip in, nutmeg the exposed keeper and tap in into the net. An awful goal borne of a grievous lack of communication. The commentators are blaming Carson, but I think Terry should have dealt with that. It was Terry’s fault. He had control of the ball and, in the absence of any clear understanding with his keeper, should have put it out of danger, not allow himself to be pickpocketed on the edge of the area.

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  1. Mic says:

    Didn’t miss much, Carrick was solid as ever, shame Gerrard is guaranteed his place, you’ll be surprised to hear Downing had a good game and very surprised to hear about Terry, the brave lion costing England a goal then the soldier recovering to tower in a “very very brave” albeit normal header into Germanys goal.

    Anyone notice without Rooney we score from set plays only?

  2. WitchDrAsh says:

    Meh, no surprise that Carrick was man of the match, pulling strings for England like he does for United, great display, now back to the important business of the Premiere League.

    Yes Gerrard will get his place normally, and good for him, he can go get injured playing for England and we can keep the class act that is Michael Carrick injury free from internationals I’ll take that any day, but he’s shown this evening that, as we all knew, he’s an amazing player, not that I’ll shed a tear he doesn’t get his fair chance to play, United > England after all!

  3. WitchDrAsh says:

    Sorry my mistake BBC Man of the match was Carrick.

  4. wiuru... says:

    No interest in the game ,but if its given MC more competitive time and confidence , its geat for us .

  5. ancha says:

    he should be a be frank…if not for the dumb ass managers england is having for the past few year..he would have been..

    but i would like this way…as he can giv 100% to the club

  6. BristolRed says:

    Is it bad that I really could not give a shit about England anymore? Glad to hear Carrick showed Gerrard and Fat Frank that their not fit to wipe his Arse! United>England and as last night proved Heroes>England!!!

  7. Haakon says:

    Carrick is a class act. Those who doesn’t appreciate him has lack of understanding the beauty of football.

  8. Malteser says:

    Well done Michael. I thought Wright Philips, Bent and Downing were shite. I guess Bent has blown his chance of being picked again. I honestly do not understand what anyone sees in Downing. He’s all running down the flanks and nothing else. As for Wright Philips, well not one single decent pass, shot or cross yesterday. Ashley Young could have done better as well especially against yesterday’s feeble opposition. In the short time he was on the pitch, he kept running into opponents as if they where ghosts.

  9. hitman83 says:

    Carrick did well, but his passing at times was loose, and sometimes hung onto the ball too long when he could have switched play early. Apart from that, he looked very comfortable going forward and defending. The only trouble with playing both Carrick and Barry when your tatics are to hit the fast front men early are, you dont get a central midfielder supporting the attack as they both tend to hang back.

    Glen Johnson played very well and could easily start ahead of Brown when it matters.

    Id like to see Rooney and Agbonlahor, i think that would absolutely destroy defences

    Young was wasted on the right, need him on the left for Downing, although Downing didnt play badly, he never really seemed a serious threat to the opposition, whereas Ashley Young on the left is a menace.

  10. gingerprince says:

    I’m just glad he’s not a regular …at least he won’t get injured during the international games, look what happened to Dimi yesterday, I don’t know the extent of his injury but the fact that he’s injured playing for Bulgaria is bad enough in itself

  11. JP says:

    Did anyone else notice the ITV commentators slating only Carson for the Germany goal?

    Maybe they saw a different goal as from where I was watching John Terry was clearly at fault for not clearing his lines and making a pathetic attempt to shield the player!

  12. Col says:

    I watched the match on ITV. Their expert panel gave m-o-m to Upson!! Still, what do I know!!

  13. Jake says:

    This is a pretty standard comment for a united website but I’ll say it anyway. I’m sick of the John Terry band-wagon rolling around this country with these sycophants hanging off the side of it telling me how good he is. He has the turning circle of a double-decker bus and an inability to make any decision (right or wrong), yet that doesn’t seem to stop Fifa and UEFA rating him higher than Rio in their player rankings. I’m English but I might as well be Mexican because I couldn’t care less about them, in retrospect I’m pleased Rio didn’t get the captaincy for England even though he clearly wanted it. At least United fans can still leave England where it has and always will be, a distant 2nd place to the fortunes of our club.

  14. 9jmac says:

    probably the worst thing to happen in my opinion. he’ll end up starting every england game meaning he wont be as fresh us.
    oh, slightly off topic, but the amount of arse licking coming out of peoples mouthes about CryBaby is unbelievable. The commentary after his goal was cringeworthy.
    and graeme le saux…”it takes a big man to come out and take responsibility like he just did”… well actually graeme it doesnt. He made a mistake. Everyone without their john terry tinted glasses could see it was his mistake. he even admitted it because it was his fault ffs.
    anyway, rant over.

    United > England

  15. Gary says:

    Jake: “This is a pretty standard comment for a united website but I’ll say it anyway. I’m sick of the John Terry band-wagon rolling around this country with these sycophants hanging off the side of it telling me how good he is.”

    This is very true Jake, altho I am in favour of the lets all hate John Terry bandwagon. We can chuck Ashley Cole into that hate bandwagon aswel, is there a bigger prick in the whole of football than Ashley Cole??? I really cant see it!

  16. Stephen says:

    Gary, Drogba?

  17. King Eric says:

    Saw second half and end of first and thought MC had a good game, kept it simple and swept up at the back. Class act! Teddy said he would have him in Defensive Midfield role “all day long”!


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