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Bebe Out On Loan

Bebe will join Portuguese side Rio Ave on loan this January, according to club president Antonio Silva Campos.

“He is one of the players who should be just hours away from joining, but there are still some details left to address,” he said. “His signing could be announced very shortly.”

Bebe has also confirmed the move but has cast doubt over whether his future will be at United.

“Ferguson advised me to leave so I could play and come back strong. Will I return at the end of the season? We’ll see at the time.”

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  1. parryheid says:

    That’s a relief,ta ta

  2. Gopher Brown says:


  3. belfast red. says:

    Ffs! 7 points clear. Shitty got beat. The scousers on there way to getting beat… And then i hear this to bring me dwn! Lol

  4. Adam says:

    That’s good news and I wish him luck. I hope we hear about Macheda going off as well.

  5. ak47 says:

    i hope we can get rid off him. Kiko’s is probably on last chance saloon as well which is a shame, he’s a talented player. With Will Keane due back from injury, and Henriquez going on loan. We’re well packed in the young strikers. Hopefully we can get more than £5m for Kiko

  6. tom c says:

    get rid? fuck off.

  7. denton davey says:

    ak47 @ 22:35: “Hopefully we can get more than £5m for Kiko”

    Don’t hold your breath !

    His value must be close to chump-change – and that would make him a good buy for a team in the lower-middle ranks in either EPL or SerieA.

  8. domunited says:

    Wish him the best. Anyone who has represented the club on the pitch ain’t all bad.

    Rooney out for the holiday fixtures… just be 100% for Liverpool, son.

  9. Ash says:

    “His value must be close to chump-change – and that would make him a good buy for a team in the lower-middle ranks in either EPL or SerieA.”

    Thats why I want Macheda to go on loan rather than him being sold straight away. Let us see. Who knows this lad may have great talents. I have generally noticed Italian footballers develop late. So kiko may do A rossi and be injury free also.

  10. Ismail N says:

    Good for him…Hopefully he’ll come back a better player.

  11. Unitedfanatic says:

    I wonder why Kiko wasn’t on the bench yesterday? With Rooney and Welbeck out, and Young not available on standby, I would’ve thought Macheda would get a look in. He was nowhere to be seen. If he isn’t making it when we are without 2 of our forwards, then I’m afraid SAF has made up his mind. Unfortunate for the lad, wish him all the best!

  12. Bobby Charlton's combover says:

    Well it’s a team that is 5th or 6th in the Portuguese League so hopefully he’ll get plenty of game time and either prosper into a first team challenger or bump up his transfer value.

  13. denton davey says:

    A lot of people really, really, really seem to want Bebe to fail. I don’t. To be sure, there’s been some dodgy stuff to do with his transfer BUT the kid – is he still only 22 ? – basically began his UTD career from a standing-start. When Bebe was 14/15/16 he was either sleeping rough or in an orphanage whereas other guys his age had already been trained-up for five or six or seven years, with professional coaching and coddled in “academies”.

    Right now, he’s still a raw talent and, I suppose, what’s crucial is whether you want to put an emphasis on his rawness or his talent – I seem to recall that the best, big-man center forward of the past decade (Didier Drogba) was playing in the French third division until he was 24/25. So, time could be on Bebe’s side as long as UTD are willing to nurture his talent.

    I don’t think that the same factors are at work with KikoTheKid – he burst onto the scene when he was 16/17 and had been poached from the Lazio academy where he was being trained (and fed and housed) from an early age. Macheda doesn’t seem to have the desire to improve his play – from a long distance, he also seems to be both lazy and uncommitted. He’s got size and some talent but without refining that talent he’ll be just another flame-out ALTHOUGH he’ll also be remembered for one crazy moment when he literally saved UTD’s season with a late, late goal which brought TheLads back from the brink in 2009 to secure # 18. THAT was a “legendary moment” which will be long remembered by all fans of MUFC.

  14. Wakey says:

    @denton davey

    Personally I don’t even think there was anything dodgy about the deal, its just the media wanting to make a story to fill some column inches.

    As is common in that part of the world he had a minimum fee release clause which was equal to £7.8mill. Before United signed him there were reports from Spain about Real (and others) watching him so if United wanted him without risking having to go head to head with other big clubs a deal needed done quickly which meant triggering this clause.

    While the clause was activated that doesn’t mean the club paid £7.8mill, Infact most of the foreign press reports the fee being £4.8mill upfront and a further £3mill that’s performance related conditional fees.

  15. Redninja says:

    Wish him the best

  16. Ante Perkovic says:

    Good for him, i really like this guy and iwish him all the best! Bebe was unlucky at besiktas with injury but i hope he will prove himself at rio ave and come to us in good form.


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