David Beckham has spoken of his plans for his new football club which will be based in Miami. He previously hinted that his team might be called Miami United or Miami Reds, and now he has claimed he wants the club to be run like Manchester United.

We want the club to be run professionally — everything needs to be run like a club like Manchester United. You have to look at it like that. Luckily, I’ve had a little bit of experience in that and I definitely will be a demanding owner. I want the team to be successful and the club to be successful, so I think I have to be demanding. I definitely won’t get involved in team decisions, though — the way players are playing and things like that. The hairdryer? Well, I’ve seen it enough times and I know how it works on the positive side of things. We’ll see. But I’m not going to manage or coach. I won’t get involved in any of that. I will just be the owner.