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Beckham Should Be Honest Instead Of Lies For Adulation

December 21st 2010: “Maybe one day I’ll come back and play here, but I’ve always said it will only be for Manchester United.”

November 30th 2010: “It is always great to be wanted by different managers and different teams even if it’s on loan or a more permanent spell, it’s always nice. I have got great respect for David Moyes from playing with him at Preston. I think he has done an amazing job at Everton, but I am a Man United fan – it’s too close to home.”

January 3rd 2011: David Beckham’s spokesperson confirmed that the player is interested in a loan move to the Premiership, with Tottenham Hotspur “one of the many clubs” they have spoken to.

Harry Redknapp confirms that Beckham spoke to his son Jamie: “Jamie rang me, said he’d spoken to David Beckham and would we be interested because he’d love to come and play at Tottenham. He just said, ‘I’d like to come back and play and I’d fancy playing for Tottenham, because I like the way they play’.”


“I saw the scarf there and just put it round my neck. It’s the old colours. That’s all I know. It’s nothing to do with me how it’s run. That’s to do with other people.”

January 3rd 2010: “I’d have loved to have stayed at Manchester United for my whole career and never gone anywhere else.”

February 2nd 2010: “When you are a Manchester United player and a Manchester United fan you never want to play for any other club.”

June 10th 2003: “I’ve never said that I’d never move away from Manchester, and I’ve never said that I’d end my career there.”

There’s no denying he did a great job for the club when he was one of our players and he surely must have strong feelings for United still. But like Wayne Rooney more recently, David Beckham repeatedly behaves in a way that will earn him adulation and support from Manchester United fans, regardless of what his true intention or feelings are.

I can’t imagine many United fans would have begrudged him joining another Premiership side too much, but to perpetuate this image of himself as a top red, he claimed he would never play for another English team other than United. But then he got involved in talks with Harry Redknapp over a move to Spurs. Why lie? Why say he feels so strongly for United that he could never wear another shirt in the country? Because he wants United fans to boost his “legend” status.

I can’t imagine many United fans would have begrudged him not picking up that green and gold scarf when he returned with AC Milan, but to perpetuate this image of himself as a top red, he wore it around his neck and applauded the Stretford End. But when he asked after the game why he did it, he denied any knowledge of the protests against the Glazers. Why lie? Why wear the scarf if only to bottle out of supporting the fans’ protests when given the opportunity to join them? Because he wants United fans to boost his “legend” status.

Beckham likes to push the idea that he was “forced” out of United, that he had no choice but to leave. If Ferguson was such a tyrant and kicked Becks out of the only club he ever wanted to play for, why does the player have nothing but kind words to say about Sir Alex? I’m not suggesting the manager is entirely blameless in the situation but he doesn’t kick out world class players who love the club and don’t want to leave, does he? Look at the fuss he went to in keeping Roy Keane, Cristiano Ronaldo and Wayne Rooney at the club. Beckham’s attitude was waning, his best performance of the season came when he was in the shop window against Real Madrid in the Champions League, and before signing for the Spanish club, he reaffirmed his opinion that he had never claimed to be United through and through, only wanting to play for United. He felt like he was too big for United and couldn’t resist a move to Real Madrid.

“I have always loved football,” he said upon being unveiled. “Of course I love my family. I have a wonderful life, but football is everything to me and joining Real Madrid is a dream come true. I would like to say thank you to everyone coming and joining me in my arrival. Gracias – hala Madrid!”

Genuinely, I think Becks is a good guy and was a great footballer. He helped United achieve things we probably wouldn’t have done if he wasn’t in the team. He cares about United, he has so many friends still at the club, and would want us to win the league every year if we could.

But there’s no denying he always tries to say the ‘right’ thing, the thing which will make United fans go “Wow, David Beckham, proper red legend.” He was a special player for a club, one we should be proud to have brought through the ranks, but the sooner everyone stops lapping up every word that comes from his mouth the better.

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. CedarsDevil says:

    Brilliant post mate, cracked me up

  2. wayne says:

    read a article today on stretty rant,firstly no idea how good that blog is,said neville has turned into a dickhead has no time for the fans.i was shocked by this thought he’d be one of the accessable players anyone know if this is true or not?

  3. JESMONTA says:

    I do not blame Beckham, if he decides to play in the premier league with another team since SAF does not want him to join us, no matter what SAF says in public. Becks needs to play so that he will feature with England. Until he does not sign for Liverpool or Man City, its fine with me and he will still be my idol.

  4. AON: Americans Out Now says:

    The Beckham circus rolls on..No change to the characters. Still the same..!!

    Move on…

  5. RedScot says:

    The thing about this Article that pisses me off.When I saw him wearing the Green and Gold Scarf after the Milan game, I thought good on you Becks you can see the light and what United supporters with the Clubs best intentions at heart desire.
    If this was false, I hate him for playing with our emotions.
    Anyways i had my real say on him yesterday with Paul Parker. I just think he is clothes horse.
    A nice man and a sweet talker, suited for the hospitality suites at The Theatre of Broken dreams.
    When there are a fucking thousand hospitality suites and no “Real “fans.
    Dont want to appear like a 10 year old on twitter. :)

  6. King Eric says:

    Rollins. One thing I do have is a good memory and that is the third time you have taken exception to my post. It was actually said tongue in cheek mate. Because I have my opinions that differ from others I am suddenly the self confessed king of the blog? Its merely a username pal. I have been on here for three years and aside from the odd disagreement with paul parker which we now find amusing and the odd argument with aig I believe I have NEVER upset anyone on here. Tell ya what mate from now on I am gonna be plain old Neil. Is that more to your liking sir?

  7. TheSevenOfOT says:

    Wow , total waste of time , reading this one . So much negativity that it gets uneasy to read . I still believe that Becks was great player for us and that the only reason he left is because of the infected relationship between him and Sir Alex , not because he thought Real was a better place to be at . But one believes what he wants to believe i guess !!!

  8. willierednut says:

    King Eric – Don’t forget we bumped heads over Mourinho lol.

  9. GeorgeS says:

    It’s simple. Beckham says he wants to play for United. Ferguson says United aren’t interested. If Beckham does want to play outside LA for those two months he’ll have to go to whoever fancies having him, if he himself fancies it. He never asked to leave in the first place.

    Just leave it alone, because all this will look stupid and mean spirited in a few years time. Life isn’t all about striking poses.

  10. Neil says:

    Furthermore rollins where on this thread did I insult anyones opinion please?

  11. RedScot says:

    @King Neil. we have clashed also, but we get over it. I learn from the likes of you and the other lads he has taught me zero.
    We want the blog to be the best United blog on the net, he is a trouble maker mate, he had a go at me on my “Black day ” on here, he is seldom seen. Ignore him, just a pain.

  12. NotoriousRedDevil says:

    He’s gone and done it again Becks has. Whether you love him or hate him like him or are indifferent about him, here we are posting over 150 comments about him. Not bad from a working class lad who arguably became the worlds most famous footballer. Until he joins an English club I think we should wait to have a go, I don’t think he will he’s just playing them off each other. Can’t fault him legends and non-legends have done the same to United to get bigger contracts he’s not doing it to us so why care. If he does go Spurs during his loan spell they play l’arse during that period so he may actually aid us in winning the title by taking points off of them. Its almost 8 years ago he left and I had my girlfriend at the time rushing over to my house to console me. Like her I prefer to remember the good times and am not worried what they both get up to but wish them the best.

  13. NotoriousRedDevil says:

    @ Neil – Don’t like your name change back to King Eric lol.

  14. Gaurav says:

    Stop all this media publicity about this guy.. he is at best above-average.. Scholes, Giggs and Neville deserve this space more!! (although if Neville goes on like he did in his last appearance, it might not be the same)

  15. willierednut says:

    RedScot – Stay you out of it lol.

  16. Costas says:

    Neil? Hell no, lol. King Eric is your name over here.

  17. wedgey says:


    You’d like to see Nev break becks leg? Have a word with yourself eh lad!

  18. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Neil, nice name and we can all respect your coming clean. But then, I think most of us have always found you to be honest and well balanced. Just an example of some small pea of a person coming on and trying to bring down a sensible contributor. We have seen it several times in the last year and think it has generally been a sad day for the blog when that sort wins out.

    You will decide for yourself, but I for one am quite pleased with the banter coming from your keyboard.
    King Eric for me.

  19. five says:

    He’s desperate to play for England, everyone would love it if he could get back into the side through a loan move at United cause lets face it he’s a better passer/crosser then Carrick,Gibson and Obertan(I like all 3 before I am branded a glory supporter)

    If the only way he can get back into England side is a loan to Spurs,Newcastle,Blackburn whatever…all the best Becks. I’ll always respect what he did for us in the United shirt and if the England team had his passion maybe they’d win something.

  20. come off it mate says:

    this is ridiculous coverage. he doesnt even play for us any more. i couldnt care less who he plays for now. wish him well in whatever he does, he was great for united, won a hell of a lot for us. same goes for all the other players who gave it their all for us. maybe even including tevez (who everyone knows wishes he wasn’t rejected by ferguson and was still here). dont really care what they do outside united. summed up well when we cheered his name but booed his first touch for the team playing against us. feel pretty much the same about any ex-united players now playing for someone else.
    and as for the the speculation on what “he really means” in those quotes, i don’t really think he is all that bright, probably not too much thought put into any of those statements judging by the general level of intelligence beckham usually displays. he is hardly a spin doctor.

    basically, who cares? i am fairly indifferent as to what beckham is doing now in his semi-retirement, as long as he doesn’t score or set one up against us

  21. five says:

    “How tottenham gets any benefit out of this loan”

    How ignorant is this comment? Beckham shirts would sell out in a day you cannot deny his popularity.

    On the pitch he’d be a bloody useful option for the last few minutes, Lennon isn’t the best crosser of the ball and with target men and poachers like Pav,Crouch and Defoe in their team they’d reap the benefits.

  22. RedScot says:

    Well Rollins is twat what does he provide?

  23. willierednut says:

    A big fucking pussy.

  24. RedScot says:

    No pokin the mantle piece, christ thats me , I need a fucking ride,

  25. willierednut says:

    RedScot – Remember my old saying, you don’t look at the clock, when you’re poking the fire. Oh dear me! I’m off to watch JJ do her stuff.

  26. RedDan says:

    Scott lad, im sorry fella think the world of you(most the time) but seriously come on you sound like a bitter !! 99% of Manchester United fans would not give a toss if he Joins spurs we love him, i will always love him and he will always love us so good luck at spurs Becks and i for one would love to have seen you put OUR shirt on again in anger, i never read all the comments because the only ones that i seen that agreed with you are your minions that leave comments every day, you could say the grass is blue and they would agree, i do understand what your on about he said this and she said that, SAF sign him up even just to show Nani how to cross a ball

  27. King Eric says:

    Willie and redscot. We may have disagreed but NEVER owt bad. Fletch, costas and notorious etc. Yeah having seen it in the comments section “neil” neither sounds or looks right. Tell ya though lads considering certaim things I do have a pretty good memory and it aint the first time he has had a dig. Come off it mate. I for one am fucking glad we are shut of the judas cunt. Kia and his wage demands will have been obscence. Don’t fall for all the fergie kicked him out rubbish.

  28. devilnani says:

    if he would just shut up and come back to premier league , then would be ok. But he keeps on blabbing about only playing with united and it pisses me of. He is a smooth talker who scores browny points by playing with our emotions. Brilliant player, a true red but calling him a legend which is a word reserved for those like giggs, scholes,neville,ogs is pushing it too far..

  29. Samuel - united WE stand says:

    Bloodred – don’t be so gullible, how do you know mr beckham hasn’t paid some bitch behind to shut her mouth? the world isn’t as simple as you may want it to be, maybe beckham has a reputation to keep hence why he portrays this image of a clean responsible man, fucking hell, when will people learn..

  30. Samuel - united WE stand says:

    @five – if england are still relying on a old war horse like becks, then the national team’s future looks bleak, fucking hell england will go a millennium without winning shit, i’m bored and tired of this beckham the english football messiah tag, all he ever did that was meaningful was against greece in a world cup qualifying game, never a great but a good steady workman like right midfielder who should be lauded for compesating his lack of great technical abilities with hardwork.

    We can get away from the fact the man loves hogging the limelight, he is practically a brand beyond football, he’ll say anything to get on the right side of fans and only the gullible one’s will fall for it, its boring now he really should retire and let youth flourish.

  31. Scorp says:

    One thing is for sure.. it is the same old Becks PR machine that always never fails to get its due. He is an ex- United player, a great player for us, one of the major reasons for our success and now he joins Spurs but still gets 170 odd comments. It is the same old Becks, whatever he does is spun into something that gathers attention.

  32. FULLARD says:

    he didn’t openly support the green and gold protest or ever say anything bad about sir alex because he has and always will want to come back and play for the club again. end of story

  33. Jig3000 says:

    Beckham’s a tit – he’s spent his entire career pandering to the media, fans (and his wife) in an attempt to be the biggest icon in footballing history, regardless of the fact he’s a million miles from the top in terms of talent. The fact he went to America, convinced he could make the game incredibly popular only highlights the ego within and how much he over-estimates himself.

    I appreciate his contribution to Utd’s history, and there was a time I liked the chap, but I’ve lost respect for him year-on-year since he left the club. He’s an egomaniac with no interest but promoting himself – you only need look at this most recent publicity stunt to see he can’t stand a minute out of the limelight.

    I would never question his contribution on the pitch, as he was and is an extremely hard-working player, but I can’t stand his constant PR barrage. Newspapers, TV, websites, Blogs, all jumping up and down about Beckham’s arrival in the UK, MOTD2 talking about the impact he’ll have if he arrives at Spurs. Are you f**king kidding me? The lad won’t get on the pitch for more than 20 mins a game max – his best days are years behind him. His 2-month stints away from America are nothing more than PR stunts – which ultimately help his likelihood of an England call-up, but sure as hell don’t hurt his perfume sales.

    I’m Irish, so once he left Utd he meant nothing to me; unlike English fans who would have been cheering him-on for the national side for the past 7 years (kind-of). We were all astonished watching as the British media practically forced Capello to pick Beckham for his 100 English cap – why should Capello give a damn? His responsibility is to the team and the nation’s success, not Beckham’s ego.

    Sorry for the extended rant, but the guy drives my nuts, couldn’t give a rats-ass where he goes – Fergie sees right through all the hype and isn’t going to jump up and down for the guy, and I know who I’d rather stand with.

  34. Sir Alex says:

    Oh c’mon. He’s old and hardly playing football then why wouldn’t he fancy playing in the world’s best league when he has the chance to? Fine, his comments now to what he said two weeks ago are a bit embarrassing but which footballer today doesn’t make silly comments at times in the modern era. He was my favourite player when he played for United and he’ll always have a special place in my heart even if he plays for another english club. Period.

  35. ScholesEvilTwin says:

    Based on a few comments above -

    1. Why does he need a loan move(again) after the american season finished? You dont see Rooney, Ronaldo, etc going abroad every summer to play. Could this be an acknowledgement that he made a mistake in going to the american league in the first place? Or just simply that his fitness isnt once what it was- i.e. hes getting old. If i was LA Galaxy i wouldnt be happy that one of my players – especially one that im paying the biggest wage to – was off somewhere else playing when they should be resting – especially after he got injured the last time on loan and missed a sizeable portion of the following season.

    2. Scotts bang on with what he said above – Footballers may make stupid comments – but they dont usually contradict themselves within 2 bloody weeks!! Why did he come out and make the statement in the first place?? Its not like he had a mob outside his house threatening him or anything – his exploits for United have ensured he will be a legend anyway. If he had said nothing not one united fan would have cared who he joins(city,liverpool,arsenal & chelsea aside) – so why the need to say something?

    3. “Brand Beckham” – fuck off. Hes a footballer – not a multi-national corporation.

    4. Anybody that thinks of footballers as role models needs their heads examining – Especially those that say “oh such and such is a role model to my kids” – So your childs role-model is someone that does very little but earns an obscene wage? How about instilling some decent values in your kids and making someone that is working on a cure for cancer or actually helping those in need or even nurses/firemen/etc – those that help others – how about making them the role model instead? Particularly because footballers dont give a flying fuck about those of us who pay their wages. What Rooney et al makes a WEEK most of us wont make in 10 YEARS – yet they dont give a crap about those that are forking over their hard earned cash to pay them…..and they are your role models?? FFS…..

    Beckham should have just kept his mouth shut – but methinks theres a reason he didnt…maybe he is worried about Fergie,when he retires, telling the real truth about him leaving the club and is worried that it will affect his reputation at United…..

  36. YorYor says:

    One (A) may love another (B) wholeheartedly, but not to the extent he wouldn’t shag someone else if that someone else came along after B turned down A’s advances. Some see it as betrayal of his love, others may see it as just a loveless shag – nothing more than a flexing of a muscle.
    Short of phoning the club and pleading for a loan approach to be made (and printing brochures like Owen did), he made his intentions clear, but there was no action from the club, because we do have players for that position and our play has changed greatly.
    I wouldn’t go so far as to call it lies and truth, just a very difficult balance between his deep down feelings, and what is practical/reality.
    If he does go on loan to Spurs, let’s see whether he even takes to the pitch. If he is indeed true to the club, he would probably ask not to be picked for the game.

  37. willierednut says:

    It’s funny we forget a former Liverpool player joined United, but we get our panties in a twist, because Becks might join Spurs lol.

  38. YorYor says:

    The only player I will probably ever continue hating till my life’s full time whistle blows, is Heinze. I hope Rafael gives him a good time when we play Marseille.

  39. RedMist says:

    Does every ex-United player who goes onto play for another English club suffer the same accusations i wonder?
    Becks had been at United since he was a kid, he grew up with us. He played in one of the greatest teams we’ve produced and was one of our greatest names. He flies the United flag whenever he speaks and never bitches about us.
    Fergie, bless him, has been nothing short of childish with some of his player spats over the years and the way he speaks about Becks, even now, is harsh to say the least. If Becks wants to play at as high a level as possible, then why should he turn down a return to the Prem? If we wanted him, he’d come and would probably play for peanuts. If he goes to Spuds, he’ll be there a month or two and won’t play against us.
    What’s the problem? He’s a sportsman first and foremost, not a paid up member of the ‘Top Red’ gang.

  40. The United Way says:

    Remember, his grandad who recently died was a Tottenham fan.

    Might be doing it as homage to him.

    Either way, confirmed United legend.


    The magic quartet.

  41. Paul Parker says:

    Lol @ Neil, alright mate!

    @The United Way – didn’t know his grandad died, he was indeed a spurs fan, that probably seals it.

    Could never see him turning out for Chelsea, or Liverpool, or City,
    Defo not Newcastle, (look at that twat Pardew sayin he wouldn’t even want him)
    Tbh, the only club I could see him joining is spurs, I doubt he’d join L’arse either.

  42. Paul Parker says:

    but funnily enough – if he DOES join spurs, and he DOES mention his grandad as a factor,
    ROM will probably still call him dishonest anyway – because XYZ

    not to make excuses, just giving the benefit of the doubt – his grandad did pass december just gone, and he did first started saying all that stuff about not playing for another english club at least a year ago if not a few seasons before that. He could have easily rejoined the league when he went to Italy but he didn’t, and even now Becks doesn’t need to come to England. There are clubs in Spain and Italy, even Germany, who would still take him on if he really wanted to get games under his belt. Like most I was surprised when I heard him mention Spurs, but considering his family is probably still mourning a month later, it would be a really nice gesture to pull on his grandads favortite jersey, wouldn’t it? Im sure he’ll soon tell us all why he’s talking to Spurs, but personally I don’t think its for for “adulation” – thats a bit strong Scott, because if he wanted to be a Media Whore he could do a Tevez or a Rooney, or a 2003 Becks. Also, mentioning him in the same breath as Rooney is making light of what Rooney actually did and said just the other day mate. That was probably ABU news story of 2010, dragging our club through the mud, and he still hasn’t properly addressed it yet. So no, I don’t think the actions of a FORMER, due to retire, 100% United fan is a pressing issue for the club or its supporters, and if DEF isn’t worthy of comparison to Rooneys actions, but thats me mate.


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