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Beckham: United Will Do Liverpool

When not ditching his “I take soccer in the US really seriously” routine for a life away from his wife in Milan, David Beckham enjoys prattling on about how much of a United fan he is. As I United fan, he thinks this, and as a United fan, he thinks that. It’s something special to beat Liverpool, don’t you know?

Anyway, Becks fancies us for the title this season because we’ve got the best players in the World, our manager is awesome, and generally, we’re just incredible.

“As a Manchester United fan to beat Liverpool it’s something special,” said Beckham. “I was lucky to be on the good end of a team that went to Anfield and beat them there and at Old Trafford. Liverpool are playing well but Manchester United are playing incredibly well and have a great squad, they have some of the best players in the world. So for me, as a fan, Manchester United will win the league this season. Obviously it’s not over yet but the way they’re playing, with the players and manager they have, it’s incredible.”

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. Pandiani says:

    I think David Beckham should get more respect from United fans. He was fantastic for us. And always worked his socks off!

  2. themarkedman72 says:

    how could paul ince ever play for liverpool…ta think I used to like him.

  3. Colbert says:

    Regardless of whatever happened in Beckham’s final months at United, compare his attitude to the club with Keane’s. To my mind, Beckham has never had a bad word to say about Fergie or United since his departure, whereas Keane was only too happy to burn his bridges with the club after he left.

    Regardless of whatever you think of Beckham’s whoring himself to the media and public, at least he has remained faithful to United. I respect him for that.

  4. clj7 says:

    me too colbert. He never should’ve left. I’d prefer him to ronaldo any day

  5. Smudger says:

    @ Colbert i agree..
    Becks has always had kind words for United..
    Wat a legend!! Shame he had to leave..

  6. Wiggsman says:

    Will argue to the Hilt that Beckham was/is the greatest free-kick taker of all time, and when he left – Rudd and our play wasnt the same….not saying it was a good move (Viva Ronaldo) but the guy defo deserves a spot in the great names at the club – even amongst those who have soiled themselves after OT..?

    Law, Hughes, Schmeichel to name a few

  7. theboy says:

    scott – you seem to dislike becks? how come? he’s a class act, never bad mouths us & was a class player for us.

    i for one think he’s a decent lad.

  8. Said says:

    Despite his loyalti his family, he never burns the bridges to United.

  9. Drew Vader says:

    Off topic lads, but I was wondering about any opinions on the reserve match tonight against Pool. I don’t have access to it and am curious as to how a few of the youngins performed, particularly young Fabio (seems he scores for fun in the reserves) and Possebon, and even that new singing the Belgian dude.

    Anyway, any comments would be appreciated. And if there is another blog or anything that has more info on Reserve matches, that would be more than helpful.


  10. Minhaj>Quadruple on the corner says:

    A true legend,, One of the best and most loyal player utd ever had, we’ve only got Rooney who can get into that category for utd now..

  11. wazza says:

    Becks will always love United considering the way he left.wat a disgrace big time charlie

  12. Kent Leong says:

    To Drew Vader,

    for United’s youths and reserves, you can check out

    done up by nickogs, its a brilliant site about our reserves!

    Minhaj, i dont agree with rooney being the only loyal player United have at the moment. what bout giggs, scholes, neville? to a certain extent maybe even fletcher (dont forget he turn Everton down)?

    I have no idea why people dislike Beckham. I think the only reason is envy.
    He seems genuinely United through n through and considering the circumstances leading to his departure, he, as mentioned many times, has not had a bad word to say about united. When United went to milan, he even went to their training to catch up with even Fergie.

    Who cares about what he does in his private life and all that celebrity bullshit. He gave his all for United..that’s what matters!

  13. Kevin says:

    The man got me into the sport as a pimple faced kid in the U.S. I watched him chip the Wimbledon keeper in the first ever game I watched. I went online and read all I could about him and Manchester United. He is a legend in my book and would have love to see him stay. I don’t know how it would have worked but he is at his best when he is a piece like he was at United and is currently in Milan. He is not his best when he is expected to be the answer like in Madrid, England, and LA. I hope he can someday work within or with the club in some capacity as he is a fantastic ambassador for the club. He is a legend and I love to see past players sing praises of the current lads.

    Drew Vader – United and Liverpool drew 2-2. Fabio and Welback scored for us while Degen, I think, scored off a mistake by Kuszczack. United equalised with Welbeck than went ahead by Fabio. Liverpool drew level through Pacheco.

  14. SULLY says:

    David Beckham > LEGEND. Shame some people just cant see that, can they?

  15. Ali says:

    Oh come on Scott, what do you have against the man. Whats with all the unnecessary Beckham bashing? Here he is simply heaping praise on the club you support and you still find something negative in there.

    You can say whatever you want about his “activities” outside of football, or the money he makes, or whatever; fact of the matter is he is a quality footballer and was a great asset to United, and his professionalism can never be called into question.

  16. Ishaq Vally(South Africa) says:

    Im with Scott and Wazza…We dont need his kind words. No respect for Sir and thats what you get. A boot in your ass and a one way ticket to go play with the crappy Spanish team. Now take your kind words in jog on mate because you are no longer affiliated with Manchester United. Go to some movie premiere with Vickie

  17. costas says:

    Deep down and beneath all of the glamorous lifestyle,Becks is still a United fan.And since he is a competitive guy you can rest assured that once in a while he is wondering why he is not alongside Giggs,Scholes and Neville right now.

  18. Rob the Red says:

    United legend my backside, a one trick pony and full time underpant model who thought he was bigger than the club.

  19. Billy Meredith says:

    I love Beck’s, he’s got the best right foot in the game. Unfortunately he married that horrible bitch from hell, who changed the course of his life, for the worse. Imagine if there had been no Spice Girl, imagine if there had been no boots flyin’, he could be leading us out tomorrow, to bash the Dippers.
    Seeing him at OT at that friendly was a fitting goodbye i thought, and showed there was no ill feeling between David and the club. Just wait until we have a summer break over in the states, hosted by Beckham United. Anythings possible with that lad and I wish him luck.

    We are UNITED!

  20. Rob the Red says:

    Still clinging to the glory generated by the truly great players he played with in his time with us. Not done anything worth talking about since has he? (unless you include rebecca loos?) Should have kept his head down, his mouth shut, concentrated on football and listened to a man who knows about football.

  21. Ji-sung Park's Dog says:

    I don’t understand all this anti-Beckham feeling from United fans. He gave his all on the pitch, was part of one of our greatest ever teams and from what I have seen he still loves United, yet people still feel the need to run him down.

  22. costas says:

    “Should have kept his head down, his mouth shut, concentrated on football and listened to a man who knows about football”.I think he kept his mouth fairly shut when he got the boot in his face didn’t he?He went out 3 days later against Juventus and made both goals and never said a word about the incident putting the peace of the club over everything else.No matter what happens between Fergie and a player we should never let it affect our relationship with him.Apart from a La Liga title in 2007 he hasn’t done much,that’s true.But we also had a couple of bad seasons after he left.He chose to put his lifestyle over his career,that’s fine with me as long at it’s fine by him.I will always cherish his 10 years at United because he gave his all.

  23. Jake says:

    colbert- please don’t ever compare Roy Keane to David Beckham again…one is a very intelligent man who ‘hasn’t burned his bridges with united’ as you state, he took nearly half of his team from United on loans and buys so retract that…he just comes out and sets things straight, regardless of who has said them and Fergie was a little bit out of order to stick his nose in and say ‘you don’t know what Roy is going to do next’ after he left Sunderland and made him sound like some crazed murderer, baring in mind Ferguson didn’t have a clue what had happened…Beckham is simple and is more interested in his brand than playing football…AC are sponsored by Adidas funnily enough, I’m sure they want him for just footballing reasons….and I too wish he’d stop prattling on about United now, he was a good player when he was here but it all went to his head and he lost a little bit of cutting edge that he’d had, so we sold him. I’m sick of the cockney United fan keep coming out and telling us all how much he loves the club, Keane’s family are mad United fans and always have been too..funnily enough you don’t hear Keano coming out and telling everyone that…oh yeah, that’s right, because he’s not an half-wit who comes out and tells the media every thought that crosses his mind to boost his publicity…Your gripe with Roy mate is that he has come out and said what he thinks occasionally, but he only does it if he has been attacked by someone via the media, Beckham hasn’t got the intelligence to do that, he’s happy just to take it on the chin and plod along smiling for the cameras and churning out his bland and pointless observations…long may Keane continue and the boring, expressionless 21st century Calvin Klein model be thrown out with the bins

  24. Stephen says:

    The Beckham debate is always something that always causes debate, the facts of the matter are that when he played for the club he performed well, bar in his last season I might add, but he put fame and fortune above United which does stick in the throat.
    We demand loyalty and support from our players which is what we give them, and Becks put brand Beckham first not the club or the supporters who stood by him after the ridiculous treatment he recieved from Ingerland’s so called fans or the ABU fan club.
    His career was more important than becomming a United legend which obviously was his choice, a good United player no doubt, but a United legend never.

  25. costas says:

    Guys don’t make it sound like he chose to leave United.He could no longer co exist with Fergie and that’s why we sold him.Fergie said it himself recently:We sold Real the players we wanted to sell.It’s no use badmouthing Beckham.Did he perform at his best in 90% of the time he was with us?That’s all that should matter.And he is no Heinze or Ince either.So let’s just remember what a good player he was for us and let him deal with the concequences of putting his lifestyle ahead of his career.Legend is a strong word guys.For me Best,Giggs and Charlton are legends.Beckam?He could have been but we will never know.He was on his was i feel.

  26. Stephen says:

    Costas, he was offered numerous contracts which he turned down previously, I do agree that his relationship with Fergie broke down, but his heart was set to leave us regardless.

  27. costas says:

    You might be right Stephen but even if that’s the case,there is no reason for bitterness.We can’t hold any player captive forever can we?That doesn’t mean that he is not a United fan.The only time i got ad at him was when he said that he would only return if SAF left but since then he has taken that back.And it’s not as if he wanted to leave us for Liverpool.In recent years some great players have left on bad terms with the club but there is no reason for us to feel bad.Time mends the wounds.If SAF is no longer mad at Beckham why should we be?

  28. Stephen says:

    I agree mate, but I sometimes feel that people hold Beckham in too high esteem, and feel that some supporters believe that bad old Fergie forced him out, and the reality was that both felt his time with us was over for one reason or the other, and it was probably the best for both parties that he moved on.

  29. Rob the Red says:

    Costas: Yes he did keep his mouth shut about the boot incident, but he made damn sure the press all got great photographs of his cut the next day and a picture they say is worth a thousand words! When will people realise Beckham says and does only what is best for brand Beckham and that is the top, bottom and middle of it. He does not posess a none commercial bone in his body and getting back on good terms with United is all about his future after he retires. Talk about giving 100% when he played at Old Trafford I agree…………….But in the later stages only if he had an England shirt on!

  30. mancaroon says:

    Beckham- Great United Player………yes, definatley.
    United Legend…………….no. Fact. End Of.

  31. Duncan says:

    Your not a proper united supporter Scott, and I think you know it. Your just a non-united hater.

  32. Duncan says:

    This is an opinion…. FACT. Idiots.

  33. Rob the Red says:

    I think Scott just likes to light the blue touch paper and stand back now and then!

  34. tony singh says:

    Legend .. True Red threw and threw .. still close my eyes and imagine those free kicks .. miss them always .. thanks for the memories and times you played in the RED of UNITED .. Legend .. T

  35. unitedviews says:

    OK thinking back, the problems people had with Beckham at the time were:

    1. He seemed to do/care more for England than for United.
    - Well this was a matter of necessity. United didn’t need him to drag them through games single-handed. He had to play more of a team role. England also made him captain (a role he was never going to dislodge from Keano at United) so he had more call to talk to the press about England than United.

    2. He challenged St. Fergie.
    - The way that SAF treated him… who wouldn’t? If you have any self-respect you’re going to fight back, aren’t you? Beckham’s problem was he didn’t do it sooner. He played the dutiful child a bit too long, unlike Keano who made it clear he was a a grown-up too right from the start.

    3. He had been ‘worked out’ by defenders in Europe and didn’t have the necessary pace to be a ‘modern’ winger.
    - Guilty… to some extent. He always craved a position in the middle of the park but wasn’t often trusted with it. Still, how many times have we missed what Beckham could offer? Ronaldo is one of the greats (and a proper ‘modern’ winger) but so many times I’ve wished he would cross the ball early like Beckham would have done. So many times I’ve wished it was Beckham stepping up to take the free kick. What’s more in the days before Carrick (while Scholes was suffering with double vision and Giggs spent half of every season on the treatment table) we had absolutely no one with the ability to hit accurate long range passes of the kind Beckham knocks out like shelling peas.

    4. He was becoming more interested in image/celebrity than being a footballer
    - Guilty again (although it’s easy to blame his missus). Certainly it turned United’s trips abroad into the David Beckham roadshow and that was getting really really annoying. No player is bigger than the club. He had more than a touch of the Lady Diana ‘look at me! look at me!’ syndrome to him. It’s only now that his playing days are numbered that the penny seems to be dropping with the guy that celebrity is a cheap thrill when compared to goals, medals or having your name sung.

    We did the right thing in selling him but I see no reason to hate the guy or to doubt the sincerity of his affection for United. He is a childhood cockney red who grew to love not only the club but Manchester and Mancs. Beckham out; Ronaldo in – that was a great bit of business, but which one will still be supporting United in 20 years time? Don’t bet on Cristiano…

  36. NickOGS20 says:

    We were right to sell him, he was right to leave. Regardless of all that, the guy is United through and through (every bit as much as some random writing a blog on the internet taking digs at him) and a genuine United legend. Anyone failing to recognise just what a fantastic contribution he made to our success between ’96 and ’03 is ignorant, simple as.

  37. Jack says:

    Beckham Hasnt done nothing since? hasnt he? thats why hes already scored 2 banging goals for Ac Milan and just keeps giving brillant performances.


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