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Beckham’s Dad Wants Milan Win?

When Jonny Evans played on loan at Sunderland, his mum and dad would make the journey up to the North East to watch him play…

…apart from when United were playing at home, and they would take the season tickets they’ve had for years to Old Trafford to watch the reds play.

David Beckham, who was brought up a United fan by dad Ted, reckons that his father will be cheering on AC Milan this Wednesday.

“It was a very emotional night for me playing against United in Milan, but going back to Old Trafford is going to be even more so,” said Beckham. “The United fans were unbelievable in the first leg and I thank them for that. It was amazing to hear their chants. Without a doubt it will be emotional to hear that from a crowd of more than 70,000 at Old Trafford. I had family with me in Milan and they’ll be going to Old Trafford. My dad’s a big United fan and this is probably the only time he won’t want them to win!”

Doubt it, Dave!

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  1. Costas says:

    I hope he gets a great reception. He will still lose though.

  2. Swissdevil says:

    i dont blame ted for supporting his son in this game… as long as we’ll get through ;) what we surely will. UNITED!

  3. Zulu-Malta says:

    No way Ted is going to support ac Milan.He is a staunch Man Utd supporter like me. It is natural that he is going to wish son David well but to think that he is going to support Milan is a bit big to swallow! let’s give David a very warm reception, after all he is one of us,one of the Man Utd family. To be honest the departure of David from our beloved club still hurts me a lot.Infact it is the only wound under Sir Alex that it had never heeld !

  4. GoatinaUnitedShirt says:

    Who gives a fuck. If hes going to support everything his son does then hes going to walk around essex in a fucking skirt, have a man bag and eyeliner. Beckham stop trying to big up the family name because you sense that your careers at an end. Join Mr Cruise in his great quest of space invaders, give your missus a fucking sandwich and piss off. You played well a few seasons and then you became a muppet. Your no Ronaldo.

  5. willierednut says:

    Ted’s a red.

  6. manutd24 says:

    Can you really blame him for ‘supporting’ Milan for this game? It is his son after all. Hopefully, Becks gets a good reception

  7. spencer says:

    I didn’t mind when Beckham left the club. Players can’t stay here forever, thats what makes the likes of Giggs special. What I do mind is the fact that he tried to pin his exit on the club, when Sir Bobby Charlton said he turned down a new contract.

    He annoys me a bit though. This tie is AC Milan v Man Utd. Has he even once mentioned the first match in terms of what went on in the pitch and what they need to do to get a result in the return match? or has he just blabbed on about himself?

  8. bchilds says:

    Couldn’t care a less who’s supporting who to be honest!

  9. 7 days till she's Manchester bound says:

    Can’t get over his money grabbing to big for his boots exit from Manchester united but I still love him all the same

  10. King Eric says:

    I saw an interview with Ted prior to the Milan game and he said he would like “both teams to win if thats possible”. He is a huge United fan so deep down he will want us.

    Whats this about one of the red knights saying that Fergie is behind the takeover? He has come out and furiously denied it by all accounts. Think its in observer.

  11. wayne says:

    i’m like most people who gives a fuck

  12. King Eric says:

    What do you mean he’s “no Ronaldo”? Not much to choose between the two aside from Becks DID help us to a treble.

  13. mufcdevils says:

    good for u becks. we dont really care

  14. mufcdevils says:

    becks a legend and dads gona support united

  15. keano86 says:

    sorry mate you’re a united legend but hope you leave the pitch with your tail between your legs. and deep down so does your dad.

  16. Paul Parker says:

    Apart from Real Madrid blatantly coveting our attacking options, I never really had a problem with Beckham leaving us, its just a shame he couldn’t stay for the remainder of his career in some limited capacity because he didn’t stop being a quality player when he left us – how many vital crucial goals has he scored or assisted for club/country since leaving us? Say what you want about Becks but he’s the LAST milan player I want to see preparing a free kick on the edge of our box. No amount of bitterness or jealously can cover the fact he was a central part of our Treble Winning Team. I hope he stays on the Bench for milan.

  17. spencer says:

    RE: Paul Parker

    he has been average at best since he left us. His club stats:

    Real Madrid (2003-2007)
    Goals Scored: 15
    Assists: 17

    LA Galaxy (2007-)
    Goals Scored: 9
    Assists: 13

    AC Milan (Jan-May 2009, Jan- ON LOAN)
    Goals Scored: 2
    Assists: 6

    Don’t make great reading.

    also, as good as his crossing was, I always felt he was lucky to have players like RVN, Cole and Yorke at the end of them.

    So it looks like it has all gone downhill for good old David since he left us. But its the clubs fault you know, they chucked him out (rollseyes, sarcasm)

  18. NotoriousRedDevil says:

    Ah the Beckham debate. I do wonder had he been born in Manchester instead of London would there be this much negativity towards him from some of our fans? Highly doubt it. For a period of time when you asked neutrals the first current player they would associate with Manchester United Beckham’s name would be the first. He may not have been very good in terms of stats after he had left but his contribution for this club cannot be questioned. I like him and he can say what he likes, the way he handled the post-98 world cup fallout is great example to anyone on how to face adversity. It certainly inspired me in my early teens.

  19. Paul Parker says:

    @ Spencer – but to be fair mate, thats just his club stats and it doesn’t show how much time he spent at home injured or on the bench. Plus the Real Madrid stats aren’t correct he scored 19 during his time out there.
    But all I said in my post was Beckham DIDNT stop being quality for both club and country after he left us. He wouldn’t even make the bench for Milan in the knockout stages if he wasn’t a quality player. Even at Madrid where he didn’t win La Liga till his 3rd year, coming 2nd to Barcelona was still Beckham playing at the top of his game. As for his England record, no England player except Beckham has ever scored in three consecutive world cups. Admittedly its a piss poor record for England to have in the first place, but for an english midfielder Beckham’s record of consistently scoring at the World Cup can’t be ignored. Also, since leaving us in 2003 he’s supplied more assists for England goals than anybody else. Go back to the 2006 world cup – he played a role in every goal England scored and scored a couple himself. After helping them progress at the last world cup as Captain with his goals and assists, England were knocked out by Portugal when Beckham was injured and not playing. Im not saying he’s a better player now, or even that he’s the same player now, all im saying is since leaving us he has continued to play at the highest level, which he has, and thats why he’ll be in Manchester on Wednesday, even if its only on the bench. Credit where its due, Beckham is still a great player and I just hope he doesn’t have to score a stunning freekick or supply a stunning cross for his former supporters to realise. I hope he starts on the bench.

  20. Scott the Red says:

    NotoriousRedDevil – If he was born in Manchester he would still be playing for United, so no, there wouldn’t be this negativity towards him.

  21. Haakon says:

    With Becks, no Ronaldo. He left at the right time. Good for you Becks. Never a Red legend, even though a great player with a great personality. Did lots of good for United, but we haven’t needed him since he left. Cheers.

  22. mags the red says:

    I can not imagine supporting any other team but United…Son or no son.I dont suppose Rooney’s dad supports United and wants United to beat Everton. You are more understanding than me…I like Beckham; I will give him a good reception but that is where the appreciation stops.

  23. NBI Red Onion says:

    @ Scott

    I see you are still on your manc superior trip even though international players (such as the non-manc born Giggs and Catona and Best) and international fans and a non-manc coach are what makes the club great.

    United is founded in manchester, but it has grown way beyond it and your small town elitist mentality gets tiring and old – get over it and move on, its a big world out there. Are you saying all machester born players would play for United and never leave – get a grip, seriously dude, wake up.

  24. NotoriousRedDevil says:

    @ Scott The Red. Phil Neville and Nicky Butt, born in Manchester area they aren’t here anymore. I have no qualms about his departure, players come and go. Thats football. His time was up just like theirs don’t feel he deserves all the animosity.

  25. Scott the Red says:

    NBI Red Onion – Cantona wasn’t born in Manchester and played for us for 5 seasons. Best wasn’t born in Manchester and played for 10 years after leaving United. Beckham wasn’t born in Manchester and has played for 7 years (so far) and 3 different clubs since leaving United. Giggs moved to Manchester as a kid and grew up here and has never left United.

    Sorry, what was your point?

    Nicky Butt and Phil Neville left United because they didn’t get in to the starting XI. Both, since leaving, have gone on to be starting players and captains for their new teams. Fair enough.

  26. Mancunian Red says:

    Yeah Scott “dude”, “get over” having any sort of bias/pride (damn our small town Mancunian mentalities) towards the city you live in.

    Red Onion – WUM, or OTT with a chip on your shoulder?

  27. redscot says:

    ? Beck’s did you play in the 1st leg, you were fuckin anonymous.Play on Wedensday will be a good thing because it will be like playing against 10 men, your washed up, but you really know that right,every since you were LET GO.
    As for Daddy who give’s a flying fuck, It should just galvanise the Lad’s to give you a fuckin torrid time.
    You can never really get your first love out of your system.Is that Rebecca Loo’s? lol

  28. jack says:

    I thought Becks was good in the 1st leg. Don’t see what he done to be crap?? put some good crosses in and kept the ball well which was his job in a poistion he don’t play alot.

    I was reading something Daves dad the other day and he was saying half of him will want to United to win and the other half Milan to win which you can understand seeing as its his son.


  29. jack says:

    King Eric

    Didn’t see you mentioned that, my bad, lol.

  30. Adi says:

    He would want Milan to win 1-0 with Becks scoring and United going through on aggregate.

  31. Always Be Closing says:

    Redscot – nonsense. He played his part, no need to go on the offensive with him, it’s just rude.

  32. Xyth says:

    Much ado about nothing! He is just trying to please his Italian employers.

  33. sahahaha says:


  34. Sign-up-jimmy.bullard says:

    Gowan becksy . Mad bastard

  35. Tom says:

    Best of luck to David Beckham and AC Milan tonight!


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