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Becks Close To Tears When Drawn Against His Beloved United

David Beckham

David Beckham has revealed how much it means to him to be facing United in the next round of the Champions League with his new club, AC Milan.

“When I knew the draw, I nearly cried,” said Beckham. “I love the club. It’s going to be an emotional night. I have never returned to Old Trafford in six years. It has always been a special place in my heart.”

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  1. Tony Starks says:

    Yeah and he would love to score against us too…

  2. Duncan says:

    True legend

  3. keanesmagichat says:

    bechham deserves our respect, nowhere near a united legend but a contributer to our success while he was here…

  4. keanesmagichat says:

    people calling beckham a united legend are showing themselves to know very little about the club

  5. Costas says:

    Becks is a United great, as far as that IMO.

    Nonetheless, it will be one of the most awkward sights of the last 7 years. Defending Beckham set pieces. Hopefully we will be too much for Milan.

    And if we are, how fitting hey? Beckham will have probably played the last Champion’s League game of his career at Old Trafford.

  6. theboogeyman says:

    keanesmagichat- Exactly what I think. Not legend but a great player, just like Ronnie.

  7. james f says:

    Let our boys make him cry for real then, after that joke Milan gets eliminated at Old Trafford.

  8. Mic says:

    Love him! He’s quality, we defo have too much for Milan though, Valencias pace down the right should test the legs of their players.

  9. Macheda IS GOD says:

    tony he said he wont celebrate if they win/score against us

  10. spencer says:

    “I have never returned to Old Trafford in six years”

    he returned a few years ago for that charity match where he gave that speech at half time

  11. Besher says:

    Yes a united a great not a legend . His attitude since leaving made it hard for himself to reach legendary status like going to train with arsenal from all the teams in the world . And i”m 100% sure that even if playing with any english team instead of united would have guarenteed him a place in the world cup he would have taken it no matter what united fans thought . So thanks god he is choosing milan . And i”m not sure about the crying part

  12. Giles Oakley says:

    Tricky area, this ‘Legend’/ ‘Great’ business. I doubt if I’ll be around to prove it, but I bet Beckham’s name will be among the best remembered of all United players in 50 years time. I loved him at Old Trafford and was very sad to see him go, however inevitable it had become after his falling out with Fergie. Yes he’s open to all sorts of criticisms over the way he behaved around the time of his departure and the Posh ‘circus’ had become a real embarrassment, but he was critical to the winning of 6 Premiership titles, the Champions League, and a couple of FA Cups, etc, etc, and he provided some magical moments – great goals, great free-kicks, great assists. Has there aver been a better midfield 4 at United than: Beckham, Scholes, Keane, Giggs? I remember watching with awe the series of crosses he delivered to Ruud at White Hart Lane in 2003, when victory effectively secured one of the best come-back titles of Fergie’s time. The precision, the swing, the effortless perfection of delivery, the metronomic quality of those endless crosses surpassed anything I’ve seen from a United winger. (Ole might have gone on to do the same, if injury hadn’t intervened). We all knew at that match that this would be one of the last times we’d see Becks in a Red shirt, especially Ruud, who clearly knew the value of what he’d be losing, and it tinged the win with sadness. His departure to Real Madrid ushered in the mid-2000s slump many thought United would never come out of.Some of you may wish to deny Becks the honour of ‘Legend’ status, but he will beyond all debate be remembered as one of United’s greatest ever Stars and I’ll be glad to see him at Old Trafford again. I hope he gets a good reception, but I hope it’s as a gallant loser.

  13. n667 says:

    glory seeking wanker!! period! there have been better playrs who have played at our club and there will be in the future

    legend?? great??? MY arse!!

  14. VSK says:

    Giles Oakley, spot on!

    as for n667; someone didnt get xmaspresents this year ;\

  15. devil@singapore says:

    we just tick into 12am here in s’pore.
    Guess I’ll step into 2010 first lads!
    Happy Happy New Year!!! Best wishes to all fellow Mancunian!!
    May 2010 be better for Man Utd!
    I have always like Beckham, but i wish upon you é worst ever performance on your return with Milan!!!

  16. pawaka21 says:

    happy new year mates

  17. Tony Starks says:

    I think Becks should go into Politics, he is made to be a PM or something, the guy always knows how to say the right words that get people on his side…,

  18. shebangsthedrums says:

    Happy New Year also. I’m in New Zealand so we’re over 5 hours into 2010 now. Sorry i didn’t say it earlier but I’m at work. Thanks Scott for this blog. We moved here this year and I’m really missing home and following the Reds. But coming on here makes me feel I’m being kept in the loop. I don’t always comment but I visit most days. Thanks again and have a great 2010.

  19. OT says:

    Legend, great, whatever you want to call him, all I hope for is that he has an AWFUL game and gets a good reception.

  20. Ajo Paul says:

    No doubt he’s a legend.. Loved him playing in our shirt ditto with Ronnie.. cant keep becks out of United history anytime.. hope he comes and does us a favour :)

  21. Gary says:

    There is no one specific when classing a legend, but what can’t be denied is that Becks has cemented his place in United’s history. I wish I could be there on the 10th to give him a great reception but unfortunatelty and fortunately I will be in Las Vegas. That treble winning midfield of Becks, Giggs, Keano and Scholes will never be matched in my opinion, it was the complete midfield.

  22. phaka sa red says:

    OMG can u imagine becks lining up a freekick just outside the box at OT in the 89th…oh lord i d DIE…

  23. stretfordendole says:

    are we going to get 2 months of this garbage from Beckham’s PR people? We know you love the club, you were a ‘great’ player for us, (not legend, that’s reserved for Ryan) but you left to persue what you expected to be a greater career away from Old Trafford. The fact it didn’t happen is your and your agents problem not ours. I’ll welcome you with a warm round of applause when you return to Old Trafford with Milan, but that’s where it ends, I don’t want to hear all this love of the club crap from you, David! Play the game then disappear until you retire from football, then I’m sure that the club will set-up some link between your new MLS club and us.

  24. MG says:

    Becks PR machine is working overtime lol

    It will be nice to see him but let’s get serious here.

    We support Manchester United not AC Milan who he now plays for the next 6 months so accordingly can’t wait to beat them and set the record straight

  25. Fze123 says:

    He might not start. He might sit on the bench. He might be an unused sub. So there’s no need to worry about him. If he does scores a decisive goal and we lose, then so be it. Football is football. At least he won’t celebrate.

    Whenever there’s a topic about him or Ron, the Legend vs Great debate starts. Everyone classifies players in different categories, so there’s no need to argue about it. For me Becks is a legendary player, a dead ball master. If only he does not make absurd decisions. The decision to marry that zombie they call Victoria, decision to fall out with Fergie and leave Utd to go to the fascits. Scott didn’t include the full comments by him. He also said he misses the fans, OT, being a Utd player. It sad that he realised his mistake a little too late.

  26. King Eric says:

    shebangsthedrums – Whereabouts in New Zealand mate? My brother in law moved there 4 years ago . He lives at Winton on the South Island. Wife and me visited a couple of years ago and what a beautiful country is it. You lucky man.

  27. ¡No Pasarán! (Altrincham, Greater Manchester) says:

    too bad he acted like a twat towards the end of his United career, lost a lot of respect for him over that.

  28. MozzerAnt says:

    He got a smashing goal just before half-time against Spurs one day at Old Trafford just down in front of me. A right little beauty over Walker’s head. Then 10 days later he swung in two lovely corner kicks for Sheringham and Solskjaer in injury time at the Nou Camp. Oh the memories…and I jumping around like a lunatic up in the stands…yes it’s all coming back. Becks WAS a LEGEND or at least well on his way to being one during those heady days. More’s the pity he went and ballsed it all up after that with his headbands and his bloody Real Madrid.

  29. manchuchu says:

    Just for the sake of morbidity, I’m gonna say I hope he breaks his leg at OT.

    My respect for Becks went away when he turned from Beckham: Soccer Player to Beckham: Underwear Model.

    And he played for Real.

    I hope he breaks both legs.

  30. Red Devil says:

    @ Manchuchu: Good lord man, thats not a very nice way to start the new year…wishing for someone to break both his legs.

  31. Kevin says:

    Beckham was a hero to me as a grew up watching United. He was my favorite United player growing up and I was divistated when he left. I hate the idea of seeing him at Old Trafford in anything then a United kit but he deserves the warmest of welcomes. He has said nothing but positives things since leaving and too me he is a legend. I understand why others don’t see him as one but personally he is.

    Agree with Red Devil manchuchu

  32. kshetrajna says:

    Sometimes I do not understand the reasoning of our fans…The choice of calling Beckham a Legend or not is at an individual level..BUT to forget the glorious service he gave United over the years and spew hatred is beyond comprehension..Respect the man for his Service…When we are ready to forgive Rio for his faults,I see no reason why Beckham should be subjected to this kind of hate by fans of a club he clearly loves.Legend or not he surely deserves a warm reception when he returns.And for people complaining about his personal life…thats his choice and not for fans to comment about.

  33. King Eric says:

    Looking forward to seeing Becks back at OT. No legend in my book but a fantastic player. Lots of great memories of Becks.

    kshetrajna – It IS Beckhams choice how he lives his life BUT he cannot expect fans to believe he is a “top red” after his decisions.

  34. kshetrajna says:

    @King Eric
    I am sorry if i misunderstood your post..When you say decisions do you mean his move to Madrid or the media circus he has become…Because if it is the later,then thats hardly a reason why he should not be a”top red”.We have had players whose decisions have not been great yet have been adored by the fans…

  35. kshetrajna says:

    On his prime he was a treat to watch….In my honest opinion David Beckham the footballer does not get the recognition he deserves…His footballing skills have been underplayed due to his image.He was a great player and one of the best of his generation…It is unfair on him to be compared to Giggs.No player will be able to match the standards set by Giggs ever.If you ask me even Cantona or Best would be lower ranked compared to Giggs in my list of United legends.But does that mean they are not Legends?Different players are called legends for different reasons.Manchester United the club is what it is today because of so many outstanding players and Beckham is surely one among those players.


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