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Becks Explains Why He Wore Green And Gold

David Beckham wrapped a green and gold scarf around his neck as he left the Old Trafford pitch last night.

Disappointingly, the former United winger has claimed he didn’t know about the connection between the colours and our anti-Glazer protests.

“I’m a Manchester United fan. I saw the scarf there, I put it round my neck,” said Beckham. “It’s the old colours of United, that’s all I knew. To be honest it’s not my business. I support the club. I always have done and I always will do. It’s nothing to do with me the way everything is run, that’s to do with other people but I’m a United fan and I will always support them. Obviously you can hear it week in and week out. There’s always protests going on. Let’s hope it gets sorted out.”

Playing dumb or actually totally oblivious? How can any “United fan” not know about the green and gold movement? So presuming he does know about it, why not have some confidence in his conviction?

It’s still great that he wore the scarf but his comments have taken the shine off it.

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  1. Wakey says:

    @Paul H

    “In terms of the Red Knights? They have now exhausted their UK hedge fund backing, so are now casting the net further afield to the far East for some Red Samurais. Great. What next? I know, let’s go to the USA and get some good old American $investment. Hang on – that can’t be right…”

    I wouldn’t be surprised if they do goto the States next despite the way it undermines their whole argument for the takeover. After all look at the companies they have hired to help them out or even some of the Red Knights involved. They are companies who were involved in the Glazer takeover or people who directly or indirectly benefited from the takeover. The investment bank they signed the deal with today for example were the investment bank that advised the PLC board to initially turn down the Glazers offer and then when the improved offer came in they advised to accept it. So the Red Knights are getting into bed with the very people who got the club in the situation that they are claiming is so bad.

  2. Fred says:

    “I know, let’s go to the USA and get some good old American $investment. Hang on – that can’t be right…”

    “I wouldn’t be surprised if they do goto the States next despite the way it undermines their whole argument for the takeover.”

    What the fuck are you astroturfers prattling on about now? The anti-Glazer sentiment has nothing to do with them being American FFS. Typical patronising slurs from you sockpuppets.

  3. Henke17 says:

    i’m undecided on my views of these Red Knights simply because at the moment i have no intention of what deal has been struck with MUST if any. but regardless of this, the green and gold protest was going on before these Red Knights came along. theyre not one and the same!! regardless of whether i support them or not, i oppose The Glazers!! and Green and Gold represents that!!

    Fred’s right though, it doesn’t matter if they seek investment overseas and even in the USA as it’s not the nationality we have an issue with, it’s the DEBT!! and as far as i have read, MUST will not back any deal or buyout involving debt.

    as much as it’s easy for many fans to be walking in the dark on this one, the enthusiasm arount OT and around town with everyone is something i have never experienced.

    we need to stay together and continue to move forward together and if what the Red Knights propose doesn’t fit the MUST bill and seems like it wouldn’t be a progressive move then we’ll oppose them and tell them to fuck off too!! this is our club, all of ours!! it could be amazing if a bunch of wealthy reds buy the club and with it, supporters have increased power within it’s framework..but still, who the fuck are the Red Knights?? we’re Manchester United, the biggest football club in the world.

    GREEN AND GOLD TIL THE CLUB IS SOLD!!! (to the right people!!!!!)

  4. Henke17 says:

    i have no intention?? i mean i have no idea of the intentions of them

  5. Wakey says:


    It matters greatly as they are going after the same kind of investors in Asia and will no doubt end up going to the States as the Glazers are. They have been setting themselves up as being different to the Glazers in that they are fans and not in it for the money yet are now going out looking for investers who are in it for Money reasons.

  6. Wakey says:


    “it’s the DEBT!! and as far as i have read, MUST will not back any deal or buyout involving debt”

    Strange that. The details released by the Red Knights when they officially announced that their intention to buy the club clearly stated that they would be loading the club with £200million in bank Loans. This is ontop of the the 500mill Bond which they have stated they won’t be paying off.

    And it seems like all MUST seem to be concerned about are debts loaded on the club (Which is odd as one of their biggest complaints about the Glazers is the PIK Loans which are personal loans) and ignoring the loans which each Red Knights going to have to take out finance their stake, and which most of the people involved don’t have a way to service this debt without some or even all coming out of the club.

    To me MUST are letting their hatred for the Glazers cloud their judgement along with the initial promise of ‘Barca Style Fan Ownership’ which has later turned into MUST being given a Golden Share (Which actually only kicks on WHEN the Red Knights decide to cash in).

    Its really where my main gripe is with MUST. For a group thats supposed to be acting in the Interest of the Fans they seem too reactionary, millitant and worst of all looking to make the leadership more important and powerful

  7. Mj says:

    Typical beckham, all he cares about is his public image. He has already made enough money to fly private jets for the rest of his life, but he is still only concerned about “his image”.

    Please becks, take a stand for something and ignore team beckham.

  8. Mark says:

    Like the Glazer’s he’s a buisnessman, this image will make big wave’s in Asia’ where consumers of the Beckham and Man Utd franchises alike can embrace the trendy green and gold summer collection at megastores……or ebay is another option….

    Hmmm, there’s an idea

    Best get knitting


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