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Becks: Goosebumps At Thought Of Wearing United Shirt

David Beckham will be playing in Gary Neville’s testimonial at Old Trafford tomorrow after his club LA Galaxy have allowed him to miss a game for them to attend.

Beckham, who left the club for Real Madrid in 2003, can’t wait to wear our shirt again.

“Putting a United shirt on again never gets old,” said Beckham. “I get goose bumps every time I think about stepping out at Old Trafford again, as does walking out on the pitch. To be able to do that for Gary and his family means it is going to be an emotional night. I played with him for so many years. We were room-mates, he was best man at my wedding and he is one of my best friends. I am looking forward to seeing him play. After a few months of not playing and training, that will be interesting!”

Beckham believes after Neville’s commitment and hard work, he is deserving of a night dedicated to him.

“Gary is still so dedicated,” said Beckham. “It is the reason why he has achieved so much in his career and why United fans love him. He is such a talent and hard worker. He really deserves this night.”

There are still a few tickets available. Buy them from the official site for £25.

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  1. Suprah says:

    last I checked the reason Giggs invoked the injunction was primarily because, according to court judgments, he was being blackmailed by Imogen Thomas and her team of the conveniently located photographer for ridiculous amounts of money just because he exchanged a few drunken texts with her. He was foolish and idiotic enough to invoke the injunction that has caused more harm to his reputation than the alleged fling.

    he was setup right from the start and was blackmailed for £100k. He sent her a drunk text message and he was an idiot enough to meet her at a hotel because she said she’d sell the text message to the papers unless he gave her a signed United shirt. Because he’s a fool, he went to the hotel, where a conveniently placed photographer snapped a picture of him and her in a hotel together.

    After this, she sent him the pictures and said that he had to meet her at a different hotel and bring her £100k or she would go to the papers. The idiot went again, and got photographed again. He refused her the money, but signed some memorabilia and gave her free tickets.

    Later, once she worked out that she wasn’t getting anything from him, she tried to sell her story based on the pictures of them in a hotel (twice) and a very drunken text message. Obviously, the papers ran it past the lawyers, and it went to court.

    In court, the photographer admitted the setup, thus the player got a super injunction to protect his reputation as a family man. Funnily enough, the Imogen Thomas team didn’t even TRY to argue the facts of the case, they just said that it was “already in the public domain anyway” (because of the rumours), so she should be able to sell her story. Judge ruled that she is entitled to sell her story, but in no way is she legally able to even hint that she had an affair with Giggs.

  2. perkythered says:

    this from wikipedia on john hemming, mp:

    Shortly after his election in 2005, he made headlines when it was revealed that he was the father of a child with his personal assistant and fellow councillor Emily Cox, though he would stay with his wife and her three children. His wife Christine commented that she forgave him and is standing by him, as he has always been honest about his extramarital affairs, of which she said this was “about number 26″.[20][21] Following the publication of details of the affairs, Hemming voted for himself for the News of the World’s ‘Love Rat of the Year’ competition.[22] In 2010, his wife appeared in court charged with stealing his mistress’s cat.[18] Pleading “not guilty” on 7 February 2011, she was bailed and sent for trial in June.[23]

  3. Sachu says:

    Congrats to the youth team.
    So the bitch smartalex is back and starts fighting.Cunt of highest order.And by the way MG hoe’s your ass licking club going.
    Bill bob go and fuck john terry you moron.

  4. Leetguy1101 says:

    Wow, so much in-fighting here over Giggs. He messed up – in my eyes, as a family man, his stock has decreased, and as a ‘good guy’ footballer, I guess Paul Scholes is the only name I have left. He was foolish to get himself involved with Imogen Thomas, he was an idiot for trying to sue an American company in a British court.

    With that said, he’s still a damn good footballer, and it doesn’t affect his footballing legend status.

    What does disappoint me is the rest of you ripping into people who don’t agree with you. What the fuck happened to this place? I remember when trolls got shot, but fellow United fans could at least agree to disagree – and I haven’t even read this blog for much longer than four seasons anyway, but I fully expect to be completely burned here and now because I don’t agree with you, so I guess I won’t be back,

  5. Marq says:

    The injunction probably kept our momentum going, so let’s say Giggs took one for the team.

    Best was never a perfect person, but we loved him all the same. That goes for Giggs.

    For now, it is only about United vs Barca. Anything else can wait.

  6. MG says:


    Hows it going city fan?

    Wastelands isn’t here if you need directions go google it

    Hows your constipation going – I know it must be difficult walking around like a headless chicken crying to shit himself

    Good luck with that


  7. smartalex says:


    You say “everyone is entitled to an opinion on giggsy.”

    You had a good opinion of him, but no longer respect him because of unsubstantiated and uninformative claims. You cannot believe that you know and understand the Imogen situation. Without any knowledge you are already stating that you have lost respect for him.

    That is shallow. Wake up. Your claim of love for United cannot be considered as true, as you change your core opinions based on tabloid speculation, vague innuendo and ABU opinion.

    In fact, you are not a true red.

  8. One foot in the crowd says:

    To be fair to Sir Ryan… I’d smash it! ;-)

    Come on, has anyone ever not made a mistake? Do we all know all the facts about this? And it certainly does take two to tango, but for fuck sake… We are in the final throws of the build up to the CHAMPIONS LEAGUE FINAL!!!

    Let’s put this media circus behind us and get with the excitement at hand… Anyone else got goosebumps yet???

  9. Mahesh says:

    Smartalex: Well, if you think United fans are not entitled to from opinions on Giggsy the man based on the information available (and there is enough to suggest that he did fuck around, and invoked a super injunction for whatever reason – and by the way that very super injuction that Giggs has invoked prevents us from knowing the TRUTH, so he is himself responsible for any misinformation thats going around), then you are equally denied the privilege to define who a ‘true red’ is. Like I said, my respect for Giggs the player is mutually exclusive from my opinion of him as a man/individual. Now that is my personal opinion, and that of many others on this forum. If you can’t accept that, that really is your problem, not mine or anyone else’s. And if you really think that your opinion of being ‘shallow’ or what a ‘true red’ is really matters to anyone besides yourself, you must be truly deluded. Amazing how so called true red’s can come on here can claim to have a monopoly over defining what and how a ‘true’ fan of the biggest club in the world is supposed to think or feel.

  10. smartalex says:

    “Cunt of the highest order!”

    Thanks for that!

    You, on the other hand, are clearly a low lying syphilitic bitter cunt in any order.

  11. smartalex says:


    I don’t “think United fans are not entitled to from opinions on Giggsy the man based on the information available”

    You say that, not me.

    I’m saying: by you withdrawing your stated affection based on flimsy hearsay, your appear
    a shallow cunt. Know what I mean?

  12. Mahesh says:


    Like I said, the information available, and the ‘flimsy hearsay’ is absolutely a consequence of Giggs’ actions, especially invoking an injuction. And if I want to judge him, I can absolutely judge him as an individual for just that. And if you have a problem with that, that is your problem not mine. Honestly for all the actually ‘smart’ individuals on here who have genuine opinions and often choose to agree to disagree in a civilized manner, there is a smaller number of people with whom it is absolutely pointless trying to have a discussion.

    Oh, and yes it has begun – the trademark of the so called ‘true red’. Descend to abuse and trolling when someone chooses to disagree with you. Truly, smartalex YOU are such a credit to United and United fans everywhere. Forgive me if I now impose my definition of what ‘shallow’ human being is, and brand you just that.

    Now, I have no interest in being abused some more for my opinion so kindly desist from trying to shove yours on to me.

  13. smartalex says:


    You judge giggs prematurely, and then you shout your poor opinions to the world.

    Of course, you attack me for politely pointing at your shallow support.


  14. Mahesh says:

    smartalex: Let me make this as clear as possible from my end, because I really don’t like coming on here to waste my time and energy arguing endlessly or to get abused.

    1) I believe that Giggs actions (even the limited amount that we know i.e. he cheated on his wife, then got a super-injunction invoked for whatever reasons) are enough to reduce his stock as an individual which was impeccable before this whole saga. To ME they are enough for me to withdraw the affection and admiration I had for Ryan Giggs the man. What comes out later (which is hidden in the first instance because Giggs has invoked a draconian superinjunction) might make him drop even more in my estimation, or redeem a little, but regardless of that he will never be an all round role model that someone like EDVS or Scholes are now for me. Now, this is MY opinion, and MY feelings with regard to Ryan Giggs.

    2) How I feel about Ryan Giggs the man has absolutely zero to do with how I feel about him as a player and United footballing legend. And your suggestion that my opinion of Ryan Giggs the man defines my standing as a United supporter is offensive and insulting. So you stating that you were polite in disagreeing with me is just plain wrong. And obviously I was not the one desceding to directly abusing the other person.

    3) Finally, I am not imposing my opinion on anyone, I don’t expect anyone (including you) to agree with me), and I don’t even have a problem if you continue to think that my opinion with regard to Ryan Giggs is wrong – but you have absolutely no right to come out here and question my love for the CLUB based on my opinion of Ryan Giggs the individual in his private life. I am absolutely under no obligation to maintain my esteem for him in his private conduct.

    Now if you’re going to come back now and call me a ‘shallow cunt’, or something worse again, feel free to do so. I just choose to disagree with you. And I won’t be back defending myself pointlessly again.

  15. smartalex says:


    You tell the world that you “have lost respect for Ryan Giggs” based on the “limited amount that we know” That is shallow.

    Now you blurt “Giggs … might make him drop even more in my estimation, or redeem a little, but regardless of that he will never be an all round role model that someone like EDVS or Scholes are now for me.”

    Will EDVS and Scholes be subjected to your broadcast opinions of their unworthiness when you hear of some possible infringement of your values?

    Your shallow history indicates that the loss of your respect is no loss.

    Your last words were “And I won’t be back defending myself pointlessly again.”
    I guess that Ryan would also clearly recognise how pointless my defense of him is.

    If I may suggest, love United. That also entails not attacking or undermining our idols and heroes, whether you consider it warranted or not.

    Love United.


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