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Becks: I Want To End My Career At United

David Beckham knows it would be unlikely, but has revealed he would love to play for Manchester United again before the end of his career.

“I don’t think it would ever happen but if I could finish my career at Old Trafford it would be amazing,” said Beckham. “It would be kind of perfection. I always dreamt of playing for Manchester United and staying there and never leaving. Obviously, circumstances dictated that didn’t happen. But if ever a chance came up to go back and I doubt it ever will, then of course I’d take it. You always look at ending your career on a high and the majority of times it doesn’t happen.”


Vote for Republik of Mancunia, please.

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. afromanc says:


  2. zhixiang says:

    Get him back for a cameo…

  3. aig alex is god says:

    You are welcome becks.However SAF wont welcome you so just forget about it. The way we are WASTING Set Pieces someone like him is exactly what we need

    We can make him the ambassador of the club or domething like that after he retires.doing well for Milan.

  4. Biku says:

    What ever happend in March 2003 he never lost his love for United.
    He was a great servant and true red.

  5. Mic says:

    Bring him back!! Shirts would sell in Asia, he offers more than Nani does, he’s still a decent player! BRING HIM BAAAACK! I love him! Though I was really happy when he left ‘cuz I hated him while he was at United lol.

  6. taz0711 says:

    amazing player, just look at milans latest results, i think he would suit are team at the moment and help us alot with that final third that we seem to really struggle in this season

  7. 666rbr says:

    Sign him up, Fergie!
    He should end his career with Giggsy! If we have signed owen, he should be signed aswell.

  8. Jayunited4eva says:

    He’s a great Red devil and i’d be delighted to have him play for us again :D It’s a perfect match.Us and Becks together again.

  9. DB9 says:

    He might get a cameo run out in a red shirt at a testimonial for one or more of the other fledglings but thats the only chance he’s got. Clearly he wants to be tagged as a Man Utd man when he comes back to the UK so that he can get Man Utd ambassador/pundit work and maintain his media profile.

  10. Red Devil says:

    @ Mic

    good point mate…..better than nani both going forward and in defense…tactically better (just listen to Fabio capello and Leonardo rave on about his tactical awareness!)
    Still a marketable face, would help us attract us publicity and commercial deals….All things we desperately need at the moment!

  11. AlphaRS says:

    Actions speak louder than words. Your actions say otherwise.
    If you wanted to have Lengendary status like Giggsy you should have stayed.

  12. Stephen says:

    Not for me, he would firstly struggle with the pace of the game in the Prem, also Fergie would never have him back.
    I would rather look forward, Beckham does soley look after number one an sometimes he can’t have everything he wants.

  13. shmoo says:

    dont ever want this robbing fucker ever to set foot on our hallowed turf as one of ours ever again, imagine seeing trout face week in , week out, at the games, that in itself is enough to make me not go to the games. he was a decent player, who thought he was bigger than the club, fergie fucked him off to madrid, and he realises now that he made a massive mistake..

  14. RedArmy_7 says:

    (alphars) FYI david never asked to leave the club. he wanted to stay but the boss didnt want him… in my eyes he’s a legend and a proper united player..

    there’s only one david beckhaaam!!!

  15. Mhihrh says:

    Let me ask everyone a question.then lets see what answer everyone gives

    imagine this is the 02-03 season and you are playing for have enjoyed great success at the club and matured into one of the best in the world.then you lose 2-0 to arsenal in the fa cup when basically the whole team was crap and after the match the manager removes his fury on you.what would you do?. Stay at the club after this embarrasment or leave the club?

  16. Xyth says:

    He is currently doing a fine job in Milan. I am not sure if he would have been plying as regularely for United though.

  17. Redhot Concepts says:

    For old times sakes, let this boy whose famous corner kicks in Nou Camp rock n roll for us again. This boy is Man United. Perfect sportsman who gives his darnest best in whatever he does! Maturity has crept in him and he yearns for us again. We need some x factor in the team, he migh just provide it.
    Oh God let us triumph today!!! Amen!!

  18. DEVILisRED says:

    dont think it will happen. but i wont mind having beck back for a season. could be useful off the bench. still a deadly deadball specialist, probably the best we had in the last 20 years.

  19. AlphaRS says:


    Nobody know’s what happened between SAF and Beckham.
    The impression I got was he thought he was bigger than the club and SAF fcuked him off. Even SAF noticed the change in his attitude. The things he has said have all contradicted eachother. Before he left he said he never said he would finish his career at United. I remember all that. Also when SAF was shouting orders on to the pitch he just looked at him and ignored him and ran off. Nobody and I mean NOBODY is bigger than the club. SAF fcuked him off. Now he is saying he wants to end his career at United. I hope not. He was a very good player. But legend? Don’t think so.
    He was more interested in money grabbing, the Beckham brand, and his anorexic mrs. Which is also why he went to America to earn lots of money.
    I have no respect for him. He is a twat.

  20. trevor says:

    i dont think signing beckham would be worth while at all. I dont know how effective he is at milan.

    If i am honest i think they love him as he certainly brings in additional shirt sales!!!!!

    Only my opinion, im sure others have differnt views!

  21. Swissdevil says:

    @ Mhihrh: Nice to see you back mate! remember last time talkin bout taking back cr7…? I think SAF could make a exception on becks ;-)

    your question: i would have left as well…

  22. rooninho says:

    bring him back for a testimonial, then make him a coach and/or ambassador, or even as a super sub. i’ve always like becks and if we can use him to sell shirts or generate new fans across the globe then why not? apparently we need the money!

  23. Red Army says:

    I’d love it to happen. Great player with the best right foot in world football. If he still wants silly wages then forget it, but if he will play for very little like Owen then why not.

    Fergie won’t do it though and the deal is too big anyway.

    I know he didn’t have 10 proffessional years but some kind of charity testimonial match could work.

    Yesterday was Ruud, Today Becks. Could it be.

  24. zakeezy says:

    he is a true man u product without any doubt,but sad its his wife who spoil his man u career

  25. Marq says:

    To Mhihrh
    Sir Alex did not release his fury on Beckham only, he was angry with the whole team, it was unfortunate that Sir Alex kicked out a boot and somehow it flew towards Beckham. If you believed the media that Sir Alex aimed and hit Beckham with that boot, I think you should think again -.-
    Embrassment? It was an unfortunate incident, or accident I should say, I think the embrassment is that you actually believed the crap stories

  26. Mhihrh says:


    common was no accident.becks hadnt been performing well enough.the fact that saf started him on the bench many times after that justifies it

  27. Mhihrh says:


    you may be right.just what i thought.i may very well be wrong

  28. 1manstamp3d3 says:

    Well Becks you could always stick the ball in your own net when we play milan.Seriously though he always gave it all for utd and but i think a testimonial is the only way it will happen

  29. Red Army says:

    Can you imagine if he purposely scored an own goal. How class would that be. Ah to dream.

  30. Swissdevil says:

    zakeezy: would you mind, to call it man utd instead of man u? cheers

  31. Sign-up-jimmy.bullard says:

    Sign him up to fuck . Better than carrick , ando , gibbo. , nanind park . Luv the guy . Db7 . Sell sum jersys to chinks nd then buy bullard nd ramsey

  32. wiuru says:

    Be careful what you wish for , you may get it !

    Thanks but for me only ambassadorial Type position if he did get back !

  33. niklas89 says:

    He may be useful to have in the squad, but I cant imagine him accepting ‘squad player’ wages. A useful player to maybe create something special, like a pinpoint cross or set piece from the bench but I think he now lacks the pace to play in the prem.

  34. NotoriousRedDevil says:

    Beckham NEVER said he wanted to stay at United all his life. He said he wanted to as long as the club wants him or words to that effect. Thats exactly what happened. Lets not start splitting hairs now.

  35. Fze123 says:

    Then you should never have left, Becks. Look how many more trophies Neville, Scholsey and Giggs have won since you left (but still a legend in my book). He is doing great for AC Milan but come on, Serie A is simply a shit league. He has lost a yard of pace, is older so he may not be really effective. He also won’t get a lot of playing time, he does want to go to the WC after all. But, I would bring him in for financial and marketing reasons only.

    In a few years time, we will hear the same ‘I wish I had stayed at Utd’ from Ronaldo, mark my words. Every current Utd player should stop and think twice before deciding to leave this great club. As Fergie has said, “You just can’t leave Manchester United.”

  36. bchilds says:

    Never going to happen! Don’t want it to happen either, he’s in the past and that’s where he should stay.

    I do like the fact that he still has a lot of affection towards United and he’ll get a good reception coming back to United (although hopefully will walk out to an empty stadium) but he’s nowhere near good enough to return.


  37. alfie says:

    When Giggs, Scholes and Neville hang up their boots and have a massive testimonial (I know Giggs has already had his but he’ll still play and we’ll still be saying goodbye) it’d be great to see Becks back in the red shirt for a match. He could’ve played in Solskjaer’s but was injured but still attended and gave a message to the fans. I can imagine Nicky Butt, Phil Neville etc. being invited as well, and they could make appearances.

    Obviously a loan is out of the question because he’ll be 35 next time he is available for loan and no interest has been shown by SAF in the last 2 years. I’d have thought of him as a good asset to have for a few months as he’s still a top player, could’ve been a good option from the bench. But last season we had Ronaldo there and this season we’ve got Valencia who’s played very well and been voted our player of the month for the past 2 months. But I’ll always think of Beckham fondly and for that one game I’ll be proud to see him in the shirt.

  38. Sign-up-jimmy.bullard says:

    Wana giv a shout out to a faggit called pete Fitzgerald . Fuck the city scum . Hope tevez fukin pours sum more boiling water on himself nd we never c his fugly face on pitch again .

  39. dioufs-twin says:

    the lad above is a scum robbed us 2nite..wazza nd gazza nev will batter dem on d way home. tevez is a fugly jammy lying gypsie who should be shot.

  40. David watts says:

    How about a slightly different role Beck’s….You have a bob or two, get together with your former youth team mates, get king Eric on the team and launch a bid for the club – You have said that all you wanted to be was a United Legend…well here is the one way to surpass the exploits of all your peers on the pitch…You watch supporters round the world flock to the cause and dip their hands in the pockets if the first 100 mill was put up by legends of United….maybe they could buy up Glazer bonds that are on offer at 50k each with all the interest going into a fund to buy the club, that way the fans money would be paying the interest that was funding a club buy out instead of the banks….Either way, someone like Becks could bring some serious cash into a bid for the club…

  41. rooneyworldsbest says:

    Becks never wanted to leave!!! Legend in my eyes, goes down as one of the greats to wear the number 7 shirt!!!

  42. SteniS says:

    Well, he was my hero when I was growing up. Got great memories of him swinging crosses in during the Treble campaign. So many goals were created from his right foot. With Valencia being the bees knees since he arrived I doubt Becks would fit in as a right winger.

  43. Harry says:

    He was a great player, but sorry becks, it is too late now.
    Would he be saying that if he is still in Real Madrid right now? I don’t think so.

  44. Norbert Bugeja says:

    had u controlled your missus better well maybe but now maybe….shirt selling is the best i can see becks or else a set piece coach we need one we are hardly dangerous from any

  45. reddevil1878 says:

    spot on david watts!! spot fukn on!!

  46. Da mystro says:

    i dont want beckham and he can *(&^ %&*^ s#$ w#$% his mo%^$#


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