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Becks: I Would Love To Play United And Win CL With Milan

David Beckham says it would be ‘beautiful’ to play against ‘Manchester’ in this year’s Champions League and is hoping to win the competition with AC Milan.

He couldn’t possibly mean that he wants to knock United out of Europe, could he.

“I would really like to face my former team in the next round,” said Beckham. “Since I left in 2003, I have not returned to play at Old Trafford. Seven years have gone by and I would like for that to happen. Me against Manchester, it would be beautiful, wouldn’t it?”

Given that United have reached the final for the past two seasons, he knows how much of a test it would be to play against us.

“It would be very difficult,” he continued. “But it will be very exciting. I like big challenges and I would love to play that type of game. I would love to win the Champions League because it is a special competition, where the strongest teams compete.”

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  1. Fred says:




  2. Briggsy says:

    Well. he got his wish

  3. Dilardo says:

    OP – agree.

    Wait for the hysteria to begin now that the draw has been made.

  4. Little-Miss-United says:

    Not only he has a lot of money but also his wishes come true @@

    Anyway, in my opinion, I wouldn’t call him a legend but he would have been a legend if he stayed in the club. I’ve always respected him and I loved it when he kept saying during the last few months that he still loves Man United and that he wishes to play again for us. I only believed he was honest when I saw him last season in our CL match against Arsenal cheering from the stands.

    But it still bothers me now that he wants to knock us out of the CL and he seems happy about it :/ even though, it’s in his dreams cause Ac Milan have no chance this year looking at their performance. They’re not the same as they’ve been 2 or 3 years ago.

  5. Bebeto says:

    Bebeto Said,
    December 16th, 2009 @21:15

    Evra would have no problems subduing him.


    Sorry, that’s wrong.

    Evra will have no problems subduing him.


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