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Becks: I’m A Red So Everton Too Close To Home

David Moyes expressed an interest to sign David Beckham on loan in the same way Landon Donovan joined Everton last season.

Becks is keen to keep up his fitness and with a return to AC Milan not on the cards, clubs around Europe became interested.

The last time Beckham visited Goodison Park, it was the last day of the season in 2003. He scored United’s equalising goal before Ruud van Nistelrooy scored the winner, with United lifting the Premier League trophy.

Like usual though, Becks has ruled out a move to an English club, because of his loyalties to Manchester United.

“It is always great to be wanted by different managers and different teams,” said Beckham. “Even if it’s on loan or a more permanent spell, it’s always nice. I have got great respect for David Moyes from playing with him at Preston. I think he has done an amazing job at Everton, but I am a Manchester United fan — it’s too close to home.”

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  1. Tom Addison says:

    No Fergie, don’t sign him up, it would be at the cost of some very deserving youngsters who need games. Nostalgia holds you back.

  2. mattbw7 says:

    Im not sure if the relationship with SAF has ever been repaired to the extent that Becks would ever be considered, never mind his ability to stand up to the rigours of the English having been out of it. We all know SAF wasn’t blameless in Becks going and neither is Becks which is something he must regret, as much as I want to love him unreservedly a little bit of me always remembers that he did for a short period think he was bigger than the club and I think its only when he left he found out he wasn’t.
    In my opinon if he could look back he would swap the last few years he’s had at RM, AC and the Galaxy for a longer stay at OT, but we all fuck up when we’re young.

  3. willierednut says:

    Gibson has picked up a thigh injury, that’s why he’s out.

  4. NotoriousRedDevil says:

    Thanks willie. How are you mate? Thoughts on game 2nite?

  5. willierednut says:

    NRD – Not bad mate, fancy a 3 1 win tonight.

  6. United-Sthlm says:


  7. KingOfStretfordEnd says:

    It’ll be brilliant if we got him for loan for a while!

  8. Jro says:

    I’d just like to see Becks back on Match of the Day, even if he’s not playing for us. Can’t he play for Everton and just agree that he won’t play in games versus United? That way he wouldn’t harm our season, because it’s not like Everton will be challenging us for league position.

  9. MyCowIsTheBest says:

    well beckham on loan is not such a bad idea

  10. tex says:

    Respect for Becks! All said and done , all the money, fame – inspite of it all he always shows respect to Manutd! Never once after leaving the club has he mouthed off or acted contrary. He’s an example – primadonna wife, media hysteria, money, fame etc – but he’s a solid professional doesn’t mess around with the GAME.

    Manutd shud invite him to train with them – he’s still one of its biggest ambassadors. But Fergie the ol’ codger aint gonna swallow his ego for this. He shud coz Becks has always had reverence for him and the Red Devils. It would do him good to invite Becks to train and maybe just maybe play fa-cups or something but participate . The easiest way to get back into the England squad – which has been rubbish !

  11. Swissdevil says:

    fergie sign him up, wud love to see him back!

  12. veek says:

    well he’ll probably play at neville’s testimonial, possibly the other two’s as well.

  13. RedMist says:

    Top bloke. A United great in my eyes.
    Still showing great loyalty after all these years.

  14. Pet says:

    Would be a dream come true to see Becks back from January until MLS starts up again.
    Think he still got it in him to deliver as a back- up, and his delivery is still pure world class.

    But off course the most important is that Becks would get a well deserved ending to his United carrier. He is without a single doubt a true legend, and truly a genuine United supporter, I simply love it :)

    Someone should do some lobbying trying to make this happen :)

  15. Zombie Cucumber says:

    Great picture!

  16. Always Be Closing says:

    With Valencia out, I never thought about bringing Becks back, but.. that’s a pretty damn good idea! Having a choice of two on the right, maybe even put Valencia in the middle if we have to like he plays for Ecuador, would be pretty sweet with Ando in the middle too and Nani on the left. Make it happen Fergie!


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