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Becks: Maybe I Will Play For United Again

After picking up a BBC Sports Personality Lifetime Achievement, David Beckham revealed that he might return to Manchester United one day.

“I’ve missed playing in the Premier League since I left it seven years ago now,” said Beckham. “It’s one of the most competitive leagues in the world and maybe one day I’ll come back and play here, but I’ve always said it will only be for Manchester United. I’m not holding my breath on that one but we’ll have to wait and see. Going back to AC Milan is not possible because of getting on to the roster for such a short space of time. ‘But it would be nice to go somewhere because I want to keep myself fit and within a chance of getting called up for England again. To do that, I have to be somewhere, so fingers crossed.”

Personally, if I was him, I’d give Bayern Munich a call. Fancy playing for the biggest team in England, Spain, Italy and Germany during your career. It’s the kind of CV that could only be bettered if he’d chosen to stay at United…

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  1. mickh79 says:

    would love to see him back legend .but didnt he wear a yellow and green scarf leaveing the old trafford pitch after the milan game .glazers wouldnt have him back.

  2. TonyBee says:

    Would be worth having Becks back just so he could give master-classes to our wingers in crossing…..also it would seriously piss off Tevez ….

  3. Paul Parker says:

    @ Corea – was only taking the the piss about the size of my post mate! Just wanted to make sure it was to your required specifications and dimensions thats all ;) jokes aside I know you didn’t mean anything Pal.

  4. Paul Parker says:

    Balotelli on Jack Wilshire -

    ‘What’s his name? Wil…? No, I just don’t know him, but the next time I play against Arsenal I’ll try to be careful,’

    hahaha kids got some fucking gumption

  5. Doghouse says:

    I would absolutely love to see him back at United, even if it was just for a little loan spell like we had for Henrik Larsson. Wouldn’t even have to play more than a couple of games.

  6. CedarsDevil says:

    Personally I would love to have Becks here for a couple of months, I am sure he would play his heart out and as some one mentioned I am sure he would do it for free…. The lift he would give the lads would be priceless…. Far fetched may be but imo would be fantastic

    C’mon Fergie, give him one more chance to wear the shirt he idolises

  7. Red Simmo says:


    best comment on this thread mate – well said!
    No room for sentiment here especially where minimum impact could be obtained.

    This comment is just Beckham continually reminding folk that it was SAF getting rid of him (and his circus) and not him trying to leave.

    SAF will not go back on this – there is more chance him getting Steve Coppell to play on the right!

  8. The Fly says:

    he’ll play for United in a charity match, hopefully with Ruud.

  9. Saad says:

    I can’t figure out the logistics of it but for ol’ times’ sake…I wanna see Becks back in that red jersey!!!

  10. Robert S says:

    Sign him up!
    Park and Valencia are out, Giggs is having problems with injuries, and Bebe still needs to learn a lot.
    Give him a contract for 1-2 months. Would be a fitting end to a great carrer!

  11. Utdforever says:

    @ Paul Parker 12.42 ‘By definition he’s NOT selfish can’t think of any instance this season where I’ve thought fuck me Nani, Pass the Ball!’

    Disagree with you buddy, he is a bit selfish and there are plenty of occasions where he has seen glory as opposed to pick out a good pass. However, a selfish streak is what is needed to make players great and to score goals by taking people on which Nani is brilliant at.

    As to RSMU’s comment earlier about calling Nani a ‘Curlie Idiot’, what team do you support again pal? As King Eric rightly points out Nani has been absolutely top class this season. Don’t know who you’ve been watching but to slag Nani off is just stupidity. Take a cold shower and stand outside for 10 minutes for that one mate.

  12. Utdforever says:

    As to Becks coming back… why not? His fitness has never been an issue and we all know how stunning his set pieces are.. certainly not a bad punt for SAF if he so chooses..

  13. DforDerivative says:

    Our club has always been built on trusting youth and being brave enough to give them a chance. If we bring him back, what message does it send to them now? What message does it send to youngsters considering signing for us?

    Plus, he’s a Splitter. Only players change clubs – not fans.

  14. Paul Parker says:

    Utd Forever, exactly mate, that ruthless streak is needed, I guess its a choice of words because when players overstep that ruthless mark and start being greedy I think thats when they become selfish. Rooney has an excellent ruthless streak but I don’t think I’d ever call him selfish on the pitch (OFF the pitch is a different matter tho!) Nani has deveoped his ruthless streak and we’re seeing it with him nearly match his previous Goal tally just half way through this season! If he can keep those important midfield goals coming while staying within the top asists bracket I’ll never see him as “selfish” – but thats just me mate!

  15. KVN says:

    He could play in the centre. A more defensive holding role, i.e. replace Carrick. As long as he stays
    in defence it could work. Let Anderson, Fletcher and Park do all the running.

  16. keano86 says:


    He’s got a lot to offer any team. Have him on the bench during a busy winter schedule? It’d be stupid not to.

  17. bigphil2003 says:

    Agree with willierednut on Nani, only thing that pisses me off is his diving and playacting, to me he seems to have evolved into a real team player – you don’t have the most assists in the league by being selfish.

  18. mufc4life says:

    id love 2 c him back even if it was jus 4 3 mths

  19. FletchTHEMAN says:

    I have no strong personal feelings as to Becks coming back for a bit of fitness. If he can go to Bayern it would probably be better for all involved. But I think not bringing him back looks frankly petulant, as opposed to logistical. In view of the consistent “I am a United fan” that has been his montra, and his class delivery, I could warm to the idea if the manager thinks it sound. Nani will run and pass, but Beck can still take free kicks better than anyone on the current squad . . . AND THATS A FACT! The young lads would think it class, and would swell with pride for the opportunity.
    In my view, there is no real down side to his coming home for a few months to stay fit. He would not put a word wrong and it would all be glory glory Manchester while he is here. Would sell about a million shirts, and that’s a fact. Good business for Nike, good business for the Galaxy, good business for English football, good business for United. Move over Mikey Owen, a true United number 7 needs to borrow the shirt for 60 days.

  20. mattbw7 says:

    FFS Becks was as much to blame for his leaving as anyone, he def thought he was bigger than the club, I get a bit fed up at this revisionism that we see regarding him.
    A little bit of me thinks he only came to the Arsenal game cos the chilean miners where there and he knew he would have got in the pics, centre of attention again.

    You where a good servant becks but dont pretend you didnt bring about your own downfall, Ill never forget the photo of you driving out of OT with the alice band holding your hair out of the dressing put over your little cut!!! move on man, I have.

  21. United1990 says:

    Fergie sign him up… one more time!

  22. King Eric says:

    Mattbw. Great post mate. Good point about the chilean miners as well. I would not put that past him. Just like a lot fell for his green and gold scarf charade.

  23. keano86 says:


  24. mattbw7 says:

    Daaaaaaaaavid beckham is a red, he loves himself

  25. Oskar says:

    He cannot kick with his left foot, he cannot head a ball, he cannot tackle and he doesn’t score many goals. Apart from that he’s all right.
    Quote from a REAL legend (George Best on Beckham)

    On the upside, he’s a good poser!
    When will he bloody retire.

  26. Samuel - united WE stand says:

    *Takes off red tinted glasses*I honestly don’t get the fascination surrounding becks, why is he getting all this awards? for being a world class player or for being the best fashion model? an average midfielder at best, no pace, no skill, very limited technical abilities, poor in the air, i’m really baffled on him thinking he still has a chance of joining united? is this man deluded? however you have to admire him making most of his limited ability, some that actually have the talents haven’t got the mental strenght but he really should retire from england, he sounds like a man that knows his time has long pasts but hanging on like a bad smell.

  27. bigphil2003 says:

    Say what you will about Becks, but he is easily the best crosser of the ball in the last 15 years. Even if that was ALL he had going for him (which it isn’t) it would make him much more than an “average” player.
    I don’t buy into the Chilean Miners thing either, no matter what game Beckham goes to he’s always going to get in the pics anyway. The green and gold thing was probably a publicity stunt, but hey it hardly did any harm to the protest did it?

  28. aig alex is god says:

    limited ability??. you are talking as if he has contributed nothing to our success when he was at United. Scored and assisted some massive goals when we won the treble and in the other seasons too.

    he is getting recognition because he was a good footballer and a great servant for his country and he deserves it

    Its a shame that some United fans now call Becks an ‘average’ player. He was class when he played for United and gave everything. Always loved him for that and will continue to do so

  29. kk says:

    @Samuel – united WE stand….one cant play in Italy without technique. You dont like him, that’s ok. But dont say he doesnt know how to play coz we all know he does, he did it for us when he was here and we never complained. Isn’t crossing a skill, bending a free kick a technique.
    Remove you jealous/hate tinted glasses.

  30. willierednut says:

    Becks wasn’t average, but he wasn’t world class either. Have to agree with bigphill and aig, while the lad was at United, he was part of our success and that shouldn’t be forgot about, by United fans. Don’t think we should bring him back, I’d rather Obertan, or maybe Cleverley, if he comes back from Wigan, to get a chance in the team.

  31. King Eric says:

    Wiilie mate I don’t think anyone disoutes his quality at united. Much more technically gifted than he is given credit for, great passer and set pieces and worked his socks off. Like you though I don’t consider him a legend and don’t want him back. That particular ship has sailed. Cleverley is the next in line to step it up. Great little player.

  32. reDalerT says:

    imagine him and scholes.. hanging back in midfield.. pinging inch perfect passes to berbatov and hernandez while catching up on the good old times old times.. =]

  33. King Eric says:

    Redalert. Yeah mate but who would do the leg work and chasing down in the middle of the park? I honestly believe that beckham would struggle in the league in england these days. Hasn’t the legs anymore and let’s not forget he has only recently got over a nasty achilles injury.


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